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Shaila Meeker
6 Amazing Mac apps for just $9.99! Plus two Freebies for tweet or share. #appsgonemad
I just want to finish my dungeon, then you can continue to disconnect. #FFXIV
Just entered to win a gold iPad Air 2 + gold iPhone 6. Enter here...… via @StackSocial
Here's a thought: Things that aren't football exist.
Who cares about beer? I want a keg of coffee.
Some days just drag on forever; today is one of them. I just want to get home, eat pizza, and play #FFXIV.
14 hrs down, 9 to go. #FFXIV "Dreams of Ice" will soon be reality.
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AMAZING! @MakeUseOf is giving away TWO iPhone 6 Plus! Join the competition here!… #giveaway
Well done, @FiraxisGames. Lost a lot of sleep to #BeyondEarth already. Been waiting for this game for years, and it's really great :D
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I love that #BeyondEarth came out just in time for me to play it during the #FFXIV 24-hour maintenance. #perfecttiming
Want a #BeyondEarth mouse pad and keychain? RT this and follow us! Winners chosen at random on Monday, October 27.
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Does anyone know any #horror books that are actually scary? #suggestionsplease
I just passed a Guns and Ammo Drive-Thru. What kind of town am I in?
Does anyone know when the #FFXIV 2.4 patch notes will be out?
Can't get coffee for a few more hours. #thestruggleisreal
I just want make phone calls & text my green bubble friends from my Macbook! #Yosemite
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How am I suddenly able to palate black coffee?
Pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin. That is all. #ilovefall
I don’t think I will ever get used to waking up early.
This may be one of the best sandwiches I've had. It's waffle, brie, apple, turkey, and pesto.
How do people get up at this time on a normal basis? #morningssuck
Can’t enjoy my last day off gaming bc #TimeWarnerCable takes to long to fix the internet.
Really glad @DJeddediah lent me #FFXHD since I can't play #FFXIV right now.
I love that #TimeWarnerCable isnt going to come fix my problem until AFTER my vacation is over.
Thanks @TWC for ruining my night of gaming with the constant disconnects. #TimeWarnerCable #FFXIV
I have had eleven disconnects today. Thanks #TimeWarnerCable. I sure can count on you.
Does anyone have a decent #ios #reddit app? Recently switched from Android and they are all disappointing compared to Flow for Reddit.
Knowledge is free. More people should take it. Think of knowledge as like a basket of cookies at a picnic. Or lollipops at the bank.
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I’m beginning to think #TimeWarnerCable really hates online gaming. The service is so unreliable.
It’s officially too cold for iced #coffee. This makes me so sad.
I didn’t expect to like it, but I am really enjoying pvp. #FFXIV
It’s always a good night if it ends in #cardsagainsthumanity
Pretty much the opposite of how you should research.…
It’d be awesome if clothing companies would stop with vanity sizing, so I can actually find pants in my size. #frustrated
Isn’t possible to get anything other than fine sand from desynthesis? #FFXIV
Gah, I can’t find any people willing to learn SCOB. They are all clear parties. :/ #FFXIV
Sometimes all you need is $500 million dollars.
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My top 5 exercises: 1.Jumping to conclusions 2.Flying off the handle 3.Carrying things too far 4.Dodging responsibilities 5.Pushing my luck
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Dear @PitaPitUSA, if you're going to cut the size of pitas in half, please cut the price in half too. #NotCool
Having an @evernote widget is absolutely one of the best parts of #ios8
So is buying the really expensive market board stuff the only way to increase my botany ilvl? #FFXIV
Loving the #FFXIV 2.4 name and logo! Probably a few months to go, but excited, nonetheless.
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Brown Sugar Cinnamon Scones | Kitchen Treaty:… via @ktkare
Finally got my leviathan bow! #FFXIV