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marcus dibble popping up on fb timeline this is awful
how niggas look when you diss they waifu
trick question there are no black kids at my school maybe there are one or two
there isn't a wikihow article on how to roast someone how will i make friends with the black kids at school
still haven't started speech its been like 3 hours
still havent even started my speech
phone kept buzzing at dinner table parents probably thought a girl was texting me
holy shit this is awful why am i alive
mum cooked up my favourite
forgot to take plastic off the cheese smh
so happy carl unblocked me but i don't know how if i can get him to send his paintings overseas
thats a happy fucking dog
I'm absolutely horrible at writing shit english this will probably take me all night
i wonder if its alright for me to explain all the benefits of killing yourself in the speech
have to write a persuasive speech about legalising euthanasia in australia by tomorrow
holy shit i have a knack for making the nerds dance I'm unbelievable
lmao look at these losers argue about how i decided to structure my comment on a youtube video
help ive just been in a car crash im paralysed from the neck down send me money please i need it
my toe nails are fucking disgusting
cut toe nails and shaved neck beard this has been my most productive day of the month
lmao biblical carl thinks i am my own son
I would. Love. To have. A female. Angel. Sneak in my room. Naked. An have. Sex all night
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cat just shot my mum lol wtf mittens u moron lol
1. you have to be at least a 9/10+ 2. You have to love anime as much as i do 3. you have to change my diaper on occasions lol
a lot of you are asking to be my girlfriend but there is some very strict criteria for the position
holy shit im obsessed with those disgusting food pictures i cant get enough
legs about to crumble away into nothing
3 people in like 2 years and all the rest before that are talking about some other account which is 100 times better
epicmeme98 is still not following me kms
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all of the tweets are just me tweeting to myself probably drowning myself tonight
name searching myself
holy shit carl makes some biblical tweets why did he have to block me
hello i am fluent im memespeak
got damn i love anime
yes just got my new robo dog in the mail
just sold my only child into slavery spent the money on alcohol to drink away the guilt of losing my only son
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pooing in the morning
what kind of sociopath follpws me on twitter i wouldnt want to meet any of you in real life

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