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Muslims believe in the virgin birth of #jesus and that he will return to earth before Judgment Day. #ProphetIslam
Want to attain #happiness? Obey #Allah and refrain from disobeying Him. A heart obedient to Allah is a #happy heart. #truth #LifeGoals
love God because I deserve nothing he gave me everything
#Fear Allah. This fear of #Allah will lead you to all #goodness. #advice
Whoever is not kind to the younger ones, or does not respect the elders is not from my nation" -Prophet Muhammad (PBUH #islam #atheism
1 can get rewards of praying the night / fasting continuously by providing 4 widows & the poor. Why miss such easy, huge rewards? #GoodDeeds
Turn off your computers and turn to Allah. Take advantage
He came to a land which was engulfed in tribal war and turned it into a land of peace i.e. Madinah. #ProphetMuhammad #islam
If a window of opportunity for doing #goodness is opened for a person he should hasten to it because he does not know when it will be closed
Hope in Allah leads a person to work towards salvation and Jannah. This is one of the facets of a Muslim’s motivation in life. #HopeInGod
#Islam is a religion of #forgiveness. Washi had martyred Hamza (The Prophet's uncle), yet he still converted to Islam and became a Sahabi
#Sacrificing our desires for the #sake of #Allah is the hallmark of piety and #love for Allah. Difficult but can be done!
Be eager and active when performing acts of worship - laziness at such times is a sign of hypocrisy. #Laziness #Hypocrisy
"Paradise is closer to you than your shoelace, and so is the (Hell) Fire." (SahihBukhari) #Hadeeth
When you've done everything you can do, that's when God will step in, and do what you cannot do #islam #atheism
#Gifts between #couples, #friends and associates strengthen the bond between them-it is part of Islam.
Lower your gaze! It will save you from a lot of problems and heartbreaking situations!
Islam is founded on the principle of facilitating good and preventing harm! All of its laws revolve around this concept
If we #change the things that we can for the sake of Allah the Exalted, He will change for us that which we cannot change #goodness #life
The #death of an #evil person is a relief to human beings and animals. His life is a source of #calamities from #Allah
Ali Ibn Abi Talib emphasized that following the #Sunnah takes precedence over following one's logic, as the Sunnah is revelation from Allah
The price of #backbiting and slander is heavy - the rewards of one's deeds go to those one backbit or slandered.
Ultimate #obedience is for Allah alone. No one, no matter how high, is to be obeyed if it involves disobeying #Allah
Hamza's death in the Battle of Uhud was very difficult 4 the #Prophet to handle, yet he still forgave those responsible when they converted
1 can get rewards of praying the night / fasting continuously by providing 4 widows & the poor. Why miss such easy, huge rewards? #GoodDeeds

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