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love boys facts 2,194,006 followers
if you ever cheat on me, just know... 🍴🙅
boys are very attracted to girls who do their makeup like this *E-Z DIY help guide*💄🙋�
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FAST HAIR GROWTH *DIY self guide helps 98% of girls who TRY it!!* (Before/After Pics)🙋�
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this guy deserves an award or something 👌
the universal sign that a girl wants you right now
One day, I'll marry you.
me trying to take a cute selfie for bae
when bae actually plans out a date for you and you're getting ready like
how i feel when bae says goodbye and i don't want him to go
when you can't sleep but bae is knocked out next to you and he's looking good
Keeping one girl's interest for years is something to brag about, not pulling different girls every night like an immature little boy 😌
when bae ignores your texts but you see them still tweeting
that look you give bae when you know he's mad at you but you really wanna talk
when a cute boy likes your selfie and you're all like
crush: you look cute today me: 😁�
my boyfriend isn't allowed near @AlenaShishkova because she's too beautiful 😍😍😍
want long, beautiful hair like Ariel? just fav & do this daily! Boys LOVE it 💇� *DIY
A real boyfriend watches Disney movies with his girl. 🎥💏👌
Silly girl, he doesn't care.
when you just finish shaving your legs and bae says he's coming over