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thanks for motivating🙈
omg ada org ajak jadi partner utk convo dia omg perasaan mcm dilamar je😂😂😌
No one knows what I feel inside.
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Only 70% of people will understand this: 2 + 2 = Fish. 3 + 3 = Eight. 7 + 7 = Triangle. R E T W E E T If u get it.
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"Nikah lah dengan seseorang yang dimana kamu akan bangga jika anak kamu nanti akan mengikut jejaknya."
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@fatihahmasrurah love you too. Yut dah okey demam? Jangan selubung selimut macam tadi! 😡
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rasa nak letak satu kepala dgn minyak angin ni
Jangan selubung dengan selimut! 😡 letak kain atas dahi. Minum air masak byk2. Mana nursing intervention ni? �…7U
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head wnna explode
lepas mandi pun tak rasa kurang pun panas ni 😿 esok ospe tyha😩
sorry that I've to sleep again for awhile tak tahan mata pedih berair
speedy recovery please😔
a complete set of flu fever cough body aches a day before exams are pretty cool
Ni pergi planet lain ke ape untuk photoshoot???!!! 😱😨😂 smart betul edit. Maka dengan ini ,saya undur diri jadi IgerEkUc
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esok exam and i still do nothing
give chance to yourself to be happy pls😔your heart needs more
freaking tired to tc of others' feelings can't yguys realize that how much I want the same thing as I do for you people
sometimes you need to find out how to make you happy too abaikan others pls
perasaan sakit sedalam-dalamnya that no one ever notices that
RT @anisismail__ Take good care of yourself. Its okay if it is not for you.But please do it for me friends :'( @fatihahmasrurah @thefarhanis
off. hv some peace
It's a wound my beloved gave me, my wound can never heal
"I promise you're the only one in my heart till eternity"
"Since I'm there you've been with me"
"God knows since when you're in my heart"
Only if you drown in love
"Then let's cross the seven seas Together we shall always be"
"How am I supposed to know that? Hold my hand to prove that "
unfeeling well bring me somewhere
Hati manusia boleh berubah, depends on how u treat them. Dari tiada perasaan boleh jadi suka, dari suka pun boleh jadi terus tiada perasaan.
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If you stay, stay forever. If you go, do it today. If you change, change for the better. And if you talk, make sure you mean what you say.
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sweet ngat 😭😫😔
dah tau isteri takut dok sorg kt rumah bawak lah isteri gi outstation sama😒😤
Dear students, before you start thinking outside the box. Know what is inside the box first.
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"Im in blue" tu maksud dia "aku rasa sedih". Blue = sadness. Dahla tak faham english pastu otak kotor pulak. Cakap bodoh kang marah.
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The more you hide your feelings, the more they show. The more you deny your feelings, the more they grow.
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norman hakim ni emmm boleh tahan juga sweet dia😳🙈
cerita ni shows perempuan rlly needs a guy behind her sebab perempuan cannot tc of herself in danger 😅
Bila tokki penat wawan riba, bila wawan penat tokki riba ☺️ i want this long-last relationship too😍t
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sweeettt the way he treats his wife yg lemah semangat omg😔

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