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Someone play rains of castamere we are descending into chaos
The new @Mobilink ad shot in an escalator apparently promoting "omnipresent" signals is an epitome of sugar coated sexual harassment.
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SHAMEFUL act of harassment of #PTI women by #PMLN guys...Where is the respect of women? At this pace where r v leading to? @Maria_Memon :-(
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North nazimabad 5 star chowrangi has been ptied
Shahrae Faisal has been ptied
Another poster in the @mindmapk office :) #starwarsnut #DOIT #karachi
Remember when Altaf Hussain warned of Taliban in Khi and ppl laughed? He's now speaking of ISIS gathering power in Pakistan..
Sheher koi bhi band kare nuqsan sheher ka hi Hota hay...
Good morning world. Still dark in #london. At BBC today for #globalnewsbeat, producing news bulletins for afrique, swahili & urdu
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The Batman recycles RAGE into JUSTICE. Also plastic bottles. It just makes sense.
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#charlienthechoclatefactory #467children performing together in this mammoth production at #kgs and that's @khaula28 s mom in front :) our dear mrs Siddiqui
Never quit your job impulsively. Take calculated steps to ensure a smooth transition into entrepreneurship… #WomensINC
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What a grand spectacle "Charlie and the chocolate factory" musical put on by #kgs
Jiyalas awfully quiet on the fact that daddy has sent Bilawal to bed without supper. Worshiped at his alter yesterday
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Pakistan is a land of enormous contradictions and when you watch coke studio and then this you will understand…
Is it me or does the President look rather pleased?
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Saw this look on many uncles faces at #fpwaw14 but El presidente put it into perspective right here - #pakistan #president
@faisalkapadia and they should try not sounding and acting like one- its an opinion express it - stop being painal
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@muzammilgujar @faisalkapadia I think the choice of "oye" as the national bird was an inspired one.
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.@faisalkapadia Well once the PM resigned after seeing all those hashtags there didn't seem much point.
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The new terminator movie looks confusing :(
Backstage with Sanam Chaudry #fpwaw14 #karachi via @alikhurshid1
I want Chris Nolan to know I don’t blame him for having his name all over these Superman trailers. Sometimes we all have to slum it.
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Had a detailed conversation with @DeepakPerwani very recently where he asked me a very valid question "what nuance does your critique have"
<--- can comment on fashion would it be valid not really maybe fabric not fashion as I know tht field not end product.
Comment and opinion is everyone's right but that doesn't mean the commenter is an expert in the subject.
Who is talking about what and what integrity or nuance do they have in the field of comment should be questionable not a given birthright.
There was a time when Pakistan didn't produce enough content on digital - now tht time has passed now filters of quality should go into work
Poster in our office :) #mindmapk #karachi #starwars
Jingle Bells! Its Almost Christmas!…
My princess and me #sophia #karachi
Clerics on FB forgiving @JunaidJamshedPK posting videos of him What happens 2 their morality when men without beards r accused of blasphemy
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Err since when did the lux style awards turn into a national secret lol
Go chek out secret stash's flash sales here - :) rt tom is last day
Freedom on the Net Index, 2014: Green: Free Yellow: Partly Free Purple: Not Free #FOTN2014 #netfreedom
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I have come to know me through a lot of people .
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James Dean and his “Little Bastard” Silver Porsche 550 Spyder just hours before the fatal crash in 1955
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I didn't know that I would be saying good bye to phone service when I put in my 4g lte sim @OfficialWarid
Pls read and stay #humble #karachi #pakistan
#saidtheman #mantra #live #karachi
View of the audience #coffeeandcouture #lavazza #karachi @womensincpk - panel discussion with fashionpenuers #deepakperwani #maheenkhan #zarifaisal #aghanoor
Btw what kind of chutia police beats up blind ppl that is insane
There's no getting ripped fast trick stupid or I would be ripped too
If this pressure on gov brings down prices ghareeb swam benefits bus qiraya kam staples kam isn't tht what they need?
If u ever witnessed a glimpse of what blindness is you would worship blind ppl -what Lahore police did by beating them today is unacceptable