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Let's be serious... If you're eating a donut, you don't give a fuck about being healthy..
Uno destroys every relationship...
Because they shrink his bottom jaw?
Some men just want to watch the world burn..
Wow that's interesting.. *Sends another dick pic*
Wait.. Isn't that Denzel Washington?
But there is still a whole row of cars they could have parked on top of!
But now only his left leg is protected from the boogie man!
To all the dads who find themselves at Justin Bieber concerts, you're the real MVP..
Is that a diaper hanging out...?
COR... You know where this is going..
Now take it, put the lid on, and shake it...
@EyeSanity You are the funniest person on twitter.
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To us it'll sound like dubstep..
He is playing a Nintendo 64 game with and Xbox 360 controller on a laptop.. Already wasted?
You think your slick don't you E.T.? I know it's you..