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You're right, it's LEVELS to this 💩! ••••• (TEAM👀AM)
3 more hours ... 😁
Yup! Happy but sad at the same time. I think @TeamEyeAm is selling them things for $15 or 2-4-$25 now! Idk tho ... GO ASK!
*yawns & stretches* .... 💪😫 • • • • Oh this? This right here nxgga? This ain't nthn. Just the life of a Man of TeamEyeAm. #ComeLearnAboutIt 😏 (3PM - James Walker Library)
Sleep? For what?! 😌
Whhhhhhyyyyyyyy must it be so boring in Murfreesboro?! • • • • Spades anyone? • • • • There a kickback somewhere idk about? • • • • 😒
⚠️ S A T U R D A Y ⚠️ ... ONLY 2 THINGS TO REMEMBER: • • ☝️ - #EYEAMINTERESTED "The OFFICIAL Intake process of TeamEyeAm" @ James Walker Library @ 3PM 👓👔💼 • • • ✌️- #CAMPUSTAKEOVER (Part II) Exclusively @ ClubSOCIAL 🐒🐸🐘🐾🐰🐩🔵🐎 ALL GREEKS $5 (w/ LETTERS) • • • It's a #TeamEyeAm kinda weeken
.. aaannnddddd she knows it. 😏 😐 atleast I think she does
(Part ☝️) was CRAZY!!! ... This SATURDAY (Part ✌️) ??? #CAMPUSTAKEOVER .... "We just tryna make the ground shake...." ↪️🆙
(#MTSU) All roads from this week lead to ... (3•22) ... • • 67 wristbands SOLD already! ONLY 33 left! ----
Exactly why I'ont eem try no more bruh 😤
After just 1 game played, only 19% of the 11 million @ESPNFantasy Tournament Challenge brackets are still perfect.
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😣 It's cool tho, cuz tomorrow FRI
👉 Part 2 is THIS SATURDAY .. (follow @TeamEyeAm for more details) (👀AM)
Be yelling out 💲> 🚺 .. .. but be asking yo 🚺 to borrow#NiggasKillMellMe
Sometimes God just wanna hear ya say "Thank you" .. we too busy hollering out "Please"
Don't get ya wallet or ya purse snatched, worrying about the next nigga's pockets .. js
👉 Go'on & start making ya way to the SUB ... 😝 #YARDPARTY ...
I remember when I use to sleep.
👉 Questions we've been getting all week ... and the answers to 'em. 👍
👉 Before I get dressed for the party on Saturday, I'll be speaking here! #EYEAMINTERESTED - "The Informational" 👔💼 | (👀AM)
"Be careful how you treat her because it's alotta n*ggas out there that need her."
You thought NPHC week was over?! NOT 'EEM CLOSE!! It's time to start showing your humble. Meet us in the KUC with open arms and bags FULL OF CANS! #ThinkForwardGiveBack @MTSU_NPHC
Yup, all 👆and👇 ya TL n'💩.. #imdone
just incase you were tryna get FADED n'💩.. #CΔMPUΣTAKEφVER
just in case you thought we didn't show GREEK love n'💩.. #CΔMPUΣTAKEφVER
just incase you were wondering HOW MUCH n'💩.. #CΔMPUΣTAKEφVER
just incase you were wondering WHERE n'💩.. #CΔMPUΣTAKEφVER
just incase you were wondering WHEN n'💩.. #CΔMPUΣTAKEφVER
They free'd one. What? You thought they weren't gonna lock up another? 😒
Awwhhhh shid!!!! #CΔMPUΣTAKEφVER (Part 2) This Saturday - 3•22 @ club SOCIAL .. DOORS OPEN @ 10:30PM ---- ALL GREEKS 🐒🐸🐘🐾🐩🐇🐎🔵 ONLY $5 ALL NIGHT! (WRISTBANDS are $10 UNTIL FRIDAY!) 💵⭕️ WRISTBANDS GO ON SALE TOMORROW ON CAMPUS!! 🎵DJ XTRA CREDIT + DJ SAVAGE🎤 Early arrival highly suggested f
TONIGHT tho❗️#MTSU 6⃣:4⃣5⃣ in the LRC #NPHCgotTALENT
☝️ You. Yup, YOU. My 👀 been on ya for a lil min. Now it's time to see what you're all about. Meet me here. Ok? Ok. ☺️
👉 Simple words that can make a helluva difference. 👈
Had a molly and she took 1/2 of it ... No prenup.
#EyeAmInterested n'💩 This SATURDAY n'💩 Starts @ 3PM n'💩 Meet us in the Library n'💩 It'll probably be ya only chance to join n'💩 Looking for a few ambitious dudes n'💩 And a handful of dedicated women n'💩 .. So uhh ... yea. @TeamEyeAm n'💩!
Niggas just don't let you be great !
😂NIGGA�@EyeAmWIZIZ: *write R@EyeAmKINGNG: Eye have a speech to right, 2 flyers to finish .. A "meeting" about Lord knows what...AND WORK ..."
Eye have a speech to right, 2 flyers to finish .. A "meeting" about Lord knows what...AND WORK AT 8AM tomorrow.
Eye cut my own checks tho. 😌
Being a promoter ssuuuuucccckkkkkksss cuhz.
✋Not interested. Try TSU or Nash State. “@EyeAmWIZ: @EyeAmKING RT @thelifeofshells: @EyeAmWIZ Find me an Aries then.”
@MTSU_NPHC WEEK is starting to get a bit more exciting with this one! Catch all ya favorite Greeks & MTSU's finest along with @teameyeam on campus tomorrow for the #NPHCgotTALENT event. ((LRC @ 6:45PM)) ------ (packed buildings mean wear ya best outfits btw)
"Looks like a big a** party This Saturday, but eye can't tell." 🙊 #theRETURN (Part 2)
#MTSU -- 😁 TONIGHT IS SKATE NIGHT!! Meet me @ (SKATECENTER WEST - 738 E. Castle St around 7PM) .... admission only $3 👀 ..... "No Rollbounce jokes!" #GottaLoveNPHCweek @TeamEyeAm