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Sweet, juicy apples on a lovely fall day.
It’s pumpkin season. Add creaminess to your pumpkin soup with FAGE Total.…
FAGE Total Split Cups let you pair creamy Greek yogurt with delicious toppings.
What’s your favorite dip or dressing you’ve made with FAGE Total?
Rich, creamy Greek yogurt and refreshing, ripe raspberries. Find your perfect pairing:
Which fruits have you enjoyed with FAGE Total?
Indulge in the rich flavors of Baked Honey Chocolate Pudding with FAGE Total.…
FAGE Total Split Cup is a delicious duo of Greek yogurt and amazingly thick honey. Learn more:
A dollop of FAGE Total and roasted squash seeds is a delectable way to garnish a squash soup.
A perfect pairing for fall. FAGE Total Split Cup Apple Cranberry.
Vibrant flowers on a clear, fall day.
For an afternoon snack, try Crushed Spicy Hummus with FAGE Total and Spiced Baked Pita Chips.
Find your perfect FAGE Total Split Cup pairing. Explore all of our delicious flavors.
Roast fresh seasoned carrots with FAGE Total for a scrumptious side.
Enjoy the rich flavor of apples and FAGE Total in a creamy brûlée.
FAGE Total Split Cup perfectly pairs creamy Greek yogurt with delicious berries. Learn more:…
The leaves are changing and fall is here, what autumn meals will you plan to make with FAGE Total?
An early morning boat ride on a crisp fall day.
FAGE Total adds a rich and delicious twist to chocolate brûlée.
Kick off fall with roasted Brussels sprouts and apple slices, topped with FAGE Total.
For a simple side, try FAGE Total and lemon juice over roasted green beans.
The perfect pairing with delicious crêpes - FAGE Total and grilled peaches.
Add a spoonful of FAGE Total to cooked radishes to give them a creamy extra layer.
What was the first recipe you made that used FAGE Total?
What dressings do you make with FAGE Total to serve over fresh salads?
Escape to a picturesque setting.
FAGE Total and fresh berries - a refreshing pairing.
All you need is a spoon to enjoy FAGE fruyo Classic Strawberry Banana.…
What’s your favorite dip to make with FAGE Total?
Fresh herbs make for a perfect pairing with FAGE Total.
Make your smoothies extra delicious with FAGE Total.
Wake up your taste buds with a cup of FAGE fruyo Classic Coffee.
The satisfying flavors of fresh fruit and FAGE Total.
A touch of color before the leaves start to change.
How will you incorporate FAGE Total into your grilling this holiday weekend?
The last days of summer are best spent with sand beneath your feet.
When making potato salad, replacing mayonnaise with FAGE Total adds a twist to a barbecue classic.
Dipped, dressed, or drizzled, cauliflower pairs beautifully with FAGE Total.
The sea reflects the brilliance of what’s above.
FAGE Total 2% Mixed Berries Split Cup lets you enjoy your favorite berries year-round.…
Sautéed broccoli rabe goes well with a savory dressing made with FAGE Total.
How have you incorporated FAGE Total into your regular cooking?
Enjoy delectable summertime fruits by making Honey-Scented Fruit with FAGE Total.…
Using a salad dressing made with FAGE Total? Try topping that salad off with sliced rutabagas.
FAGE fruyo Classic Blackberry Lime pairs bright flavor with sweet subtlety.…
Poached pears topped with FAGE Total are a great way to enjoy this fresh fruit.
Vibrant buildings light up a picturesque village by the sea.