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You are what you write. β€œ@itsKiNG_bydaWAY: @fatbellybella can you some up life in 5 words ?”
@fatbellybella probably won't follow me back .... πŸ˜”
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What kinda question is that ? β€œ@b_steez: @fatbellybella who's your fav football team?”
IDK β€œ@jakobkostelec: @fatbellybella hi mom question: is there an art to choosing the order of tracks on ur album? how do u decide the order”
Look at you! β€œ@EmaniMone: You. Are. So. Beautiful. β€œ@fatbellybella: Are you relaxed?””
Thanks .. It is my real nail. β€œ@thehillofsuki: @fatbellybella Are those ur real nails? Those nails are dope...”
OKP Exclusive: Watch Erykah Badu Sing For Money In Times Square NYC : @fatbellybella
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What I tell u bout then Boys ? #DallasCowboys
Ha ! β€œ@tinycombatboots: @fatbellybella that was so onyx,dg's,and xtc dallas of you and i love it! πŸ˜‚β€
@fatbellybella I LOVE YOU even more Now!!! Tell the Giants to "Call Tyrone"!!! .:)
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coming soon .. β€œ@Pretty__inPINKK: @fatbellybella where did you get your TRAP bag?”
Indeed β€œ@katrinamharrell: @fatbellybella and ultimatley BEcome one with our calling (my experience)”
@fatbellybella is the most beautiful sexiest woman alive! Although she's a Cowgirl fan & I'm a Redskins fan...we can make it work
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Hahahaha β€œ@minkent: @fatbellybella @LOVE__orhate_ME lol...look at those socks”
Lol β€œ@pacman1017: β€œ@fatbellybella: Cowboy nation . 14/14” this is why you my wife.”
I hate when they give me ugly money like this . 1's and 2's and shit?
Cowboy nation . 14/14
my fav graph artist / artist and I be working together like he my spades partner ... love >> @kyledidthis
Have a light Sunday Eve.
If it's greenβ€œ@ThinkLikeRandy: @fatbellybella You're the mother of herbtea sippers but I know Udrinking the kool-aid on Fridays& Saturdays.”
& the less we desire blessings in return . β€œ@bigga592: @fatbellybella the more we give the more we open the door for blessings”
When I use my 'energy' doing good for others.. it's waaaay to tired to get wrapped up in fruitlessness. -badu
The more we do service for others the more we forget self. #selfless
Congrats to my fam @iamcarljones ( creator/exec producer/head writer) & @LeSeanThomas (story board/ art direction) #BLACKDYNAMITEanimated!
Kister, Web master for number 1 badu fan sight .. call me. :-) lost the number I appreciate u guys so much!!
I love you Detroit Family.. Thank u for waiting for me after show.. Was counting my money. I love u so much.
Peppermint oil rubbed on temples β€œ@JuLEEaahh: @fatbellybella what the best thing you use for headaches”
your pastor β€œ@PacManAdv: @fatbellybella be honest. who really sent you?”
Girl please lol β€œ@GypsyyEyess: @fatbellybella you been working out? arms look ripped like Tina turner”
hold on β€œ@BelleAme__: @fatbellybella I need some words of encouragement πŸ˜”β€
Last week β€œ@cuppinthemcakes: @fatbellybella have you seen Queen Afua lately ?”
A Good night β€œ@oskarsod: @fatbellybella I'm still in awe from last night in Berkeley”
Truuu β€œ@marteeenez: Damn @fatbellybella goes from the bay to the other side of the country to spin on the daily.”
@fatbellybella watching it now first five minutes are classic
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@fatbellybella They're drawn a little different this season, Queen B is sexy as hell.
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@fatbellybella ...but let's discuss Woody Allen's line, "I'm already a slave, I work in Hollywood"
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I saw u β€œ@JayePrime: @fatbellybella we just saw you dj!! We wanted to meet you!! We were in the front wearing bandanas!!”
to me . Lol β€œ@MissesDeee: @fatbellybella is it as funny as ppl make it seem?”
β€œ@fatbellybella: Who watched Black dynamite? Lol” The concept was so genius.. The vice versa shit was done to a T πŸ‘.
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