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really not happy man
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hope santa gets me yugioh cards for christmas
my dream occupation is school bully
listening to neutral milk hotel what happened to me
someone give me $300 ive been kidnapped and i need to pay for my freedom plesasse
why do people connect their twitter to their youtube
someone should really donate me money
take me down to nice mom city where the moms are nice and there's nice mom tiddies
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my mission statement is 2 eat ass until i find the perfect flavor
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hey fans stop buying bidei games u fucking slobs and donate me money via @gofundme
I am independent but i am voting for Donald Trump he has balls America is a big fat vagina
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Born in Frankfurt Germany 1964 grow up Lamar Missouri 1973 to 1983 attempt suicide Twice before 18 spend a week in nut house
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Some 12 yr kid. Call me told wanted to.fuck in the buts. That gross
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haha my dad such a fucking idiot its the 21st century print media is outdated and makes you look like such a moron
$300 for a tier yang zing deck ight as well kill myself
need money to buy yugioh cards assjahashjgfa
this is one of my favourite photos
shoes are fucking soaked bout ro get pneumonia
damn dante tore his acl that fucking sucks
need shoes desperately i have no idea what to buy
Oh shit a nigga just made a mess in his pants 😐
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@sexnoodle your fucking hot the black Snake has risen in my under pants
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if u leave a glass of pepsi by your bed at night in ur sleep u can get bad teeth from d pepsi just been there. The more u know
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imagine going through life on twitter nabbing tweets
who is the man behind the glasses?
wish i could go back in time and jack off for the first time again i would do it so differently i would be a different man today
one of my toes has been covered in blood for 2 days i should probably wash it
how niggas look when u mention anime
cant think of anything to tweet
convinced i damaged my spinal chord
back really hurts think i broke my spine
there is a nigger outside im scared if i go outside he might mug me or something this is him btw
just sold my body to a cannibal he now owns my body he eats a piece of my body every day he made elbow soup this morning i had some it's alr
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