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ڤصَ_#كلنآإَ اتحادَ'¡
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Most people waste their free time.Used effectively that #time would help attain closeness to Allah and great good in this #world &the next
The 2 rakat of sunnah before #Fajr are better than the whole world - obviously the fard of Fajr has even more reward. Don’t miss out on them
#Some of the relatives of #Prophets died as disbelievers and are in #hell. It’s our own practice of Islam that counts for us
Surah Al-Ma’un shows that #Islam is not just ritual acts of worship, but also about #social responsibility. #Read it & implement it
Umar Ibn Al-Khattab was a severe enemy of #Islam before becoming a leader of the Sahaba. This teaches us never to #judge people's destinies!
#Hell: When #Allah surrounded it with #lusts & #desires Jibreel said:‘O my Lord! I am afraid that no one will remain who does not enter it.’
One of the qualities of the #believers is that they remember #Allah a lot - Do it and be different from the #hypocrites.
Why would #islam allow men to take multiple wives? Watch this to find out some of the reasons:
Every #Muslim should regard himself as responsible for #happenings around him that are within his #control & #strive to establish good
On the Last Day, we will be asked about our wealth and how we earned it; so let’s strive to keep our income pure!
Allah has promised that after hardship will come ease, so be strong! Ease is around the corner!
#True test of our #love of Allah: Remembering Allah and obeying His commands during times of ease
began to distance away.“ Then He turned to the heaven when it was smoke(41:11)This gradually expanded into universe, heavens, and space
Every child is born on the natural state of #Islam. Let us be careful parents and ensure our children stay on it and reach Paradise. #Birth
The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "Save yourself from Hellfire, even if it is by giving half a date in charity."
A major #reason for the misguidance of a section of the #ummah is following the #Jews and #Christians in everything
هل ترفض -وأنتَ المسلم المحبّ- الدعوةَ للدعوة إلى الله؟ إذن.. بادر بالالتحاق بركب المعرّفين بالإسلام ( )
Never let any accomplishments get to your head; success is from #Allah alone!
#Allah is most Merciful and does not demand the impossible – so it follows that obligatory acts of #Islam cannot be a #burden
Use the Islamic greeting "As-Salamu 'Alaykum" - don't substitute it with other greetings. The salams lead to #love amongst the #Muslims
The Prophet (pbuh) said that he was the best to his #family. It’s a lesson for all the brothers – #be the best to your families
#ProphetMuhammad (pbuh) said the believers are one body. Unity, love & mercy will enable us as an ummah (#onebody) to achieve greatness
Do not fear death! Fear dying in a state which is displeasing to Allah!
The temptations of this world will not go away but we can choose to ignore them!
"In #Islam , If the parents are separated or #divorced they should frequently counsel each other for the sake of the child's future"