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Evan Trowbridge
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@Edwerderespn @martyconlon1 @DandCShow Yet Werder believes @NFL & @mortreport? Seems contemplative, honest & informed...
Evidence counters months @espn blowhards attacks. Now @Edwerderespn & @mortreport get defensive. Thin-skinned & hate accountability.
We get it @Edwerderespn. You & @mortreport have thrown any shred of professionalism aside in order to bow before the @NFL. @DandCShow
You're not a civil rights champion if your rhetoric seeks to, and does, divide. It's about working and coming together.
Iran: Kurdish man executed while awaiting appeal on death sentence:…
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#India: Authorities order two young sisters to be raped as punishment for their brother's elopement. Vile.…
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RT @NewsHour: Obama says New Orleans is "moving forward after Hurricane Katrina
RT @NewsBreaker: Austrian police say refugees found in truck were apparently dead before the truck entered the country @Reuters
RT @ForeignAffairs: Before the rise of ISIS, the Mehdi Army patrolled Baghdad’s streets:
RT @NBCNewsWorld: Forensics Investigate Truck Full of Dead Refugees
RT @SenatorDurbin: Important read from @NickKristof on the urgent need to address the scourge of violence in America:
RT @Entrepreneur: How an Accidental Email Sent to 33,000 People Created a 'Reply All' Nightmare by @Kate_H_Taylor
Be better at your jobs and providing service and you have nothing to worry about…
RT @NewsBreaker: NYC tabloids face criticism over WDBJ shooting covers - @observer
The @nypost and @NYDailyNews have no decency, conscience or professionalism. I look forward to the days they crumble & cease to exist.
I buy both NYC tabs every day. Respect the hell out of many of the reporters there. The Thur. @NYDailyNews front page is awful IMO.
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The @NYDailyNews has finally found its all-time low. Shameful cover forces millions in NYC to see stills from Virginia shooter's snuff film.
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I urge all retail, including the likes of @CVS_Extra & @DunkinDonuts, to indefinitely pull all @NYDailyNews papers from their stores.
I "get" shock-value to sell newspapers... BUT do NOT look at & do NOT buy tomorrow's @NYDailyNews - they have NO respect for the victims
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Just to be clear, the @NYDailyNews won't show a cartoon of a medieval religious figure but has pics of a homicide on tomorrow's front page
Retweeted by Evan Trowbridge
How long does it take the physically stop the presses? The NY Daily News has to be asking that question after previewing tomorrow's cover
Retweeted by Evan Trowbridge
Everyone who works for @NYDailyNews should quit immediately. Everyone who advertises should cancel. I'm gonna puke.
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I can't unsee tomorrow's @NYDailyNews cover. And neither can the children who pass by it at news stands on their way to school. Disgusting!!
Retweeted by Evan Trowbridge
.@NYDailyNews, that's not really the cover you're going with right?
Retweeted by Evan Trowbridge
Goodnight. To @NYDailyNews - you're horrible & I hope your doors close soon. Good people? All the best. Be well & have a blessed night
My silver lining? The worthless rag tabloid @NYDailyNews is getting CRUSHED with replies to its cover posting.
.@TomDuranteNYDN And this cover is something to celebrate and release? A woman is murdered & your "newspaper" leaps to exploit it?
Won't pretend for a second that the @NYDailyNews deserves a shred of respect for anything. Regardless, their cover is a new pathetic low.
.@jimrichNYDN Thoughts on tomorrow's despicable projected cover?
.@harrysiegel Thoughts on tomorrow's despicable projected cover?
.@NYDNTinaMoore Thoughts on tomorrow's despicable projected cover?
.@kristenaleenyc Thoughts on tomorrow's despicable projected cover?
.@NYDNBoroff Thoughts on tomorrow's despicable projected cover?
.@alfredwkng Thoughts on tomorrow's despicable projected cover?
.@ChristinaWoodby Thoughts on tomorrow's despicable projected cover?
@mariastephanos @NYDailyNews Unimaginable tragedy & sick to exploit it, with graphic imagery, for exposure.
.@NYDailyNews Shut the doors and stay home for a while. You need an extended break to reflect on the value, if any, you bring to the world.
Curious as to what the writers at @NYDailyNews think of their tabloid's horrific and despicable cover.
@NYDailyNews This cover is unconscionable. You should be ashamed.
Retweeted by Evan Trowbridge
.@NYDailyNews, Shame on another NY rag tabloid. Continued race to the bottom. Disgusting and disrespectful.
“I want to do so much but financially I am shackled.”
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