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Vickie Guerrero
If you won’t sing in the car with me when we drive, we can’t be friends.
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Two types of people who can't sleep early at night: 1.Those who are in love 2.Those who have good internet connection
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Size 12 jeans headed to Goodwill! Another notch down on my belt. Love my Ultimate Reset 21 day challenge. #bodyspartan
Day 11 of mind, spirit, and new focus! love my Ultimate Reset 21 day challenge. #lovingme
I am glad I am a Dallas Cowboy my boys!!!!
Love my job...time for weekend cuz it's 1/2 day Friday! I can relax after finals on Sat!! #blessed.
Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter Shaul...Happy 24th💋💜😘🙏🎈🎉. Have fun tomorrow!
@VickieGuerrero Not enough people step away, leaving places open for new talent, and finding a new passion in life. Congrats to you
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One can't start a job and ask for time off....not professional and not what I do. I miss the ring but time to move on & write new chapters
Thanks all!! I'm sorry I Wasnt there! The love and support is felt.
I respect those that tell me the truth, no matter how hard it is.
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HEY ALL...#wwe did ask me to be at #Smackdown15! I was the one to decline. New life has me committed to new responsibilities.
Happy Birthday Eddie💜
Today was an amazing day at work. #blessed
@VickieGuerrero : I just celebrated 13 years clean from active addiction! Can I get a retweet to share the hope?
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Unpacking a box, I found a love letter dated 14 yrs ago from Eddie, he still has an amazing way of being close to me...Eddie, I love you!
My job has given me more responsibility today...I love working w patients #grateful #empowered
Dallas Cowboys!!💜🏈💜🏈
This year's tribute in October to the late Eddie Guerrero will feature the lovely @VickieGuerrero! #VivaLaRaza
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I'm so blessed and happy to have returned to school 2 years ago, getting an education opens many doors!!
Thank you everyone for the support and encouragement!! #WWE was so amazing to me, but time for "me" to achieve new goals!!
Done with midterms & homework, time for a weekend to setup my home!!
@RealDavidBenoit @mexwarrior @VickieGuerrero your not the only one they are truly missed, wrestlings never Been the same since they passed
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@DailyMsgInspire: I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.” AMEN!
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@jesssberkowitz @VickieGuerrero Loved Eddie, one of my fav wrestlers. He is deeply missed. Via La Razza, loved how Eddie said it.
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I can't wait for @toddchrisley and family to be on my tv!! It's been a bit!!! Oct. 14th debuts!!!
At the end of the day, beauty doesn't have a damn thing to do with how you look. Beauty is how you choose to respond to the world.
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My move is going amazing!!! My home is beautiful!!! #blessed
Hello to my awesome fans, my Facebook is private! Go to twitter @VickieGuerrero to follow. Thank you
Waking up feeling blessed!!! My job is beyond expectations and I am loving the challenges. Fri is moving day!!!! Smiling and dancing!
Moving to my new home in 5 days, homework is crazy and work is busy, I got this cuz God is holding my hand #loved&blessed
Happy Birthday Drew Bear! I love you!!
Approved for my new home, moving in 21 days, school & work. Life is busy but I'm loving the hustle! #blessed
Thank you Lord for the storm that cancelled Shaul's flight in H town!! I get to hug her tonight!!!
Nothing you’re facing is a surprise to God. It may be complicated to you, but to Him it’s a simple thing.
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My two girls spending time together...makes my heart happy!! I love you Changa and Chiquita󾬖
Approaching another stepping stone in my life, waiting for God's direction — feeling optimistic
@VickieGuerrero It'd be a blessing if you would Retweet me for my 28th birthday
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