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Shaila Lias
What did #FFXIV do to me? I never have this many feelings. Heavensward is so good, but Yoshi broke me.
i was gonna go to sleep at 9 pm so when #Heavensward launches at 5 am I'd be well rested but insteas my body is like "nah lol" 😡😡#ffxivxiv
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#Heavensward releases at 5 AM. I might actually go to bed early tonight. #FFXIV
Neither of us were ready for the picture.
.@TWC is one of the most caring ISPs. They are so thoughtful, they randomly drop my connection, so I don't get distracted by the internet.
Spent all night making Brandon's graduation gift. Congrats!
I view #fatacceptance and other #probesity movements the way I view people trying to sell smoking as "cool" to kids.
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Can I just say how epic June is going to be? Both #FFXIVHeavensward & the new @breakingbenj album will be released. #cantwait
Enjoyed a day in Marietta with my family.
@TWC @TWC_Help , make that 22. #timewarnercable #fail This is a bit frustrating as you can imagine
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when I die I want Marlene king to lower me into my grave so she can let me down one more time @imarleneking
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According to @TWC, getting disconnected 10x a day isn't actually problem, so they cancelled my appointment. What fantastic service.
Homemade muffins, coffee and #ffxiv. This is how you enjoy a snow day.
Playing Triple Triad in #FFXIV just makes me wish they would've chosen Tetra Master instead.
Tidus got himself stuck in my sweater.
Now I remember why I quite watching @HuluPlus. If I wanted this many commercial, I’d just get cable. I’ll stick with @netflix
Practicing #calligraphy. Pretty good for my first attempt. :)
Definitely worth a try. This goes down easy. I always love a good porter.
The basement is cold so Tidus has to snuggle up in his blanket.
Absurd that achieving such an amazing feat leads to accusations of fat shaming. @superabs is nothing but inspiring! 👊
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Weekend #SteamSale on JRPGS? Okay. I'm good with this. *grins*
I made risotto, albeit very Americanized. Delicious nonetheless!
Oh, how I love the smell of fresh bread.
Really glad I picked up the Witcher from the #SteamSale. It’s quite fun so far.
I may or may not have created a to-do list for my video game.
Ugh, can’t sleep. Tomorrow will be rough.
Got my Animus Bow. On to the next grind! #FFXIV
Stopped home briefly at lunch and the ups guy was there with my package. #perfecttiming
#BeautifulCreatures: great book; worst movie I’ve ever seen.
Standing in a room of 20+ people where you can’t hear anyone. How does anyone enjoy this? #introvert

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