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ڤصَ | اتيچدة
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هلحين إذا قلت لكم إلي يبيني أنفض له طلعتوا من تحت الأرض وإذا قلت إنفضوا لي أختفيتوا ليه بس أبي أعرف ليه😠.
Retweeted by ڤصَ | اتيچدة
The religion should cover all aspects of life and tell us how to live our life in a best way possible and this is what #Islam does.
Act the way Prophet Mohammed did, and that's a life worth living, once you know him more than you did at first then you can understan
Abdur Rahman Ibn Auf was blessed with a lot of #wealth yet he is among the #BlessedTen as it did not enter his #heart or affect his #faith
Surah #AlFatiha is a conversation between us and #Allah, as per the Hadth Al-Qudsi. Ponder over that in every Rakah of Salah that we #pray!
"In #Islam , If the parents are separated or #divorced they should frequently counsel each other for the sake of the child's future"
Turn off your computers and turn to Allah. Take advantage
There are many people out there searching for the purpose of life; you can help them by sharing the message of #islam #atheism!
Our purpose in life is to worship #Allah alone so let not a day pass by without doing so!
#Muslims love their #spouses everyday of the year. They do not wait for #Valentine’s day to show #love. #ValentinesDay
Her children become the baby's brothers and sisters, and her husband becomes another father for the baby #islam .
Abdullah Ibn Masood was a shepherd who was the sixth convert to Islam and became one of the #leading #scholars among the Sahaba #Equality
Surah #AlFatiha is a conversation between us and #Allah, as per the Hadth Al-Qudsi. Ponder over that in every Rakah of Salah that we #pray!
Need an incentive to do good deeds; watch this video and imagine meeting Allah in Paradise!
If we sit back and do not make an effort to stop an evil then we are guilty of allowing evil to persist!
Surah Alaq 96:9-19 were revealed about Abu Jahl and his #evil actions against the #Prophet (pbuh). Every tyrant will answer alone to #Allah!
#Save yourself from unnecessary trouble. Either #speak good or remain silent, for whoever keeps silent is saved
The teachings of#islam can make life easier for everybody; so share the message with the world!
love God because I deserve nothing he gave me everything
Islamic Law makes it obligatory for #Muslims countries to protect and defend their non-Muslim citizens! #Mercy #Islam
When #Prophet (pbuh) faced difficult times, #Allah revealed the #promise "Soon We will grant you (#good) so you will be #happy" (93:5)
The Mothers, in #Islam, are encouraged to breast-feed their babies up to two years (or from 16 to 24 months
Most of the Hadiths narrated by Ayesha include #questions she asked the #Prophet. #Scholars regard this as a reason for her deep #knowledge
#Knowledge of Allah and his guidance is the source of every #goodness, and ignorance of these is the source of every #evil
#Allah is Merciful’ should not become a slogan for us to continue sinning for He is also ‘severe in #punishment
Ever stopped to wonder why we exist? #God says in the #Quran , “I did not create Jinn and humans except to worship me #atheism .”
People may leave you but #God will never do #islam #atheism
Islam is founded on the principle of facilitating good and preventing harm! All of its laws revolve around this concept
Build a well or #share in #building it. As long as #people #benefit from it, you get the #reward- even after #death. #sadaqajariya
Want to know what #islam teaches about #jesus? Watch the following and find out:
Ibn Abbas spent his #childhood years in the company of the #Prophet (pbuh) assisting him & learning from him. He became a #scholar of #Islam
The first person in this ummah to die for #Islam was a #woman named Sumayya, who was killed by Abu Jahl. May #Allah be pleased with her
Is there any moment in #life when we forget our own #kids ?So there should be no moment when we forget the #Creator,who created our kids
Among the Sahaba who were given the #honour of being scribes of the #Quran for the #Prophet were Muawiyah Ibn Abi Sufyan and Zaid Ibn Thabit
Consulting others before taking decisions and making #istikhara ensures that we make the correct choice and one that we will not regret
Need an incentive to do good deeds; watch this video and imagine meeting #Allah in Paradise!
At work? Its lunchtime? Don’t forget to pray your afternoon prayer! Food for the soul! #islam #salah
Have you told your friends about #islam? It is their right over you that you teach them about the true #religion!
Money can't buy happiness but contentment can!
Thanking Allah after eating & drinking is a sign of gratitude 2 him & this pleases Him. Say ‘Alhamdulillah’ after eating/drinking! #ThankGod
His enemies felt he was too liberal when he gave women the right to inheritance 1400 years ago! #ProphetMuhammad
#Gifts between #couples, #friends and associates strengthen the bond between them-it is part of Islam.
There is nothing and no one on earth worth disobeying Allah for! Fear #Allah in all situations!
The Prophet (pbuh) said that he was the best to his #family. It’s a lesson for all the brothers – #be the best to your families
The wet nurse in Islam is a foster mother; she is also considered as the child's mother #islam .
Surah #AlFatiha is a conversation between us and #Allah, as per the Hadth Al-Qudsi. Ponder over that in every Rakah of Salah that we #pray!
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And stay in your houses and do not display yourselves like that of the times of ignorance." [Quran 33:33].#islam #atheism
A woman who observes hijab is respected and treated kindly and NOT judged for her looks! Inner beauty is more important