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Nathan Rao
Watch out Britain (via Magic Seaweed)..
Blimey...X Factor tonight is like watching a pile up on the M4. Dismal.... #Xfactor #carcrashtv
Ahhh Auntie's funeral... well played Max.... As I said, I'm starting to hate X Factor #XFactor
Last week Monica Michael had my jaw on the floor. This week she reminded me why I'm starting to hate X Factor. #XFactor
Poor old Anton currently showing exactly why a serious artist with a smidgen of talent shouldn't go within 10 miles of X Factor.
Britain braces for the worst storms for years this weekend with 70mph gales
Government responds to second 23k petition demand to legalise medicinal cannabis with "cannabis is a drug with no recognised medicinal uses"
Britain prepares for HELL STORM battering: Jet stream chaos to strike UK
Worrying times for the UK. Government seemingly at its most corrupt while country is slowly becoming like a police state.
Worrying similarities to last year's 'weather bomb'…
You seem to have sparked a trend Lizzy... You may have done for the 'side boob' what Angelina did for the 'leg bomb'! @lizziecundy
.@loosewomen Instead you pick someone who has 'earned' faux celebrity status for milking the benefits system. You have let real women down.
.@loosewomen Am I to believe there are no talented, hard-working women wanting a media break that you could have had on as panelist??
Whatever your thoughts about someone - burning an effigy of a person smacks of barbarism. Grow up,
Shame on you @loosewomen for giving air time to someone who has made a career out of being a layabout at the taxpayers' expense.
WEATHER WARNING: Super-powerful jet stream to send FEROCIOUS storm smashing into the UK
German Madonna fans line the streets to catch a glimpse of the Queen #RebelHeartTour
Worst winter for FIVE YEARS: UK facing freezing gales and HEAVY SNOW in just a FORTNIGHT
SHOCK ALERT: World faces YEAR of CATASTROPHIC weather from most powerful El Nino & La Nina
Planning on fireworks for Bonfire Night? Check the weather in your area first…
Hollywood legend @Joancollinsdbe doesnt fancy 2 weeks eating insects and sleeping in her own filth with z-list nobodies. #respect #realstar
Madonna's (highly controversial at the time) Justify My Love is a quarter of a century old this week! #icon
Britain on STORM ALERT: Mild weather ends as heavy rain and 70mph gales to batter Britain
SHOCK ALERT: World faces YEAR of CATASTROPHIC weather from most powerful El Nino & La Nina
The could have at least photoshopped it onto his lapel to make it a bit convincing.Naughty naughty @10downingstreet
Well done Ireland (if this is legit) for looking at taking a sensible approach to drug policy…
@ExpressNathan Don’t be complacent #floodaware prepare & protectwarns @flooduk on15th anniversaryof the 2000 floods…
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To the trolls trotting out the same tired line 'where's all the snow?'.That story was re winter (Dec-Jan-Feb). it is not yet winter.Simple?
TWO WEEK HEATWAVE: Britain to bask in 22C for hottest start to November EVER
You were amazing @bupsibrown and should have stayed in!! Such a shame #XFactor
Not too shabby from Monica either. Brilliant performance #XFacfor
Louisa..amazing amazing amazing #xfactor #foundthewinner
Adele..cover your ears love... WTF??!? #XFacfor
@Protect_Wldlife @Blood_Lions Let's all hope it does. Canned hunting cowards. Stop it and stop the these creeps killing beauty.
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I am speechless. Our "ally" Saudi Arabia is getting ready to BEHEAD AND THEN CRUCIFY a young man who participated in a anti-govt protest.
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My column on a teenage boy whom Saudi Arabia has sentenced to be crucified
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And to the idiot who called me a 'racist' for expressing this view - you have only made yourself look an utter fool.
Saudi Arabia is an utter disgrace to civilised humanity and would NOT get away with their barbaric behaviour were it not for oil and greed
For the record - I stand by my labelling 'a sh*thole' any country which mutilates, decapitates, stones women and gays, flogs pensioners etc
Your One stop shop in Poplar is an utter shambles @TowerHamletsNow - hour-long delays, abrupt staff, empty booths.
Who in their right mind (apart from those wanting to make big bucks) would even set foot in this arsewipe country?…
HOTTEST Halloween on RECORD: Saturday is set to be a SCORCHER as UK gets last fiery blast
UK set for steamy Halloween despite warnings of torrential rain and gales
Halloween HEATWAVE: Temperatures set to soar THIS weekend for WARMEST Hallow's Eve EVER
Thans Amy at @YodelOnline for your quick response in helping me out with a delivery problem.
So Ian Brady is about to pop his clogs. I have a strict rule never to wish ill on others but really, in this case, am I supposed to care?
Dear oh dear, audience already hates Mason. I'll give him two weeks. #XFactor #anotherkatiewaisel

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