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best snapchat I've got all year 😎
forgive me for using tonnes of irrelevant words in my rants as i am v tired 😴
i have a strong dislike for my doctor as i constantly feel that her 'concerns' are greatly patronizing
also to make the situation worse, i am being forced to wake up even earlier to visit the doctors
the thought of getting out of bed tomorrow morning is making me extremely unhappy
I love how 'the London feminist network' continuously say they believe in equality yet they only allow women to join.
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Do You // Carina Round 🌻
#YesAllWomen because if you're angry you're almost certainly 'on your period' and therefore cannot form opinions correctly
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we all know i'm too weak for this
probably not but i am going to try because this season is way too good to wait for
the only important question right now is can i watch 9 hours of breaking bad tonight and then stay awake to go to hermiones
twilight makes me cringe because of the acting however i really do love the soundtrack
the rocky horror sound track is my entire life
dancing v eagerly to time warp and snap chatting Libby is a rlly good combination
Peta RT @Victrois because nothing says vegetarian like a "nice pair of melons" and some carefully placed grapes.
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ugh i'll start working harder in year 9
it makes me rlly annoyed because i don't understand anything about maths, geography, history or anything else at all
i spend so much time reading books or watching breaking bad when i should be revising or doing homework
i hate the 140 character limit when you're trying to say something important and you can't because there's no more space
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i know that probably made no sense but it did in my head
if you say that you are for equality then treat a certain gender / sexuality / race better than another then please just rethink that
this picture is the sweetest thing I've seen all day
rare picture of the (thought to be) extinct Lucy eating what looks to be some sort of beans 🎭