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Justin Othernigga
😔😞😔 Didn't even say goodbye. 😂
And a real n*gga will L👅CK of 'em. RIGHT AFTER you take her home from the #PAJAMAJAM tomorrow! 😜 @clubxnashville Cute girls FREE til 11p 💁
I just like the picture. 👀 😈 but anyways.... (Wait, lemme l👀k again) Ok.... Damn. 4got what I was gon' say. 👄 #PAJAMAJAM 👙 (9.5.14)
(#JUSTKNOW) If you're cute.. 😍 & you walk into the party with a onsie on.. 👯 We go together. 😌 #PAJAMAJAM Tomorrow night! @clubxnashville
When you woke up dis moaning, watchu have on? 😏 (whatever it was, WEAR THAT tomorrow night) 4th Annual Pajama Jam 👙 @clubxnashville #TeamEyeAm
Unless you're nakey.. This is gonna make it realllllll hard for me to pay attention to you Thurs, Sun & Monday night. 🏈
LUST makes you think backwards. LOVE makes you actually go there. (Know the Difference) #BewareOfBOOSeason
Yuuuup, me madre just made my day. Annnndd just got here self a couple MK purses for this one! 😌 lol In all seriousness tho, that's my girl, and I love her immensely!! God blessed me when He gave me to her! S|O to you ma!
Bout ⌚️ we had a pajama 👙 party!!! Aaannnnnnndddddd yes, I'll be there in some fruit of the looms 🍇 #JudgeMeNot 😜 #PAJAMAJAM @clubxnashville (Everybody FREE til 11p) @TeamEyeAm
👉 Since you up ... Watchu wearing ? 👀 Naw, not to the party, I'm talm'bout right now! 😈 #PajamaJam 9.5
Out with the (dumb shxt) in with the new shxt! EYE LIKE THIS ONE BETTER! (s|o to whoeva made it) B L A C K 🌚 U T F E S T 9/13 #MTSUvsWKUafterparty Incl: MTSUs very own @TeamEyeAm WKUs very own @Ham_ent The HouseParty Kings #LuggageClaim and many more! (Over 1500 will be in attendance!) FREE
And we back, like that! This FRIDAY, MTSU invades Nashville again for their 4th Annual Pajama party L👅ST @clubxnashville @TEAMEYEAM
👉Just got reminded of an interview I have today. Hmu if you haven't had yours yet! @TeamEyeAmm…
You'll either hate it, Or you're love it. Either way, it's coming! 😞😍 👉 SEPT -
Earlier: 💈✂️ Yes, I'm flooding ya TL with how my day goes.#ADayInTheLifee n'💩 .. CHOPPED&🔩'd
Currently: 😋 (My tong👅e has a dimple, l👀k!) Getting freshly 🍋 squeezed by the one &
Where I'm going?! 😒 Shhiidddd, YO HOUSE if you grilling! 👅🍖🍗🍺😆 #HappyLaborDay 🇺🇸
Pray. 🙏 Hustle. 💪 Repeat. 🔂 ( E Y E A M G V N
"He's 24 months old." 2. Your child is 2.
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#ThisCouldBeUsButYouPlaying 😜 (I meaannnnn when you gotta get it, you gotta get it,…
I just wanna wrap my tong👅e around (Goodmorning) & lick it until it says (Goodafternoon) so I can kiss it (Goodnight). 👀
In the words of a great philosopher: "God bless you pussy a** n*ggas." -Plies
1st comes ❤️ love Then comes 💍👰🎩 marriage then come#WORSTRST 😈 Tonight) @the1stlg
No but forreal tho. I'm schleepy too. 😴 (#WORST 😈 Toni... u already know) @clubxnashville
Haven't told someone they couldn't come into the club in a min. Tonight shall be fun. 😌
Hol'up ... ✋ 👋 hold my phone ! 📱#WORSTST 😈 Tonight @the1stlg) - FREE til 11:30p And no!!!! We'
Think about it. 💬 (Friends can't be lost, only found) 🍲4⃣💭 #FoodForThought
Remember this? 😆 "2 U 4 UR 👀 ONLY" Lookin' ahh! Ima try to snatch me a redbone w/ this old
This is it... ! 😜 THE LAST DOPE Saturday event �#WORSTBehavioror 8.30 😈 (NO KIDS ZONE 🚫👶 - y'
😳😟😤 Let this had happened to Londyn. I'd beat the shit outta every male teacher in the bldg that let it happen, drag a few principles and vice principles until they gave up the address of the child's parents that did it, walk off in they house and wouldn't walk out until after about 2-3 days. Cau
Can't smile in every pic. I'm too lightskinned. Gotta mug err'now & then. 😖
😆 Just left another impressive interview! ... It's been like this ALL WEEK!!! @TeamEyeAmM |…
👉 Oh yea, #Goodmoaningg 😜 (Doubletap, to say it back)
Today is your last day to cuff her because.. TOMORROW she falls off in @the1stlg & It's over after…
DONT doubletap if it don't apply or if you don't agree. #WORST 😈 8.30
I don't pay too much attention to snot nosed 😪 kids, who's biggest come up is a MTSU refund check. Please, continue. Ima go in the back room now & count this money. 🚪 ..... 🚶💴 Oh yea, btw #WORST 8.30 😈
All you do is repost a flyer sent to ya?? Come up with a catchy caption or two? Get paid a couple hundred, or sometimes not at all? #PROMOTERS ••••••••••••••••••••• You getcha J's cleaned up, get ya hair cut some type f*cked up way, throw on ya best clothes then hop ya ass on stage & sing-a-long w/
😜 👈 I STAY making this face. (& ya Bestfriend's cousin's baby mama's oldest sister, loves
It should be a SIN to wake up (horngry) and not get nthn to eat. #WORST 😈
😅😈#WORSTRST 8.30 (the LAST DOPE Saturday event) *this one might get a lil crazy ...
❤️ I'm out here for one reason and one reason only. "For the love of Londyn." And I'll snatch the soul up outta anybody that gets in the way of that. #LoddyDoddy #KingsPrincess
"The homies." • • • 😜 I just LOOK like the type of n*gga that walk 'round the club sayin, "I ain't 'eem drunk forreal" 🍹
We'll be all over MTSU Campus today! #SURVEYWEDNESDAY 📝 Be sure to find us! (11am - 2pm) KUC&SUB…
Nobody's off limits @ this one! #WORST 😈 8.30 (The LAST DOPE SATURDAY Event)