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Evan Trowbridge
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RT @OutFrontCNN: The mother of an American captured by ISIS sent a tweet to the group’s leader, begging for her son’s release...
Pastor @johnpavlovitz talks about his much-read blog post on parenting gay children in today's Balancing Act.
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@Haleaziz Curious how much @greggutfeld, & @FoxNews, has discussed that anti-government right wing white male terrorist Eric Frein?
Ugh. #Merica / Idiot. >> RT @Haleaziz: WHAT: "presenter Greg Gutfield of Fox show The Five described Affleck as a “Caliphate crusader”,"...
RT @Reuters: A Turkish soldier sits on a tank, with the town of Kobani in the background. Editor's Choice:
RT @Gawker: Obama is reportedly considering how to close Guantanamo on his own.
JUST IN: Sr. Defense Official to @jimsciutto "We do see ISIL continue to make gains in Anbar Province.."
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RT @20committee: There is no air campaign against #ISIS. There's intermittent bomb dropping. Not at all the same thing.
RT @Joyce_Karam: Not #Assad, not #Iran, not US airstrikes could protect Kurds of #Kobane from #ISIS. Worth thinking about for what is...
RT @jimsciutto: US has now struck #Kobane more than any other target except Mosul dam. #ISIS #Syria
RT @usnews: Rand Paul, once the frontrunner in New Hampshire, is falling fast
Anything short of a consistent aerial presence falls short to meet the needs of #Iraqi, #Kurdish, Shia, etc. forces on the ground.
#USA, & coalition, should have a consistent, if not CONSTANT, presence in the air over #Iraq & potentially & #Syria.
RT @NobelPrize: 17 yrs Malala Yousafzay is the youngest Nobel Laureate ever, Lawrence Bragg (Physics 1915) was 25 when awarded the Prize...
RT @syriamonitor: Turkey Sits Out Battle in Syrian Border City - Wall Street Journal #Syria
RT @Refugees: Congratulations Malala! Honored to have worked with you this year meeting Syrian refugees as they crossed the border...
*Prays a woman served them* RT @PaulaSlier_RT At least four #ISIS militants poisoned by civilians in Diyala province who served them tea.
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Real World Issues, Real Talk. Daily is out!…
RT @HaraldDoornbos: Very terrible to see all this hatred between people here in #Turkey. Never seen something like this here.
Chocolate milk is actually more efficient at giving you energy than most energy drinks.
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A Letter from Abdul-Rahman Kassig's Mother to IS Caliph Al Baghdadi @BintelSaif
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RT @NatSecCNN: Black smoke over Kobani as ISIS siege continues. Can it be saved? @jimsciutto has the latest -- 6P EST on @CNNSitRoom...
RT @MIJamjoom: What a horrible and very sad day in #Yemen. Hoping all my friends in #Sanaa and beyond are safe and the situation improves
RT @BklynMiddleton: Report: Kim Jong Un still very much in power, disappeared for a bit because he's fat and pulled a tendon....
Super Stallion sits aboard the flight deck of the USS America.
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RT @NewsyVideos: A Supreme Court case involving an Amazon warehouse employee could have major implications for worker compensation....
RT @AlArabiya_Eng: U.S. think-tank says it located possible blast at #Iran military site
Savage dogs, like #AQAP & #ISIS, will never win. Each attack is an opportunity for the effected to work together to crush terrorism.
RT @CNNPolitics: The math for control of the U.S. Senate is not in the Democrats' favor, @jaketapper reports
RT @AP: MORE: U.S. stock market surges to biggest gain of the year, erasing yesterday's loss:
Fatal police officer involved shooting scene on 4100 block of Shaw in #stl, growing crowd upset
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Suicide bombings in Yemen kill 67 after premier quits
Real World Issues, Real Talk. Daily is out!…
.@clarissaward describes interviewing Western jihadists in Syria. See her full report, tonight
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RT @haaretzcom: BREAKING: Islamic State fighters push into Kobani
RT @ABC: Homeland Security: "No credible intelligence" ISIS is infiltrating southern US border, despite congressman's claim:...
RT @erinmcunningham: let's just remove everyone RT @mileskathleen "We cannot remove ISIS without removing Syrian President Assad"...
RT @JohnKerry: Appreciate our friend #Canada’s commitment to coalition to degrade/defeat #ISIL.