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Fahad Hizam
I just finished running 9.81 km in 55m:00s with #Endomondo #endorphins
Video shows the moment gunfire erupted at the #Paris concert… via @mashable
Summer of 2009 - photo by @sm9d #Paris
I just finished running 7.06 km in 40m:00s with #Endomondo #endorphins
live coverage of #Paris active shooting
I just finished running 7.31 km in 40m:00s with #Endomondo #endorphins
I just finished running 6.17 km in 35m:00s with #Endomondo #endorphins
It's never too late to start all over. #NewLife #NewChapter
I just finished running 6.85 km in 40m:00s with #Endomondo #endorphins
I just finished running 6.15 km in 35m:00s with #Endomondo #endorphins
1929: The luxury airship built like a flying hotel… via @mashable
I just finished running 6.22 km in 35m:00s with #Endomondo #endorphins
I just finished running 6.25 km in 35m:00s with #Endomondo #endorphins
great tips by Aaron Marino​ "How to Speak Like A Gentleman | 9 Talking Tips to Earn Respect"
I just finished running 6.20 km in 35m:00s with #Endomondo #endorphins
Are You Emotionally Intelligent? Here's How to Know for Sure.
I just finished running 7.67 km in 45m:00s with #Endomondo #endorphins
How I did on Twitter this month: 77 New Followers, 15 Mentions, 5.02K Mention Reach. How'd your month go? via
I just finished running 4.79 km in 30m:00s with #Endomondo #endorphins
Check out Waylens - A Data Driven Automotive Camera System by Waylens, Inc. on @kickstarter
@alphamimage great, i will give them a try. Thank you.
Hi @alphamimage which online suit tailors do you recommend?
I just finished running 4.99 km in 30m:11s with #Endomondo #endorphins
.@RQalaawi الله يخليك رضا. بديت برنامج تمرين لل ٥ كلم و ان شاءالله خلال اربع شهور انافس على مستوى الولايه.
@FahadHizam تطور جميل ووقت رائع بالتوفيق يافهد ووحشتنا
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I just finished running 4.80 km in 30m:00s with #Endomondo #endorphins
What a great day for a PR. #5Krun #ItsAllinTheMind
I just finished running 5.01 km in 23m:00s with #Endomondo #endorphins
Wife of slain White Rock Creek jogger commits suicide…
Having a baby VS having a cat - The Oatmeal… via #Oatmeal
.@mattfitwriter I will go with Level 6. I need to balance running with gym. I am 120lb at 5'7". I will log my PR's and graph them throughout
.@JOHNSMI87242153 i will keep a record of my PR's through out the 12 weeks program. I am going with Level 6.
.@mattfitwriter I am looking for 5 days/150 minute per week. I will go over the plans and decide. Do all plans export to Garmin Connect?
@FahadHizam Plan selection should depend on training history, not racing history. How many times/KM per week are you comfortable running?
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.@JOHNSMI87242153 great plans, but will go with @mattfitwriter plans, they are more technical and more information…
.@JOHNSMI87242153 @hope119988 been running on Garmin 5k plan for two months now. I need to advance my training. Thank you :)
Hi @mattfitwriter, I would like to buy a 5k plan from @TrainingPeaks, which level for me based on my PRs attached?
Hit the open road with these 25 hacks for the best road trip ever… via mashable
See the world's biggest passenger plane fly right under a helicopter… via @mashable
I just finished running 10.17 km in 55m:29s with #Endomondo #endorphins
Guess what day it is? #caturday
I just finished running 5.37 km in 29m:02s with #Endomondo #endorphins
London from the air before skyscrapers & the impact of WWII, circa 1935.
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I just finished running 5.94 km in 30m:01s with #Endomondo #endorphins
take a look at the top 15 highest-paid public employees in the country #football via @aldotcom
I just finished running 6.03 km in 35m:38s with #Endomondo #endorphins
@saudi_Cycling ما عمري شفت سباق لكم ومدحوه ! ما تتعلمون من الاخطاء ؟ تعلموا من ايسترن ايقلز @EasternEaglesCC والله تحدياتهم احسن من سباقاتكم
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@saudi_Cycling أنتم اتحاد يملك كافة الأمكانات ومع ذلك تنظيم بعض المجموعات التطوعية أمثال #?????? و #???? و @EasternEaglesCC أفضل من تنظيمكم
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