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He was so generous that he would give his shirt off his own back to a stranger who needed it! #ProphetMuhammad #islam
Try to be always in a state of #wudu. It’s a #sign of a #believer. #ablution
years ago, the Qur’an mentioned that the moon reflects the light of the sun. Impossible? Or a miracle 1400
The first #sin committed on #earth was #murder, and it was caused by #jealousy. Beware of jealousy; it is the root of many #crimes. #Jealous
On the #Day of Judgment some people will be envied by the prophets & the martyrs– they are those who #love one another for Allah's #sake
St. Paul obligated the common practice of the veil for all women: #jesus ‘in Corinthians 11:4-10) #Christianity #bible
We can only truly be happy if #Allah is happy with us;let's strive to please Him always!
Entrust all your affairs and problems to Allah. He has all the answers and all the solutions you need. #problemsolved
Allah has promised that after hardship will come ease, so be strong! Ease is around the corner!
The last Surah to be revealed was Surah #AlNasr teaching us that #worship of #Allah is our #purpose, and #victory is just a #gift from Him.
Surah Al-Kahf warns us in its stories about the four types of tests we face in life:regarding our #faith, #wealth, #knowledge and #authority
During hard times, Allah reminded his #prophet of His past #favors in Surah #Duha.When we face #tests,ponder over Allah's past favors on you
The four greatest Sahaba are Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman and Ali i.e. the Rightly Guided Caliphs. #Study their lives and #follow their example!
1400 years ago, Islam gave women their rights. Watch the following video to learn more!
The teachings of#islam can make life easier for everybody; so share the message with the world!
لن تتبوأ الدعوة المراكز العليّة إلا بجهودنا مجتمعين بعد توفيق الله! بادر بتفعيل خدمة "إسلام تويت" الآلية: ( )
Whatever knowledge we have of Islam, it is our duty to share it with others! Calling to #islam should be our lifestyle!
Every #Muslim should regard himself as responsible for #happenings around him that are within his #control & #strive to establish good
Live a balanced life! Balance your fear of #Allah with hope in His mercy and love for Him.
#Purify your #heart & do whatever you do for the sake of Allah alone - and Allah will raise your station in this #world & the next
After hardship there will be ease - this is Allah's promise – so never lose hope in times of hardship and calamities. #StayStrong #TrustGod
The prohibition of #usury is not found only in #Islam but in all the Abrahamic religions - #Judaism, #Christianity
Surah #AlMaoon teaches us not to regard any #deed as insignificant. Every small act of #charity and #kindness is #beloved to #Allah.
Doing haram things doesn’t make anyone cool, nor does living a halal life make anyone boring!
Beware of your temper, and a loose tongue! These two dangerous weapons combined can lead a person to the Hellfire #islam!