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Shaila Meeker
Not happy about Fantasmic having fast passes and people that take the time to wait an hour or more still do get seats. @WaltDisneyWorld
Yep. I definitely hate McDonald's so much that I'd cross a four lane highway to avoid it.
Buses are not meant for sleeping 💤
I'm going to Disney World!
The name of any Pokemon followed by .com (ex: Pikachu) will take you to the Pokedex of that Pokemon.
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the #Divergent movie was flawless. FLAWLESS. i don't even words right now bc flawless
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On Monday I will be at #DisneyWorld. Can’t wait!
. @TannerReviews You should check out Civ Nights. It’s awesome.
I wish I had more time to learn about wordpress and site-making. Too much that I want to do but not enough time in the day to do it.
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Divergent Fans: You Can Breathe a Sigh of Relief - via @_Larkable
Pretty freaking impressed with #Divergent
Don't confuse the V's! A great comic to help you remember which V is which! -… @TannerReviews
#DoctorWho legos?! Yes, I basically need those.
A good haircut puts me in the best mood. Feeling like tonights going to be a good night.
I was wearing shorts yesterday and now I'm wearing earmuffs and a scarf. #ohioproblems
Shin splints are the worst. I should know better than to run a huge hill my first day back to running. #runnersproblems
I dislike the people that failed to learn the difference between an indoor and outdoor voice in elementary school. #stfu
Nighttime me seems to always conspire against morning me. In other words, I stayed awake too late and I'm sleepy.
How do I procrastinate on studying Medieval Literature? By trying to install Arch Linux for the first time.
Brandon is awesome and brought these home for me today.
Inky Tries to Fix Your Inbox and Show You What is Relevant
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I'm procrastinating writing an article about procrastination. I'm calling it research. #amwriting #amprocrastinating
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So happy to be able to use handwriting on my Galaxy Note 3 with @evernote!!
How is it that I can write my own code, but I can’t figure out Excel?
Hopefully updating doesn't take forever.
I think I feel like playing some #SimCity tonight. It's been quite some time.
You need @trello. It's like sticky notes on steroids.… (And it's free.)
My aim is to put down on paper what I see and what I feel in the best and simplest way. #Hemingway
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. @FirefoxNightly is looking pretty good right now.
Get free money to spend in the Play Store with Google Rewards #freemoney
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Why must my dog think my keyboard is a pillow?
I like to try other launchers, but something always keeps me coming back to @NovaLauncher
Reddit is being crazy slow tonight. I guess this is my hint to get back to work.