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Everyone's at lovebox. Next year I'm doing so much shit man.
#GrowingUpSpoiled you've mastered these two facial expressions. When you get told "no" & when they finally give in
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My mums chilling with a samsung 6 edge and I'm here with my iphone5s waiting for my upgrade
Going to be a homeless student in Brighton
Anyone know why my maintenance loan is different to my allowed amount ?
#GrowingUpRussian taking tennis,piano,gymnastics,or ballroom dancing lessons as a kid is a must.
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#GrowingUpWithStrictParents seeing someone have a sleepover with their boyfriend/girlfriend
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#GrowingUpWithStrictParents and you made a joke about something and it turned into a lecture and you being grounded
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The reason I understand a bit of Arabic is because of y'all 😂
Eid Mubarak too all my Muslim friends.
#GrowingUpSpoiled When you get in trouble and your mom swears she isn't buying you anything but you know she will
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May all the families get past this tragic event including Mohammod's family. #ChattanoogaShooting
Your grades can only be in between 99.99% or 100%. #GrowingUpRussian
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Need to visit Greenwich soon. Haven't been in ages
#GrowingUpRussian when you're sick your parents be like: LET ME RUB THIS ON YOUR BACK IT WILL KEEP YOU WARM
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#GrowingUpRussian trying to tell your American friends that your family aren't screaming at one another they're just talking
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#growinguprussian no one could ever properly pronounce "Happy Birthday" instead "Heeepii Byorzdei"
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When work asks you to come in tomorrow and you're like na
The growinguplithuanian and growinguprussian tags 😂
Nike sports leggings for gym. Oh yeah
Love love love you
Rebecca Vincent next available bookings are October. So long 😭
Chill you're not Jlo
What's with girls and the whole " oh she bought the same shoes as me, she wants to be me" like what?!
If that was me.... Lols
I feel so bad for that girl
Not a good day for Dave let's make tomorrow worse join us at No.10 the fight for foxes goes on RT
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Oh btw Jurassic world was epic as fuck
Lithuania is allowing Julian Blanc to come to the country and teach a seminar. What the actual fuck
I'm pretty sure it's called a walk in centre for a reason
So apparently I can't use the walk in service because I've never used this one before ...
I begin my course 1st September but moving in say is 12th? How does this make sense
Stay informed that the KKK are not only racist, they are also nationalists!
Kkk " we are white and American therefore we are superior"
The kkk literally throw advertisement packages on peoples lawns
People who are insecure with themselves would only join such a ridiculous cult
Their costumes are butters lol
Documentary about the KKK
I'm going uni but I have no idea where I'm living atm. Homeless A student
Not adult enough to control your drink, maybe you're not an adult yet
"Buddhism is very easy; it spares effort, but you yourself waste energy and make your own hardships." -Master Foyan.
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So sad after watching American sniper

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