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I'm really that bitch that hates everybody .. I can't stand cheerleader ass bitches .. suck dick somewhere else bitch
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wake up susie put your shoes on
"I kinda wish something like Pretty Little Liars would happen to us and we would have to figure out the mystery." - @faxxia
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people sniffling in class for 2 hours...BLOW YOUR NOSE #gross #ratchet
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i wanna be your bubblegum bitch
I got my #purpleticket number 20576! Can't wait to see what it is for.
Wouldn't the most likely alter-ego of a superhero be "guy who's tired all the time?"
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watching old episodes of friends when the twin towers were still up <3 #nyc
when bitches use the computers in 309 for working and not printing!!!!!!!!! #argh
Why is this guy wearing denim while using the ellipticals?
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i sext too much.
1st day of school!!!!!!!! 🔫�
OBAMA IN CUSE wut wut #obama
its a boyz II men kinda day
3 shootings in 3 days great job #syracuse #sucks
Bad girls ain't no good, and the good girls ain't no fun
rihanna is an attention whooooooore
Staring intensely @ sumthin in the distance...? #bigpimpin
If your description says "Soldier of God," I'm not following you.
bud light lime 4 dinner #22oz
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sucking at something is the first step to being better at something else.
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just found a sweet potato fry in my reg. fries!!! #burgerking
What I've eaten today: Latte & Can of Spaghetti-O's. #fitness #health #fitlife
Trying to train my cat like a dog. This better work.
MTV's new reality show about virgins replaces one of their 100 reality shows about sluts. #Jeselnik
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Vintage selfie of 16 year old me wearing too much eyeshadow. #2008
la da di da di we like to party #miley
when you see people on instagram with 150 followers and 590 likes on their photos....FAKE MUCH #thirsty