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Funny Laugh
pizza accepts you for who you are
“Do you workout?” “I took the stairs once”
*automatically says ouch even though it didn’t hurt*
i hate it when ur not ur best friends best friend
don't let anyone treat u like pond water you are fiji water okay
me: im so done me: continues
i have been tired for the past 5 years
list of people i like: dogs
sometimes Twitter has more drama than
i wish i was a cartoon character so i could wear the same outfit every day
music always puts me in a better mOOd
Waking up during the night and your phone brightness be at 100%
It's so funny seeing girls randomly tweet "lol" bc girl I feel you what did you just see who you wanna fight what he do
Reasons why I stop replying: 1. I'm busy 2. you're boring 3. I'm mad 4. you replied with one word 5. I'm on twitter 6. I'm eating
It doesn’t matter if I sleep 2 hours or 13 hours, I will still be tired the next day
when my wifi stops working so do i
it sucks being the potato in a group of french fries
I often said “sorry” when I should’ve said “goodbye"
if u interrupt my sleeping i will literally interrupt your breathing
My bank account is more like a countdown to my homelessness
i need a part time job that pays $20,000 per week
me at 13: *has acne* somebody: don't worry it will go away me at 20: when
i get ignored so much my name should be terms and conditions
sometimes i feel useless but then i remember i breathe out carbon dioxide for plants
I don't think she knows what this movie is about
Current mood: I need an entire vodka bottle to myself
I'd rather have a passport full of stamps than a house full of stuff
My reaction to everything at this point
I go through photos on my phone sometimes and think “I wish it was this day again” and it sucks
If your friends aren't assholes to you then they aren't your real friends
never give up on your dreams keep sleeping
i heard u like bad girls i'm bad at everything
that awkward moment when you think you're important to someone, and you're not
When someone you don't like tries to talk to you
I like people who don't add on to my stress.
in the mood for a hug or 1 million dollars in cold hard cash
Go to bed early they said. You'll be less tired they said.
When your front camera catches you off guard
When you told yourself you’ll be more positive but life keeps trying you
can i get paid to sleep like honestly i deserve it
"what state do you live in?" constant anxiety
"I heard some shit about you"
person: have you ever ran a marathon me: yeah person: which one me: a movie one
*on phone* Mom: Did you take the chicken out the freezer? Me: Yes. *hangs up*
i spend all day looking forward to go to bed again

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