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Craig Nicholls Fans
Share this on Twitter “Just stumbled across this cool page for Craig Nicholls Fans ”
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Also, you can vote for our friends from @wethegriswolds!! Find them as "Griswolds, The"…
VOTE FOR THE VINES! You will find them as "VINES, THE"… @thevinesband
In The Jungle - The Vines @ Ocean (London 2002): via @YouTube
the vines - in the jungle (live @ channel v in 2002): via @YouTube
The Autumn Shaders in facebook voted and the winner song from Highly Evolved is IN THE JUNGLE!…
#SpanishTweet ¿Qué canción les gustaría para un próximo video/traducción del álbum Wicked Nature?
Don't forget to check our wicked and bilingual fansite dedicated to Craig, you will find all about his music and art!
Hello Autumn Shaders! Look this beautiful fanart by Nikki Leaxo! #TheVines #FanArt @thevinesband
We are at less of 100 Autumn Shaders from 1.000 :) ♥
THE VINES "Anysound" (Spanish subs): via @YouTube
THE VINES "Autumn Shade" I, II, III and IV (Spanish subs): via @YouTube
Appleonia - She is the Sun ft. Craig Nicholls: via @YouTube
@FansofCraig I need a shout out from fellow vines fans to follow my page and also it'll be nice to meet some autumn shaders :)
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You know what would be freaking cool? @thevinesband doing a @blurofficial cover. And if Blur did a cover of The Vines... heart attack!!
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"Everything that you have isn’t good enough for you. Where you’ve been, where you stand isn’t good enough for you" #TheVines #Lyrics
"Got no memory, so I don’t mind it. In the darkest shadow I’ve been hiding" #TheVines #DarkestShadow #Lyrics #THLVINLS
+ 130.000 views! :) The Vines - "Metal Zone" (Official Video): via @YouTube
"@lovebuzz39: 唐突だけど、The Vinesが日本へ来ないかな~ ライブハウスでもみくちゃになって見たいバンドなんだけどねぇ… #thevines"
唐突だけど、The Vinesが日本へ来ないかな~ ライブハウスでもみくちゃになって見たいバンドなんだけどねぇ… #thevines
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El colapso mental de Craig Nicholls mientras toca en el show de Letterman.…
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Ville Valo ya se ve viejito ..Craig Nicholls se ve super Joven.. y tiene 37 tambien <3
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Craig Nicholls y yo tenemos más en común que sólo el gusto por la música .
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You know what would make my life happier? (Apart of getting a job related to art) meet Craig Nicholls and give him a hug. #ThatIsAll
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Me quiero casar con la voz de Craig Nicholls.
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Mi segundo marihuano favorito. Casablancas, jamás te cambiaría, pero...#CraigNicholls#TheVines
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I'm madly in love with the track "Clueless" from the album Wicked Nature. #CraigNicholls #genius #couldlistenforever
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#TheVines - Green utopia Muy buenas familia rockera, hace 1 día estupendo!!! ya verás como sale el sol y lo...
Retweeted by Craig Nicholls Fans… What happens when we play an instrument? :) We thought you could like this video. (with Spanish subs)
Acabé escuchando el último disco de los Vines. Son 22 temas y me gustaron casi todos... cada vez mejor esta banda. #WickedNature #TheVines
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