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Katie Dawson Lynch.
Ashley Banjo though 😍
Time for a change! Stripping my hair tonight to my natural colour and then gradually going lighter! #goodbyeblack #itsbeenfun
Could @littlebiancakay GET any cuter? I miss you too! Skype soon bby ❀️
Work is so busy and hectic today but on the bright side, free house tonight πŸ‘Œ
Gotta pay a bomb on a taxi to work because it's lashing out and I'd be soaked by the time I got in. 😩
Most women think a man has to hit them for it to be abuse. Recognise these signs and get out while you can πŸ‘Œ
There are literally 18 shows about court on American TV. Americans literally sue over EVERYTHING it's ridiculous.
Judge Judy, Judge Alex, Judge Pirro, The peoples court, Divorce court, Judge Joe Brown, Judge Mills Lane, ETC? What's wrong with America?
I find out in 3 days if I got my university place. At this stage I'd rather them say no just so the stress would piss off πŸ˜‚#BPishighh
Got a call to do a 12 hour shift tomorrow instead so got the 2-8 that I was covering, covered. Plus working with a bestfriend. #winning
Day off work so it's sunbathing (finally), Good Charlotte and ice-cream πŸ‘Œ waiting for Kelly to come over 🌞 ps; my sun cream is bright blue πŸ’™
Bad mood today πŸ˜”
Got home at 10:45pm, showered, hand washed my uniform, and I'm work again tomorrow. Booey πŸ™Š
Got a call asking me to come in to work immediately so I rushed. Sweating more than a whore in church at this bus stop πŸ˜‚
"I'm thinking of sleeping on the kitchen floor tonight, it's be so much cooler it's too warm" -my mum lads and people say I'm weird.
How can I sleep when it's 19 degrees? #sweatbox
Woke up today worse than I have been all week. Going in yesterday was not my smartest move πŸ˜”
After a 12 hour shift my dad and his fiancΓ© picked me up from work and gave me this! Like my own little care package πŸ‘Œ #lovethem #theyrethebest πŸ™ŠπŸ˜Ž
Going to work today despite the fact I'm sick and shouldn't simply because money 😫 12 hour shift, hope it flies πŸ‘Œ
Called in sick for work tomorrow, that's 3 days! I'm gonna be so broke πŸ˜–#hatebeingsickk
Getting a doctors note for school is great, getting a doctors note for work is crap. I'm "medically unfit to work" #broke #sickyvicky
Nearly 3 hours of fire training in work tomorrow and I'm still sick, time for a hot shower, lemsip and OITNB πŸ‘Œ
I've gotten 3 short notice calls from work in the past 2 days, I could come in in 15 minutes if I had a magic carpet? Someone make one.
Happy 20th birthday to my lickle step Bruv Glenn and Happy 21st to one of my Bestfriends Steph. πŸ‘Œβ€οΈ
Best thing for a hangover is more drink and wings πŸ‘Œ
I've time to kill before my bus to work, how amazing does @khloekardashian look though? 😍 #womancrushSATURDAY
Not in the mood for work today but after work I get to rush home and get ready and head to the party so I'm just hoping it flies by πŸ‘Ž
This comment to me on YouTube though "no homo -__-" a simple "cheers" would have sufficed πŸ‘
😷 omg I miss you and you seem like you've got your life so together and it inspires me. Thanks for all the laughs and happiness you have me
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Still one of my favourite pictures ever with two of my bestfriends since I was littttllleee @shaunaobrienx and @stephfallon12 this was like 3 years ago now πŸ˜‚
Obviously, I got you πŸ‘Œ RT@DrnkTxtRmeo__: Aaaaaaaaand the 100th like on my blog's Facebook page is@EternalKatiee ;)
Idk what to do now 😩 Gonna have to figure something out, unless I just get ready in work and then go straight from the bus πŸ˜–
Just realised I'm in till 9 on Saturday and I've a party that starts at 8:30. Fuck sake 😩 and there's like no bus till about 10.#FMLL
Darren Criss seems like he spends his Friday nights in sleazy piano bars drinking martinis, we could be bestfriends.
Dad picked me up after my 8-8 shift, what a chap! Now a Chinese and an early night πŸ‘Œ#godimexcitedforsleepp
I've never met the chap in my life that I remember and he was asking me was I off to work and what I work as etc. I'm scared.
Some guy just rode up to me on his bike, got off for a chat, shook my hand, introduced himself and said it was nice seeing me again...
I'm exhausted but in a good way. When residents say I've made them smile by sitting down for a chat when they're down, it's so worth it.
And today everyone got on the bus and I stayed off for another few minutes before it took off and the driver came to chat with me πŸ‘Œ
When I got on the bus yesterday the driver was like "Ah there ya are! Ya just finish a shift? Take a nap and I'll wake you at your stop" πŸ˜‚
Was rushing to the bustop and an old Gaelic ankle injury started acting up, I've never felt pain like it seriously. #poweredthrough
And suddenly my neighbour invites me in for free drinks πŸ˜‚#hadtoresistt#needmysleepp
Then the gang wanted to go for cocktails and I've work training tomorrow so I went for one and then I'm leaving and my neighbours there..
We got all you can eat and god did we eat it all, 4 starters and a main course later, hello.
I could live off of this stuff if it wasn't so bloody expensive πŸ‘Ž €3 a bottle? @nakedjuice sort your prices out lads 😩 #juice #healthy #greenmachine
That video of prince Harry dancing to fireworks, he's so feckin adorable πŸ˜πŸ˜‚
I remember teaching one of Laura's friends how to booty pop and twerk last night πŸ˜‚
Steph came over to borrow clothes and I was like "Sorry, I'm half naked" "Katie, I've seen you completely naked so many times" #friendship