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really not happy man
Am not stealing dog foof i can it. I.need money have. Not sold a painting
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internet broken probably because of storm phone lines are flimsy as shit
Hahahahahahahaha How The Fuck Are Anime Girls Real Hahahaha Nigga Just Stop Jerking Off To Cartoons Like Nigga Get A Girlfriend Haha
first track on rtj2 gets me so fucking hyped every time
holy shiit there are school shootings every week its finally actually #happening
slim reapers such a cool nickname idk why durant didnt like it
aussie dollar gettign better pretty neat
If i eat. Dog can i get. A thousands. Followeder
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33 more follower to reach 1k I eat dog,food
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already bored of battlefront
me and my nigga vader runnin this shit boi
got into flying snow thing forgot its name crashed into atat instantly
im on a 2 day trial for gold
like the music in battlefront
downloading battlefront betaa
dude fuck thosechiraq drill rappers listen to something intellectual like ill mind of hopsin omg @beaukys
probably should shave neckbeard
ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha he said the word meme
australian dollar going down gunga gunga guanga
hopsin is the most underrated rapper of all time lol i like his weird white eyes #weird
pooing everywhere hsdvboiagdbfndi thats the sound of me pooing
look guy in the stall next to me lol
@giannalogic someone just posted this creepy lizard too... they're a bunch of sick weirdos...
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normies will stop using it now because of its relation to the oregon school shooting
heat causing sone crusty ass boogers in my nose
just got shot in the back of the head if you're reading this shout out to the guy who just blew my brains out and finished the tweet for me
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these boys on r9k out of control
what this dog doing in my cheetos almost ate that faggot
To ever call me. Asking if i.need help. Jackoff. No.thanks doing great giveing. Me blowjobs
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going to check whats on the television if i dont report back im dead call the police and then instruct them to go to the following address 5
eating dirt straight from the garden
Retweeted by really not happy man
how niggas look when u try to mst their mirror force

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