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on the edge of burning down my school <33
this tech homework is taking me forever and when i'm done i have to do like 6 tasks on mymaths ugh
i mean why cant we just use bitesize lmao its so much easier
mymaths is the most annoying thing ever
what do we want? equality what don't we want? misogyny…
that's just great 👏😒
follow @oliver_brook12 cause we're the ace gang and he's fab 🙈❄️
cant actually beleive this
skype with the freaks ;)
jesse pinkman 👌
why does jesse pinkman wear extra large hoodies and say yo every five seconds but more importantly why do i still heckin fancy him
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I think we all know what the topic of conversation will be at school on Monday
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i feel like people who eat breakfast really have their lives together
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My cat just tripped me down the stairs, I'm so done, he's tearing this family apart
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