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I remember mum asking me if I want a sibling when I was 7-10 and id be like " noo I want a pet not a sibling, pets are more important" haha!
I love puppies though
I honestly don't like kids I can spend 30mins max with them
Work better call me. Staying home during constructions is the longest thing ever
If I was there I swear to God I would of knocked some bitches out #JusticeForAaron
People of London are here for you! Absolutely feel sick what that bastard did and no sorry is enough! #JusticeForAaron
Hello there stalker
Being the new kid is so awkward though
I need a foot massage. Thank god I'm starting work at 5 tomorrow
Today's 9 hour shift was alright but super tiring !!
Job Interviewer: Why should we hire you? Me:
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9 hr shift tomorrow great
This week on twitter: 3 new followers, 6 new unfollowers and followed 3 people via
everyone would be lying if they disagreed that kourtney k has the most gorgeous babies
Hard work always pays off ✌️✌️
Good luck guys!!!!
Would be perfect if bears were not hunted. But it gets up to -40 and they use the fur to keep warm. Bleh
I adore the fact my country has compelling love towards our green environment. Which is a habitat to many species of animals.
Need to get my ass up for work