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Fajrin Mustika
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Lahir #RABU Memiliki rasa belas kasih yg tinggi, mudah tersentuh dan baik hati
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Doesnt matter what Country..Doesnt Matter what time-zone..Doesnt matter where you are..YOURE #teamzucker #global and YOU TOTALLY ROCK!! RT
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The best advice a man could receive: Get the hell out of the frienzone
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In Sunday Morning i got stuck in this suck program at school actually, how many times i can't rest my brain?
WTF? That Concert, still not accepted 😔
Idk? This time i don't have time for myself, gym,radiohead and novels. They're just leaving me :(
What a ORDINARY Show! -_-
Matematikanya cukup Mengasah otak jga, sulitnya poollll !! With @FajrinMustika
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Om @DaveBautista Filmnya Guardians of The Galaxy keren banget sumpah, good job my man :$
Saturday Release! Date and Year of Fajrin Mustika's debut in Wrestling Trainer
Ternyata lagunya jason derulo bagus2 ya!!!
Nonton guardian of the galaxy nya besok aja lah. om @DaveBautista aku nontonnya besok lho bukan sekarang!
I'm not sure who you are? But I'm sure you're the coolest guy in the world
Me : What is you see? | He : Nothing just the roof,you? | Me : Um, I saw many stars in the roof and I thought the last one is in your eyes
Today when i'm in medical room school, I'm so lucky because the handsome guy just sleep behind me. And it's reminds me to "Stay With Me"
Open twitter →scroll down until my eyes burn → make some tweet → check at the clock → close my eyes → sleeping badly till morning #lol
"How to be amazing girl like me? Simple, just smile,learn and pretend to be amazing girl in the world" #lol
A handsome guy just walked around me and asked me something. |He : What is your name? | Me : I'm Mrs. Whatever your last name is *wink
What's happen with the indonesian trending topics? why always same like 2 days ago