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classic “@joeycoco_jc: @fatbellybella can't wait to get off work to spin this, got my copy of "Mama's Gun" on vinyl.
I'm too cool for alphabets. “@IntalektMusic: @fatbellybella If you stay Sharp enough you just might turn into a G.”
Yes I am F# “@ihateshones: @fatbellybella heard your the key to enlightenment we should date 😏”
Honored“@kayee72: @fatbellybella is the only person I look up to like a mother, but I'm willing to change that if she thinks different.”
Baby add 'get' & u'd be dopest EVER! “@newarkbornagain: @fatbellybella is the type of woman that'll encourage any man to his shit together.”
glad @fatbellybella isn't following me. I don't want her to hate me. Id fill her DMs with questions about life; I'm certain she'd be annoyed
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@fatbellybella we shouldn't be pitting female musicians against each other in such a patriarchal industry
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Proof of life “@surfbk7: These new female artist try so hard to emulate @fatbellybella but forgot the fact she actually has real knowledge.”
I see u “@kanesnextmove: "You said you's was going to see WuTang bby, so I braided my hair"🎩”
ha !“@beautifulmesses: Snickering to myself at YVR thinking of peaceful @fatbellybella strollin' around in a "Fuck You" hat. Love it.”
@fatbellybella check out this #hiphop remix of Erykah Badu On & On would love know what you think peace & respect…
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indeed. Constantly “@Oaklanthology: @fatbellybella Being from Texas and all, do you ever listen to your songs screwed and chopped?”
Me 2 “@stfumesh: @fatbellybella I will never forget this great moment. 🙌”
what . Tell me . “@EP2703: @fatbellybella mama du, do you see what's going in Ferguson right now?!😥”
Try @ICTCmidwives@BlaccH3roin3: @fatbellybella I want to be a doula. Where do I start?”
ayye“@SeanAnthoney: @fatbellybella y'all just don't understand How real "Other side of the game" is! Classic indeed ✔️”
serendipity. The baby finds me. I take 2 mamas per Yr. I'm there 4 Free. “@queanamorris: @fatbellybella how does your doula services work?”
I'm overwhelmed brother... :-) love you Kevvy. Great to meet u and just run into u. Ha! @kevvy work by @katvon_d