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Ezemdi Chikwendu
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Nba season begins tomorrow #countdown
When did #fruityloops make a version for ma? Lol I know its just a beta but it workin !!!!!
I need to get some confortable shoes #Macy's
Lets go G-Men!!!!
Wow Americas got talents got some serious talent this season #sonsofserendip#Micah
First day back on the P90x workout #Lordhavemercy #p90x
Don’t look at people through eyes of judgment; look at them through eyes of mercy. You don’t know what they’ve been through.
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God may NOT give you everything you WANT - but He will CERTAINLY give you everything that you NEED #GodsGrace
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God is waiting on you to step into your anointed victorious season #GodsGrace #TakeAuthority
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Wow so there's a Starbucks at south shore plaza now!!! This is officially #thebestworkdayever
We need to remember to thank God for creativity. Nothing in this world or in existence is more creative than the creator of the universe
Anybody ever dosed off during a studio session ? Lol
Sometimes its good to look back. @CheeOkebalama. #throwback by far one of the best songs we have ever done.
Yesterday was my first day back at Macy's lol. Felt like I never left lol
Back at Macy's. #orientation. I can't believe that I still remember everything I learned dating back to 2007 lol
Wow. Not surprised but encouraged. Welcome back to Cleveland @KingjamesK
Working on R&B record "One Last Time"
You need to see everything that's holding you back, every obstacle as only temporary. It didn't come to stay, it came to pass.
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The first place we lose the battle is in our own thinking. Change your thinking. Everything holding you back is temporary.
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Ain't nothing gonna come to you while you're laying there. Get up!-
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The path 2 succeess is usually overgrown with challenges. Don't give up when it gets bumpy or if u lose ur way. The Spirit of God is ur GPS.
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The 96chicago bulls vs the 2014 san antonio spurs.. Who would win?
Seriously thinking about stepping away from everything music. I'm not enjoying what I do anymore, from recording to church ,etc. #firstlove
So Lebron opts out. No surprise. Just curious to see where he and Melo will end up.
Congrats to @spurs. Just goes to show how amazing this franchise has been over the last 15 years#legacy
Been a long day. Just came home. Too tired to do anything lol good night everyone
Man its like people wanna keep under rating the spurs lol
Spurs back at it again!! #letsgospurs
I can't believe what I'm seeing right now! #gospurs
I love watching the spurs move the basketball.
Come on Spurs hit your free throws
Spurs are up !!!!!!!
She took my studio chair but she don't wanna write nothin lol
I can't give her a writing credit if she's just sleeping through the session lol
My girl the Engineer
Lets go Spurs!!!! I can't watch the game tonight but I'll keep track from my phone lol
I would've liked to see Dennis Rodman in his prime guarding Lebron James in his prime. I think Rodman could definitely slow him down.
Lets go Spurs!!!!
Back in Boston after a great time in New Orleans #ACF
Blessed is the man whom you discipline, O Lord, and whom you teach out of your law, to give him rest from days of tr…
@hartramsey - "Beware of people who break in to your life and say, "God sent me". --->Thank you Sir! #UpLift
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A lot of the houses that I've seen around here don't have open floor plans. Lol #HGTV
Been watching a lot of HGTV lately lol
Praise God!! No matter what. Praise him when everything is going good , praise him when things are going bad. Praise him!!