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Nathan Rao
Britain on SUPERSTORM alert: 140mph Hurricane Joaquin 'on course' to smash into UK
"I could go on dipping it in there" #BakeOffInnuendo @WeirdSid
"I think I'm going to go down for some white chocolate" #BakeOffInnuendo @WeirdSid
"This hasn't got much rise on it" #bakeoffinnuendo @WeirdSid
"You haven't got much of a shine on your ganache" #bakeoffinnuendo (sort of) @WeirdSid
Dear PRs, a time saving tip... If you ever have to send an email asking "was this of any interest?"..... it wasn't.
Indian Summer is HERE: Plume of warm air set to bring sunshine and blue skies THIS WEEKEND
Weird: Woke up this morning to find the clock has moved itself forward exactly one hour.... #bloodmoon #bloodmooneclipse
Manchester Road East London part closed off due to 'minor stabbing'.
UK Weather: Indian summer arrives with weekend temperatures forecast to hit 23C…
Mary Berry: "who could resist my pheasant breasts" !! #maryberryinnuendo
Tropical Storm Ida blown off course by high pressure area bringing 10 DAYS of sun to UK
Journos writing about Madonna's Blond Ambition tour... note - there is NO 'E' on the end of Blond! She used the male version of the word.
As funny a read as this might be, I am fed up with our limited police forces wasting their time on this… #reform
Much as I love the tabloid press, please please don't start a frenzy about house spiders... all you get is idiots going round killing them.
Britain will be mauled by storms with torrential downpours, gales and floods…
Took me three watches of #Prometheus to finally get it and realise its true genius. It has many layers I didn't get the first time round.
Here comes Tropical Storm Ida: UK to be lashed by gales and heavy rain in just 10 DAYS
Please don't kill harmless house spiders!!!! They always pop in at this time of year #respectnature #lovespiders
Britons to break out the brollies as torrential downpours set to follow glorious sunshine
Another stellar 5-star #RebelHeartTour NYC review from the UK's Daily Express: "Madonna is still The Queen of pop!"
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NATHAN RAO: Madonna gets New York Rebel Hearts rocking at Madi...…
When on New York, hug a Madonna impersonator!! #RebelHeartTour
New York Madonna crowd are... Well... Interesting!! #RebelHeartTour
Madison Square Garden here I come!! #madonna #RebelHeartTour
Just a little tease of what's to come TOMORROW and Thurs when @Madonna heats up @TheGarden!…
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.@breakingweather Accuweather, this is genius,you have captured my two favourite topics..…
23 years ago I waited eight hours outside the Lanesborough Htl to catch a glimpse of Madonna - off to see her again!!
Any surprise that Parliament and the Government have, once again, completely ignored the British people?! #assisteddying
Two words currently making me lose patience quickly....'sponsor message'
Britain is to come under siege from ARMY of sex-crazed mosquitoes…

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