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We have a nice cover for your fb or twitter, this cover is from our game #RenegadeDeath made by our artist #gamedev
Cara ngilangin galau cepat gimana?? gw udah deadline ... — Bersyukur, orang galau itu karena jarang bersyukur da...
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Dear all fellow Enthreans, to brighten your days, we suggest you to play our games: Enjoy ^_^ #gamedev
Have you heard ‘A Piece Of Peace - Survarium Music Contest’ by jasson-prestiliano on #SoundCloud?…
Here's our new dungeon crawler RPG, Eremidia Dungeon: Skyward Temple. You can download and play it for free… #gamedev
Here's a video about our game progress until now, Renegade Death, Enjoy #gamedev #sneakpeek…
Dear all fellow Enthreans, Game in asia has a great review for MoE, let's check it out…
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Job vacancy for you all PHP programmers from one of our partners, ESET:…
Run Leina Run! Our game sprite designs are in progress #gamedev #screenshotsaturday check
Sebuah karya luar biasa dari sahabat2 kami di @AgateStudio buat para penggemar sepakbola #gamedev
Here's a nice article about #gamedev where communication is a required skill in the whole process…
Happy Sunday,here's our upcoming game's ss,Renegade Death,we'd love to read your feed back #gamedev @Hinocybergames
Ini Lebih Dari Sekadar Online Game. Sudah Saatnya Kamu Membuktikannya.
That's all for now, we hope our tweets about #musiccomposing for #gamedev can add some knowledge to you, we are open for discussion
We'll be more confident to work on any request of our client,if we have various genres in our portfolio #musiccomposing for #gamedev [12]
5th: study many kinds of musical genres, we never know what kind of games that we will work in the future #composingmusic for #gamedev [11]
you can use soundcloud, reverbnation, bandcamp, etc. e.g. @jasprelao use… as his #musiccomposing for #gamedev [10]
4th: don't be affraid to upload some of our finished works to the social media, it can be our portfolio #musiccomposing for #gamedev [9]
after remix them,try to create new melody or arrangement,we can learn the ambience/mood to enrich our music #musiccomposing for #gamedev [8]
3rd:we need to practice,listen to your favorite music carefully,then remade or remix it in your composing tools #musiccomposing for #gamedev
Sometimes when we get new idea using the past works,our fail music will become a great one #musiccomposing for #gamedev [6]
2nd: when we feel we fail to make a music, don't delete it, keep it on your hard disk #musiccomposing for #gamedev
Perhaps the melody is not useful now,but who knows one day that pattern or melody will be a masterpiece #musiccomposing for #gamedev [4]
1st:when we have any pattern or melody in our heads,open our composition tools & write it there immediately #musiccomposing for #gamedev [3]
You can discuss about it by mentioning us or @jasprelao, since the tips about #musiccomposing for #gamedev are his experiences [2]
Dear all fellow Enthreans, we'll translate @jasprelao 's tweets about #musiccomposing for #gamedev yesterday [1]
Semoga kultwit dadakannya bermanfaat, terutama bagi yang mau nyoba jadi composer music game #gamemusic [14]
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Lima tips dulu ya, kapan2 saya lanjutin lagi, kalau ada yang mau berbagi tips, mention saya dan jangan lupa tips #gamemusic ya [13]
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sering dengar, sering remix & sering coba kreasikan berbagai genre musik, sehingga kita siap menghadapi pesanan musik apapun #gamemusic [12]
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Kelima: Jangan segan mencoba berbagai macam genre, karena game yang akan kita isi bisa membutuhkan bermacam2 jenis musik #gamemusic [11]
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Bisa pake soundcloud, reverbnation, bandcamp, dan masih banyak lagi, portfolio saya sendiri ada di… #gamemusic [10]
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Keempat: sering-sering upload hasil karya kita sebagai portfolio, siapa tahu ada klien atau produser yang lagi cari bakat #gamemusic [9]
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setelah berhasil meremix, coba ubah-ubah dan kreasikan dengan acuan musik tersebut, untuk memperkaya kemampuan komposisi kita #gamemusic [8]
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Ketiga: Kadang kita perlu mencoba mengambil satu referensi, lalu mencoba meremake atau meremix lagu tersebut dalam tools #gamemusic [7]
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Hari ini saya mau bagikan beberapa tips untuk para game music composer, penikmat musik juga bisa mengikuti koq #gamemusic [1]
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Sampai sekarang saya pun masih menyimpan banyak musik belum jadi, seringnya pada saat yang lain bisa dimanfaatkan #gamemusic [6]
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Kedua: Jangan delete musik kita, walaupun kita anggap jelek, atau sulit dijadikan sebagai musik utuh, biarkan saja #gamemusic [5]
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Tidak usah bingung harus jadi musik utuh dulu, mungkin saat ini nada itu belum terpakai, tapi siapa tahu suatu saat terpakai #gamemusic [4]
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Pertama: Bila kita punya nada2 yg terngiang2 di kepala kita, segera buka tools, lalu tuangkan nada2 itu dalam tools #gamemusic [3]
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Sebagian besar tips berasal dari pengalaman saya, jadi kalau ada yang kurang berkenan, mari kita diskusikan bersama #gamemusic [2]
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Reboot + Continue the story, do you still remember it? It's from our very first game, #gamedev #fanpage
Renegade Death new ss,we're working on this game with @Hinocybergames like us: #gamedev
Kitaria Heroes: Force Bender, now available on iOS, here's the thread @kaskus…
MERDEKA!! "@jasprelao: Dirgahayu Indonesiaku, kami akan berikan yg terbaik bagi kejayaan dan kemajuan bangsa kami"
Tomorrow we celebrate the Indonesian independence day, in this 69th years we wish that we can deliver better game to all, what're your wish?
Night before independence day, the night of Rengasdengklok event, where the young people try to defend the old one...