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Need to stop spending so much money on food.
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baru sedar selama ni pakai internet 2G
Orang sekarang 'brb' bukan: "be right back" tapi: "bye reply besok" 😂
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group prs ni macam takde function je. merepek je lebih
my room is a mess rn
pulang buku hari isnin jumaat dah siap ikat 👌
Playing music is all about putting your life and emotion into it and having a good fucking time in the process. 🤘🏻🤘🏻
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asal album art soundtrack cheer up pt. 2 and pt. 3 tak lawa macam pt. 1
i am definitely gonna download all of the soundtracks
Can cute boys stop being: ・gay ・younger than me ・15 years older than me ・12343534 miles away ・taken ・famous ・fictional
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me: is it weird to talk to yourself? me: no
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Amount of work to do: 📈 Amount of motivation: 📉
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majlis graduasi tingkatan 5 tapi gambar qm yang banyak 😅
This week on twitter: 2 new followers, 3 new unfollowers via
i'd go "papejela malas nak amik port" when i don't give a fuck. i know i am matured knowing that not every situation need a reaction.
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celebrity chef has no subtitles so i just smile whenever yixing smile 😂
seniors be like: bigbang: we like 2 party 2pm: house party gg: party while dongsaengs: bts: ms. right exo: love me right got7: just right
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wah all last seen me today like cb don't find me anymore if u need anythg 😒
Retweeted by farah
@frhadrn 😂 reflection tho . I see bae .
Retweeted by farah
i see sungyeol
how to be kim sung kyu
뀨뀨 점프게임 그만좀. 흔들림샷 까비 ㅠ
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but oh well she said i'm different with others in a good way
Need to focus on myself and my own happiness.
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idk if that was compliment or sarcasm act
i still remember what my senior said to me during camp last year
malasnya nak delete
3400 emails
yes dah habis
Allah will wreck your plans when he sees that your plans are about to wreck you. #TrustHim
Retweeted by farah
cepat la habis woiiii
woohyun join the fanchant
dashi dorawaaaaaa
infinite sings comeback again for inspirits
i guess that was it
can i be the bad girl?
bad bad bad bet a bad girl

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