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Katie Dawson Lynch.
justin bieber 3,787 followers
"Learning to save others lives while struggling not to take your own" 😂
All my mom does is listen to Celtic Thunder and all these other bands and Irish singers. @EternalKatie 😏
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Listening to B*Witched and it's reminding me of road trips with @EternalKatie 🙆
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The only way I could distract the kids and stop them from shouting and calling me "mammy" was to tell them how to make lavender perfume. Here they are picking the lavender 😂 #kids #funny #cute #mammy #l4l
2 days left of college, England next week then a week of study and straight into exams 👌
After the queens banquet, Ireland and England are basically bestos �#lizzielovestheirishh
Honestly can't be dealing, some people are absolute gobshites 😒
Some old English man is talking to me at the train station because I picked up a glove for him and he's so cute awe 😱
Was asked to write a speech for the wedding, why when I need to can I not string a sentence together that doesn't sound like BS hahaha.
Tomorrow's plan; train into town, another train to broombridge and a lift up to @LeahRoche1's for bant and a study date 😷
Only film to make me hump in years, damn beast jumping out at Peeta! #hungergames #nevergetsold
Can't be bothered at all today 👎
I wanted to go out last week now people want me to go out and I'm broke and planned to study for exams.... Whyyyyyyy 😩
Why is it so warm but looks cold? Irish weather is so deceiving. Wore a big jacket and now I'm sweating like an atheist in church fs 😔
Selfies with my homegirl 👌
McDonald's with Shauna and Laura then we went to Gormanstown now to Skerries beach for a Chinese 😉
If you're unhappy in a relationship leave. Don't let anybody make you believe doing the "right thing" is more important than your happiness.
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Like if you want me to point you towards egotistical guys who are emotionally unstable then fair enough, other than that don't ask me 😎
When people ask me for relationship advice, did you see the last guy I was with? I clearly can't pick em 😂#asksomeoneelsee
She's such a quick learner 👌@LeahRoche11 Guess I should go in tomorrow so �
It's never a good thing seeing people's true colours 👌