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Katie Dawson Lynch.
justin bieber 3,734 followers
Obviously, I got you 👌 RT@DrnkTxtRmeo__: Aaaaaaaaand the 100th like on my blog's Facebook page is@EternalKatiee ;)
Idk what to do now 😩 Gonna have to figure something out, unless I just get ready in work and then go straight from the bus 😖
Just realised I'm in till 9 on Saturday and I've a party that starts at 8:30. Fuck sake 😩 and there's like no bus till about 10.#FMLL
Darren Criss seems like he spends his Friday nights in sleazy piano bars drinking martinis, we could be bestfriends.
Dad picked me up after my 8-8 shift, what a chap! Now a Chinese and an early night 👌#godimexcitedforsleepp
I've never met the chap in my life that I remember and he was asking me was I off to work and what I work as etc. I'm scared.
Some guy just rode up to me on his bike, got off for a chat, shook my hand, introduced himself and said it was nice seeing me again...
I'm exhausted but in a good way. When residents say I've made them smile by sitting down for a chat when they're down, it's so worth it.
And today everyone got on the bus and I stayed off for another few minutes before it took off and the driver came to chat with me 👌
When I got on the bus yesterday the driver was like "Ah there ya are! Ya just finish a shift? Take a nap and I'll wake you at your stop" 😂
Was rushing to the bustop and an old Gaelic ankle injury started acting up, I've never felt pain like it seriously. #poweredthrough
And suddenly my neighbour invites me in for free drinks 😂#hadtoresistt#needmysleepp
Then the gang wanted to go for cocktails and I've work training tomorrow so I went for one and then I'm leaving and my neighbours there..
We got all you can eat and god did we eat it all, 4 starters and a main course later, hello.
I could live off of this stuff if it wasn't so bloody expensive 👎 €3 a bottle? @nakedjuice sort your prices out lads 😩 #juice #healthy #greenmachine
That video of prince Harry dancing to fireworks, he's so feckin adorable 😍😂
I remember teaching one of Laura's friends how to booty pop and twerk last night 😂
Steph came over to borrow clothes and I was like "Sorry, I'm half naked" "Katie, I've seen you completely naked so many times" #friendship
Finished work, went to the hairdressers, made an apt for the nurse, got dinner and drink and finally I'm home 😁#sotiredd#sneakynapmaybee
Hair dresser time, hope to be home by 5ish so I can get a quick nap in before I go out but that seems unlikely 😂 �
Finished at 2 and it's Friday and it's payday so sure it'd be rude NOT to go out tonight 👌
FINALLY my internet is working. Work tomorrow and I feel so sick! Out tomorrow night anyway 👌#badlyneededd
One of my residents today said to me while listening to the radio "There's a lot of gay people around, a lot going on with that right now" 😂
My mates mum is dropping me all the way to work tomorrow then driving home 😍#sonicee
Feet are in bits dad dropped me home, best dad evaaaaa 😁 time for a Chinese and sleep 👌