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Fake AP Stylebook
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Bureau Chiefs @HighMindedMW and @theisb are heightening the art of film criticism with the Movie Fighters podcast.…
We surveyed 10,752 people about data visualization. The results:
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Journalists, please be respectful when covering these, the last Winter Olympics ever. #Sochi2014
We honestly don't know how we're managing to offer usage guidelines with these accommodations. We are heroes. #Sochi2014
JOURNALISTS: Do not look for a series of smaller and better hotel rooms hidden inside your current one. #Sochi2014
You are here to cover the Olympics in Russia. Quit looking over at Sarah Palin's house. #Sochi2014
It's not technically gay if you're also huddling together for warmth. #Sochi2014
Not ll r icles on the So hi Olympi s re re dy for immedi e public ion #Sochi2014
Terrorist bombs are denoted "BOOM!" Collapsing infrastructure is denoted "FWOOM!" #Sochi2014
The Russian language doesn't use articles. Neither do Russian news outlets. #Sochi2014
Need #tips writing about the #BigGame's ads? This excerpt from our book can help. #brands #seo #socialmedia #Benghazi
A̷̡͢L̡̛L̷͝ ̸H͡͝Ą̴I̸̵L͢͟͜ SO͜͠R̷͜͏Ĺ͜AC̴͘ ͠HÈ͜ ̨W̛͟H̷̛́O̕͜͞ ́Ẃ̸͘A̵LĶS͢͝ BE͟T͏W̷̨̢E͜E͠N ͏̷ŢH͏E̷͝ ̀PAR̕AG̷͠R̶̷͝A͟P̧̀͏HS̨͝͡
Your document will be saved. You will not be saved. S̨OŖ̷͜L̶̛A͞C͟͡
To know Śor̨la͠c͏,͠ is to experience the existential terror of subscription-based internet newsstand price models. Do not resist.
To look into the face of S̨o̶rlac͡ is to tempt madness, in much the same way as when one sees the construction "had went."
BEHOLD THE COMING OF S̷̛͞͠O҉̀R̡̡̕͟Ļ̴̷͟Á̧͜͡C͡, AND WEEP AT HIS HORRIFYING BEAUTY. Also, avoid run-on sentences.
To avoid typos, regularly sacrifice a lifestyles editor in the name of S̨o̶rlac͡ and place his beating heart atop your keyboard.
Use the inverted pyramid format to signify the banishment of reason in the coming Age of Sorrows. S̵̬͍͙̯͈͈̞O͏̶̳͎͇̬͕R̠Ļ̝̭̦͔̩̜̻Ḁ͖͈͞ͅC͠͏̘̟͉
Once your draft is complete, take back one paragraph to honor S̨o̶rlac͡, whose article it is.
Wet your quill in the red ink of your heart's blood. Today we invoke and appease Śor̨la͠c͏,͠ t͘he̢ Gram҉mar ̷Dev͡i͢l͢.
Work ahead and create graphics for the Monarchical Toddler, the Sovereign Terrible-Twofer, the Touched By Divine Right Preschooler, and...
For security reasons, you may be assigned one of the decoy babies.