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Jackie Chan
actor kungfu director film 682,890 followers
The Young Master (1980). How many of you have seen it?
Summer bike with my baes La & Zy
"Hello? Yes, this is the 80s." Police Story, 1985
I didn't work with him. I met him for the first time at the Oscars a long time ago. I was standing in the green...
On the set of Armour of God - Did you know I had to grow my hair over the scar on my head after I fell out of the...
Amazing fan art from Police Story 2013. Wow!
Did you come to my concert in Shenzhen?? I had such a great time!
On the set of Dragon Blade with my friends Choi Si Won, Adrien Brody, and director Daniel Lee.
Back to back with my friend, Chris Tucker
Just hanging around. What about you?
I hope someday, some producer or director will hire me to do drama.
"I loved cowboy movies when I was a kid. When I was five years old, I was already wearing a cowboy hat and suit."
Child marriage destroys childhoods, disrupts schooling, and contributes to cycles of poverty. It’s time to end...
Design a Buddy Bear for Jackie! Click here for more information on designing a buddy bear at the JC Kids Corner:...
The key to success or failure lies in the details....
Brothers forever! "Like" if you have brothers like me.