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Siblingship goal😂E
Ayok eczema attack balik😞
I promise i will keep silent in that ward tomorrow 😒😪
Dan sentiasa menunggu kehadiran @FarahGadek @OpMrafiq 🐒
Padahal saje whatsapp camtu nak acah manja sekali respond mcm......... 😂😂 why so serious
Di saat ip7 dah nak keluar aku baru terkial2 kesusahan kumpul duit ikat perut nk beli ip5s Kenapa dunia semakin kejam
Waktu aku kt uia lah tv nak ada hindustan best2 yg leleh air mata. Mohon hostel ni letak tv room setiap level pleashhhh😔😂
Kalau gatal hidung, resdung Kalau gatal mata smpai kena gonyoh kuat2 tu cemana pulak👻
Aku anggap makwe aku tak sekolah je.
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dakdak nursing wish beday comel jeee tenkiuuuu yutt tyha anis mctie @thefarhanis @fatihahmasrurah @anisismail__ 😘😘 dahla baru balik posting
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Pastu feeding patient thru ryles tube😌
Dalam banyak2 procedure,paling suka sekali procedure injection 😂
8days of posting left.... Tazabaaarnyaa😭
Jangan pukul perempuan walaupun dia annoying.
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Sewwwonoknya naik motor 😂 sewonokk lagi org bawakkan😂🙌
Sudah terang lagi bersuluh tetap nak jilat bontot.
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It's not a choice to be exact but if Allah says it's the best for you why you hv to deny it😞
Wanted to tell him that I'm just following the flow pakcik, I'm willingly to do so bcs i know Allah will reward me something in akhirah😔
While I'm observing one of the pakcik ,another pakcik says to me, "nurse ni byk kerja kan, mcm mana adik sanggup cuci berak org" i cryy😔
I rlly have to gain weight back...😔
Leonardo DiCaprio at the age of 19 and age 39, in 20 years he grew facial hair and got hair cut:
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Badan tak sedia nak back to medical ward tomorrow.. 😔😔😔
Here's a thumbs up to everyone who has given their everything and got screwed over anyways.👍i feel you.
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To get true love, be yourself.
Thanks 4 being here no matter what hardships I'm going thru. Highly appreciated dear classmates of kuliyyahofnursing💞8
i pray my daughter never lays in bed late at night crying over a low life boy & wondering what she did so wrong
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Ternampak satu banner dkat masjid. 'Jawatan Kosong: Makmum' DEEP.
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Bersabarlah dengan son to-be anda 🙈5
Siapa yg gemar pavlova? Nikahilah gadis ini kerana ciri2nya yang pandai mengenyangkan perut anda nanti 💞…4
And please don't get married if you wnna spend your time w your friends manjang as it can destroy marriage you build.
Guys. Pls get married if only when you have full preparation. Prepare here means you can fully take care of yr wife and yr children.
Wow it's 8 alrdy! 😫 i haven't sleep, like more than 24 hours tho 💁
Yguys know what's zikrullah for today? Yes it's Saturday so let's say Laa ilaa haillallah as many as you can 🌹
Again... Can feel my own heartbeat beating so fast...tell me who likes tachycardia 😔
Gais calon isteri bijak memasak utk dinikahi. Siapa dpt teka apa dia buat ni hanya quran telekung sbg hantaran.Cepat…
"You dah berubah" -The saddest thing when they'll notice the change in your attitude but won't notice their behavior that made you change.
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Huh malash ayan ajok
Eh baru terbaca. Hmm the power of stalking is very mashaallah 👍👍😂😂😂�…EabTr8beeM
During lumbar puncture (spinal tap) procedure the needle is inserted into lumbar vertebrae L3-L4, L4-L5, or L5-S1 #NCLEX
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Aminoglycosides (e.g.,streptomycin,gentamicin,) effective against gram-negative bacteria Caution:Can cause nephrotoxicity&ototoxicity #NCLEX
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Peptic ulcer located in stomach is called gastric ulcer @ROBcscyn
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Patient w/ peptic/gastric ulcer may complain of gnawing/burning epigastric pain typically after meal; S/S worsen by eating/drinking #NCLEX
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Caring for pt w/MI,nurse closely monitor fluid I/O to prevent dehydration from too little intake&pulmonary edema from too much intake
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To prevent pressure ulcers in patient unable to move, nurse should reposition at least every 2 hours #Nursing #NCLEX
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