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An Unusual First for America’s Dietary Guidelines
What kind of flu season can the U.S. expect this year?
8 Natural Ways to Fight the Nightmare That Is PMS
How much do you know about #Ebola? Join our #HealthTalk tomorrow 1pm ET to get the facts
Recipe of the Day: Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese - The ultimate comfort food done healthy!
A child receives the wrong medication or the wrong dosage every eight minutes in the United States. #news
A new implantable eye device might make reading glasses a thing of the past. #news
70% of your immune system is in your gut. Eating this can help protect you from the flu:
Studies suggest that vitamin D helps regulate your menstrual cycle.
Help avoid the dreaded lice memo from kids' school w/ my tried-and-true lice prevention strategy via @EverydayHealth
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7 Ways to Boost Your Immune System for Cold and Flu Season
#Enterovirus infection may be tied to the development of type 1 diabetes. #news
It's #ADHD Awareness Month - share your experiences: #ADHDisRealToMe
Do you know where your #breastcancer donation dollars are going?
Being happy takes practice. Here's how you can start: #RAOK
Should you really fear fructose in your food? by @JoSakimura
Gratitude can can be as powerful as antidepressants and therapy in healing depression.
Medical bills are the No. 1 source of debt in America #MedicalDebt
Performing random acts of kindness CAN make you happier. #RAOK
Childhood stress and parenting styles are important risk factors for adult heart disease.
10 Toxic Household Items You Should Throw Away Now
Have ?s about #Ebola? Dr. Jonathan Zenilman of JHM Bayview will join @EverydayHealth for its #HealthTalk 10/22 from 1-2 pm ET.
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How many of these 10 essential facts about #Ebola do you know?
Recipe of the Day: Apple, Sauerkraut, and Cheddar Quesadillas
Broccoli can help fight cancer IF you cook it the right way...
The 2014 flu season could be a bad one. Here's why:
Overwhelmed by medical bills? You're not alone.
Even when you're feeling bloated, drinking water can help fight PMS.
Though CIS is an alarming diagnosis, the sooner it's diagnosed, the sooner you can learn more about your risk for MS.
Halloween is just days away! Join #HealthTalk Thu 1pm ET w/ @eatsmartbd @CSPI to get the facts on food additives
Can dental floss fix an ingrown toenail? You bet! 8 DIY medical treatments that work:
Getting to the bottom of difficulties at school: #ADHD #parenting
5 Beauty Rules to Follow If You Wear Contacts
Can dental floss fix an ingrown toenail? You bet! 8 DIY medical treatments that work:
There's a new needle-free vaccine option this #flu season
9 Strange Arthritis Home Remedies
Why treating #depression early on may reduce your #dementia risk later in life: