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EpicMeme de la Team
People always ask where stuff is at work so I pretend that I'm trying to remember and they just walk away 100% top tier rusing
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look at this cow look how happy it is i wish i was cleaned by big rotating brush thing I'm going to kill myslef
mum found all of my piss bottles now she trying to get me to go into therapy I fucking hate normie scum like her
picture of me i have decided to share with you all
haha when u bust d nut and she still sucken hhaha
Thank God Today. Is not the. 20 Bloodly Saturday.
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I've never spoken to one myself but i have sat behind them and sniffed their hair
uploading video detailing the steps a beta like yourself would have to take in order to talk to a girl
Camel toe only. Good. If u weight. Less thn 125 lbs or ur just. Fucking gross
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there are hover tanks in battlefield 4
now I'm back home in the sanctuary that is my room
got haircut talked to hairdresser almost passed out due to anxiety
Got bf4 going to take years to install and download all map packs
hope i choke on this mouth guard while i sleep
how do these nba nerds be able hit the most fucking stupid game winners
been 3 business days package has not arrived probably stolen or lost
Yeah I know kinda lame better then being rude and nasty like I want to do know
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are people still being held hostage
got to go get haircut tomorrow and buy bread that means i have to bathe myself my life is hell i can't stand it
its not easy being the saddest human on earth
back so sweaty I'm a disgusting human bean
I just shit my pants and my grandpa is laughing at me fucking cunt i hate him he is a cunt a Fucking CUNT
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On d toilet thought a shit was gonna come out nothing came out i walk about d bathroom and feel snake or something in my pants its a shit
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Arinia grande could take the deandre dick she fine as hell
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i just pierced a homeless persons skull with a metal straw, i drank his fucking brains i dont give a fuck
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