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Come back next week, same time and place, for a Los Cabos #Expediachat.
That'll do it for today's #Expediachat. Thank you to guest @TravlandLeisure & hosts @spencerspellman @RickGriffin @SandiMcKenna.
RT @LindseyOtta: @Expedia South Pacific, Asia, Egypt...ANYWHERE! #ExpediaChat #wanderlust
Last question, Q10: If you only had a small budget for an exotic trip, where would you & what would you do?
Just 10 mins left in today's exotic travel #Expediachat. Make sure you're following us for a chance to win a $500 travel voucher!
A9: We wouldn't mind island hopping around the South Pacific! #Expediachat
To the next to last question, Q9: What’s the most exotic trip you’d like to take? #Expediachat
RT @CharlesMcCool: A8. pig roast, Tiki bar RT @Expedia Q8: What exotic things can you do in your own backyard? #Expediachat
A8: People sometimes forget that near our HQ in Seattle, there are numerous islands up and down the Washington coast. #Expediachat
Onto Q8: What exotic things can you do in your own backyard? #Expediachat
A great item to bring back from a trip! RT @Kayleighpurwin: @Expedia q7 some coffee! #Expediachat
A7: Things you SHOULDN'T bring back from an exotic trip: Fruit, veggies, and animals. #Expediachat
We're now on Q7: What’s the most exotic thing you’ve brought back from a trip? #Expediachat
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Expedia rewards +gold and +silver members get exclusive discounts on activities in Hawaii and Orlando. #ExpediaChat
RT @100Things_Megsy A6: Underwater camera, #SlipSlopSlap kit… and a paper clip- MacGuyver style ;-) #Expediachat
RT @starburstt A6: 1) Camera/phone: a must! 2)comfortable shoes to get me around 3)my credit cards (more than 1 lol) #Expediachat
RT @Victoria1972P Q6- on a exotic trip I pack a bathing suit, suntan lotion and my Ipad. #expediachat
We're onto Q6 now: What three items do you pack for an exotic trip?
A5: Love the answers about the exotic foods/drinks that people have eaten! #Expediachat
RT @Goletaseniors Grasshoppers are about as exotic as I can go!! #expediachat
Moving to Q5: What’s the most exotic food or drink you’ve ever had?
RT @JohnnyJet: And now to Q3: Exotic city or remote beach. What’s your travel style, and why? A3 Can I choose both? #Expediachat
A round-up of some of our bloggers' exotic and far-flung destination recommendations>>
RT @justinhamlin A3: remote beach, Definitely!! I need peace and solitude on my vacations! #expediachat
A4: We can't get enough of island living, whether Europe, South Pacific, or the Caribbean when traveling. #Expediachat
What would you do with 1 million Expedia+ rewards points? #ExpediaChat
Moving onto Q4: What’s the most exotic trip you’ve ever taken? #Expediachat
RT @cooksipgo: A3 I am definitely going with the beach here. #expediachat
1 more hour of an exotic travel #Expediachat! Join in and you could win a $500 @Expedia travel voucher.
RT @ohslowdown Q3: Exotic city. I'm not a big relaxer on vacations, I like to do and see as much as I can. #expediachat
A3: Why not have a little city AND beach! It's why we like destinations like Oahu. #Expediachat
And now to Q3: Exotic city or remote beach. What’s your travel style, and why? #Expediachat
RT @BCpostergirl: A2. Movies: anything from #IndianaJones. He always has an adventure. #expediachat
Our bloggers, @CaptainandClark, recently wrote about what kind of exotic trip they'd take... #Expediachat
RT @JennyYeni A2: I like watching James Bond movies as travelogues! #expediachat
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RT @spencerspellman A2: Definitely thing @Bourdain's "Parts Unknown" when I think of exotic travel. #Expediachat
Now onto Q2: What movies, TV shows, and books show the more exotic side of travel? #Expediachat
RT @spencerspellman A1: I've never been, but a lot of parts of #Australia feel awfully exotic. #expediachat
Please also welcome special travel expert, @TravlandLeisure, to today's exotic travel #Expediachat!
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RT @TravelLatte #GoodAnswer! 1. An over water bungalow on an exotic tropical island. #expediachat @Expedia
A1: We always think "South Pacific" when we think of exotic travel. #Expediachat
Find out more details about today's #Expediachat, our hosts, & $500 giveaway >>
RT @PathlessTravels A1 When I think of exotic travel i think of foreign beaches with with palm trees and speedos #expediachat
Q1: When you think exotic travel, what immediately comes to mind? #Expediachat
Welcome all to today's #Expediachat! Join in welcoming hosts @spencerspellman and @RickGriffin @SandiMcKenna from @MidlifeRoadTrip!