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The teacher better not say anything about me being late because they will receive a fuck off
Anti stress tablets not even working
4. Will be late like an hour
1. Worst class 2. Misses fast train 3. Normal train cancelled
Someone is going to get punched
Worst fucking day ever
I have a feeling it will be
I hope my class isn't shit
No way are we beating USA. If it were to be vs Serbia or France we could of possibly made it to 2nd
Prediction for Lithuania third place
Basketball world championship semi finals. Lithuania vs USA #BasketballWorldCup
Canada has a free service run by volunteers that will drive you home if you are too drunk to drive during the holiday season.
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My mum is my best friend ❤️
Most considerate boyfriend award goes to @joshhtho for trying to plan a vegetarian dish for me ❤️🌻
100% shade darling
Or a lobotomy
Some people need Buddha in their life
Like some ex's bare stalk his girlfriends and her mans life.
Like chill the fuck out, I ain't hung up over my ex so why can't you unhang yourself from yours
Them ex girlfriends that are a bit... Cuckoo in the head 🙊
Some girls be yahoo answering questions about my life and then inventing shit. Unreliable bitchesz
bitch look like the bottom of my shoe.
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my dad gave me £10 for the week and I spent it all on monday. Rest of the week would be me fighting the seagulls for chips
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You love me more than I love myself
I hate drinking. But if you do see me drinking it'll either be tequila or baileys
Smoking > drinking
This week on twitter: 6 new followers, 7 new unfollowers and followed 3 people via
Trying to enjoy the time I have left. Soon it'll be work..HARD work :(
beginning a new series "True detective" anybody seen it ??
Playing video games can sharpen a person’s decision making abilities by 25% as well as improve focus and boost creativity.
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If every American recycled one-tenth of their newspapers, we could save about 25,000,000 trees a year.
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I wanna adopt a puppy
Had an epic day today thanks @raahimkhan! A big thank you also to my mum, dad and last but totally not least @joshhtho xxx
Mainly because it's someone's head actually being detached from their body with a bloody machete o.O some lotr shit
Every life counts. But when you put "be heading and death". Everyone would be more interested with the beheading first...
Where is the loooooooove yall
It's like a cycle. Muslims be complaining about Christians ( and vice versa) and whites complain about blacks ( and vise versa )
I believe In peace and love with everyone. But every time there has been a be heading it has been by a Muslim that's why media refers to it?
Feeling so greatful
Happy birthday to me !!!!!
Feeling the love tonight :))))
@Fantasyxox Happy birthday chicken have a lovely day 😘
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I'm always cutting my own hair
Today has been the longest day ever
Wow haven't been awake at this time for ages