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My entire life is just one big "lol"
when u get ur gf banned from campus #truluv
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"Even the moon has to go through phases to shine completely.”
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The sun will rise and we will try again.
Attracted to her looks, in love with her mind
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I do some pencils in math class
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I would like to check out of this hell hole thank you
Netflix and shut the fuck up if you watched the movie instead of asking questions you'd know the fucking answers
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"What is she fucking with?" "My grandpa's ashes."
are you a good witch or a bad bitch
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In a relationship with a Capricorn, not only will you feel safe, you will also learn a lot from them.
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No one should EVER be put down for being who they are. I am who I am. I can't help it and I can't change it.
// T H E B L U E V A S E S H I R T // L O V E
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Ashley Tisdale didn't give a single fuck how she looked.
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I only have nice things because of Matty
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perfect weekend w the perfect girl
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"Have you guys seen that meme?"
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if your dog sleeps with you then you understand the struggle
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How do people look completely different over the summer I literally look the same as I did in 8th grade
I stay slept shit
"I don't drink monsters bc they will kill ur ovaries and u won't b able to have babs"
Like I looked so dumb like wtf
I drive to McDonald's after work to get THEIR sweet tea only to find out that it's not working and then have to buy tea from the other sonic
The best songs are the ones that give you chills
I'm only 30 mins away but I fr miss the fuck out of you 😭😭😭
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•Won HC Pep Rally •Best Float-HC Parade •Bought Train Horn w/ Personal $ •Got Knives 4 Salisbury Steak (No Joke) That's SOME of the bottle!
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Do not give with the expectation of receiving, but also acknowledge when someone is constantly taking from you without giving anything back
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disney channel original movies and chill
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Hi @aidybryant! Remember this day when we partied like crazy???!!!
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I stay missin bae tbh
Can be personalized and can do any team! DM me your number if you want one!! :-)
We can do any team and make it as personalized as you want! Message me for my number! :-)
I love having a job again God bless
the signs as types of bread: capricorn - flatbread
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Chugs three monsters b4 going to school
"Speaking of coochie hands I was watching Orange is the new black"
Literally me after I count my tips

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