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ڤصَ_#كلنآإَ اتحادَ'¡
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#Do not feel safe from the Fire upon committing even a single sin – #Adam (pbuh) was expelled from #paradise for a single bite he took
Never leave any act of goodness thinking it to be little, even if it’s just a #smile, or assisting a poor person with whatever U can afford
“The heart is like a bird: love is its head and its two wings are hope and fear.” Ibnal-Qayyimal-Jawziyyah
Making #salah in the proper #manner ensures protection from #sins. If we are #praying and sinning it means our Salah needs #improvement.
If we have only One Creator, does it make sense to worship anyone or anything else? Worship #God alone!
female witnesses are preferred N certain cases.There’re incidents which require only female witnesses&the #testimony of male is not ac
A book that has lasted over 1400 years, preserved in its original form, having never been edited.#Quran!
t is not true that two female #witnesses are ALWAYS considered as equal to only one male witness,It's true only in certain cases #islam
Controlling #anger is a sign of those #righteous people promised #Paradise in the #Quran in Surah Al Imran verses 133-134 #reward #goodDeed
Are you a #father? Make sure your children #pray 5 times salah. You will be helping them build their paradise
If #wealth becomes the central #focus of our lives & we disobey Allah in order to amass more wealth then it can lead to our destruction
Ultimate #obedience is for Allah alone. No one, no matter how high, is to be obeyed if it involves disobeying #Allah
Do not speak during the Friday Sermon (khutbah) – not even to tell others to keep quiet.
During hard times, Allah reminded his #prophet of His past #favors in Surah #Duha.When we face #tests,ponder over Allah's past favors on you
Want to go to Paradise? Watch this video to learn how to get there:
Pray for the guidance of humankind, and work towards it by sharing the message of Islam!
Surah #AlQuraysh reminded the #Quraysh of #Makkah that #Allah has granted them many #favors. Think about all the favors Allah has given us!
1400 years ago, #islam gave women their rights. Watch the following video to learn more!
Khabbab Ibn Aratt was one of the most severely tested #companions during the Makkan era, yet he remained a #steadfast believer until the end
The #LastDay will #commence with an #earthquake that will affect all of #mankind. Reflect on #Surah #Zilzaal and its description of that day
In the early #Makkah Era, Abu Bakr would purchase oppressed slaves and #free them, Allah praised this quality of his in Surah Layl 92:17-21
The Prophet (pbuh) said: #Pray as you have seen me praying.His way always was ‘Do as I do’. #Let‘s also do good & then invite others
In a calamity being unhappy with Allah’s decree leads to a double loss;loss of the beloved thing or person and #loss of reward. Be patient.
The Mothers, in #Islam, are encouraged to breast-feed their babies up to two years (or from 16 to 24 months
Experience! You can experience the power of God in your life and know the real happiness which is more than just a religous concept
From the #favors of Allah and the #beauty of Islam is that a person can #pray anywhere except the dirty places-the whole world is a masjid
At work? Its lunchtime? Don’t forget to pray your afternoon prayer! Food for the soul! #Five Salah
In a calamity being unhappy with Allah’s decree leads to a double loss;loss of the beloved thing or person and #loss of reward. Be patient.
What is the purpose of life?" & "Why are we here?" #Islam is providing clear and concise answers for these questions.#islam #atheism
When Umar Ibn Al-Khattab entered #Jerusalem as a conqueror, he gave all #Non-Muslim citizens #freedom of #religion and treated them well
At work? Its lunchtime? Don’t forget to pray your afternoon prayer! Food for the soul! #Five Salah
1400 years ago, the Qur’an confirmed that the universe was originally gaseous before God formed it into galaxies(41: 11
In Islam, a mother holds a higher position than a father and must be cared for, respected and loved always!
1/5“And the heaven We created with might, and indeed We are (its) expander.” (Quran (51:47) #Atheism
Dawah starts on the inside! Let us perfect our character so that our very lives will be dawah for others!
Want to become #steadfast in the religion? Ponder upon the #Qur'an - it’s one of the best means to acquire #steadfastness in the #religion
We are told to work for the #Hereafter while it’s far from us, so how about the world we live in? Strive for good here & in the hereafter
Sincerity: without it, deeds are worthless in the Afterlife!
Wearing a bikini or miniskirt is not liberating; it is degrading. Free yourself from the desires of men;observehijab!
Before taking any action, always ask yourself, "What would Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) do in my situation #islam?"
#Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said that Uthman Ibn Affan was so #modest, the #angels would feel #shy in his presence! #BlessedTen
Want to talk to #Allah? We have an opportunity five times every day! #FiveSalah
Lower your gaze! It will save you from a lot of problems and heartbreaking situations!
He came to a land which was engulfed in tribal war and turned it into a land of peace i.e. Madinah. #ProphetMuhammad #islam
Think #Islam is about terrorism and oppression? Watch this to learn the truth about this matter:
Whenever you start thinking about what you don't have, shift your focus to everything Allah HAS blessed you with!
Whatever knowledge we have of Islam, it is our duty to share it with others! Calling to #islam should be our lifestyle!
Most people waste their free time.Used effectively that #time would help attain closeness to Allah and great good in this #world &the next
The 2 rakat of sunnah before #Fajr are better than the whole world - obviously the fard of Fajr has even more reward. Don’t miss out on them
#Some of the relatives of #Prophets died as disbelievers and are in #hell. It’s our own practice of Islam that counts for us