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Justin Othernigga
My (3) FAVORITE PASTIMES all in ☝🏾️ picture: - - • Doing graphic designs on my laptop 💻 - - • Eating food from Cookout (esp the Cajun fries) 🍟 - - • & asking "Who is this?" to somebody I have saved in my 📲 already 😂
Find you a boo or be stuck tryna find you a website. 😂😭 (I recommend
My sentiments exactly! ✊🏾😆 •••• (Happy Hump Day!#WayTooGone2e2 is THIS FRIDAY! (
Frfr! Like, day befo' yesterday! (Or else I'll take her from you)
The RETURN OF #getBANNED !! • • • • The one thing that alllwwaayyysssss got MTSU hype af ! 😆 • • Fcuk…
The ladies of RCU had a study session in the library ✌🏾️ days straight �#StarbucksOnDeckck .....
Turning up is ☝🏾️ thing ... but getting LIT 😏 ?! ---#WayTooGone2e2 • This
Allllllllllllll these "parties" ... but where was the liquor at tho?!…
Hol'up, before we start killing ya TL .... we wanna wish one of our students, bellaa_amourr a dope…
😁 Laddddiiiieeeessssss .... some of my lil homies don't have enough followers ... help 'em out for…
At the 1st WayTooGone, 4 folks passed out. 😌 Going for ✋🏾 this Friday#WayTooGone2e2 9•4•15 (
follow a few members of the squad for me rii quick!!! #LightskinnedAlliance 😂😂
Yup, pea🌰-head with the dreads .. that was me in the red! 😌 #JUICE
Taking bae to work this morning .... (tryna get her to call out from the parking lot) 😈😩😂 #Goodmoaning
😂#Swearr Go from "Ay whaddup doe" to "Goodmoaning bae" real quick!
😩😭 Right. (betta like these quotes or sumpn
We was curious to 👀 how far that mansion is from the mall since we still gotta pick up some 👙 ...
All I wanna see is red cups & red bones ! 👩🏽🍑🔴💦🍸#WetRepublicepublic MURFREESBORO MANSION Pool
😂😆😅😭 Cllleeevvvvveeeerrrrrr !!!! S|O to whichever sneaky, freaky yet lonely mf that came up
👂🏾 Heard it was a lil set tonight. I might pull up & grab a cup or ✌🏾
😆💃🚶🍕😋⏰😝😗💨🍃💊😏📺😲🍹😁😈👯🎤🔊😋👅🍷#FRESHMEET🍆😌🎥🍫📱😍💽🔌🔋😵👓💉📓😎👙👀 #FRESHMEET ( Then gtfo! 😂) 🔴💦
College Grove ain't what it used to be. Slick too far from campus & all the other apts ANNNNNDDDDD…
URidge trippin' ... Towing cars and shxt. 😑 UH UHN! lol ... ✌🏾️down .. ✋🏾 more to g#FRESHMEETEET
They don't 'eem turn up hard enough at Vie apartments. (+ we hate the name change 😂)#FRESHMeett ..…
I'm taking a double-shot every time a chick gets pushed in the pool. 😈👙💦🍑👀
👙🍑👀 ...... 💦 (Enough sai#WetRepublicbli#RedRepublicublic .. MTSU's bigggeessssttttttttt & 1st
We TURNIN' 👆🏾& SHUTTING ⬇️ somebody's apt 2mar! #WeGotTheJUICEI#FRESHMeeteet
😌 Gotta actually GET the girl 1st but you get the 🌇
Wayment ... how tf EYE get a REDCUP on my door ?! Of all people ? Really bruh? 😂😭
👉🏾 We seem to have run out. Can anyone help us? 😎 (P.#PaintTheCityRedRed was a success btw!!! 💪🏾
I might dive in .. 😈�#ADULTSWININ @ the Grove Apts (1320 Journey Dr • M'boro, TN) *
👉🏾JUICE 👙💦 (lightskinned n*ggas always asking for a pic 😂#HeadAhh#HeadAhh
Oh shxt !!! 😁😁😁😁😁 we just got hit up by one of the local subway stores in Murfreesboro !! Said
Because n*ggas love FREE shxt! 😈💦👙🍹🔊 • ADULTSWIM (Tomorrow @
💦👙🍑👀 .. ADULTS#TheMoveB4theMoveMove 👈🏾 • • • •
👙🍑👀 #ADULTSWIMWIM (Pool Party) 8•22 (FREE for MTSU STUDENT#TheMoveB4theMoveove
(Eye) always got sumpn up my sleeve ... #JUICE 😎🌴☀
Wayment, ✋🏾 hol'up ... all these Back2School parties ................ where the free sh*t at?! 😐
😜 I need about 3 or 4 turnt chicks and 1 or 2 cool ahh n*ggas to mob with me!…
First lemme hop off the mf uhhhhhh ..! 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾 Err'body meet
First lemme hop off the mf uhhhhhh ..! 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃@im_stationedmeet
First lemme hop off the mf uhhhhhh ..! 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾 Err'body meet
(#DT) 👉🏾 TRUST meh .. Ima keep it 8 more than
#SquadGoals 💯 🔴💦🔴💦🔴💦🔴💦🔴💦 Err@90sKIDDiam_90skiddiam_ 👈🏾 (
#SquadGoals 💯 🔴💦🔴💦🔴💦🔴💦🔴💦 Err'body meet @dj_thedon_615 👈🏾 (Official

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