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"Change Is Coming" track from "The 18th Day..." album by Estelle #nowplaying @EstelleDarlings
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"I say I'm good. When I'm misunderstood. I already gave enough so you could never call my bluff" ! - Strong As Glass - by @goapele
πŸ‘... #This is a "Real Song" - after this week. ( @johnlegend )
Congratulations to @BubbaWallace on his Kroger 200 Camping World Truck Series win. #34 #54 @kwl_management @FuelSMG
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Every moment in your past lead you to Here. Right now. You have another chance. Make right now count. #trueromance πŸ’‹ #lifeiwantMIA
@EstelleDarlings A statement with NO ROOM for hypocrisy, we now need to encourage others to be positive and move forward after setbacks.
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Just a thought in addition to training yourself so that your first thought is THANK YOU and WORDS OF LOVE AND POSSIBILITY TO YOURSELF! #speaktoyourselfwithLOVE
"We have an obligation to Love everyone but some we must love from a SAFE distance" - Elizabeth Gilbert. #thelifeyouwantMIA
Man... in the words of Iyanla Vanzant @iyanlavanzant
If you're waiting for validation : "if you made it through the past you passed!" - Iyanla Vanzant.
@EstelleDarlings Sis the song we did together is so beautiful . it's start my Alter Ego album. thanks for making it possible . love u sis.
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😏. Still a peach. πŸ’‹
This is london talk you run New York? This english chick I'll show you how to walk, @EstelleDarlings #somuchouttheway
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"You are here co creating your life.."
No really.... @kissthedeejay #howelsecansheshowoff 😏#darrrrling!
#Myfriendsaboutepicness #miami @oprah @kissthedeejay #howelsecansheshowoff #thesemples ( out here literally BEAMING with pride!) #thelifeyouwanttour
In One Fell Swoop Obama Announces Solar Jobs For 50,000 Veterans and Takes On Climate Change -…
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@EstelleDarlings "I love my legs & my boobs. I love my arms. I'm an equal opportunity lover of my entire body." I love this quote. #fierce
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Just random things I think about on the plane. #howelsewilli.... #dontwannacrushmybrimtho #butmyhairisnotboutthistravellife #gothats #hashtagnation
Love a bit of American boy on the radio @kanyewest @EstelleDarlings 🎡🎢
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Legend. Reasons. Careers. Existences. Man do you even understand what this moment means? To actually be IN the studio. Do you know? @agentcbw7 x E. #waiiiiiiitforit #ontothenext πŸ˜‰ #rapmusicgotmehere #influencedBy #knowthelegends ...
Because naw... Just wait for it. @paperbrownbagclothing 😊
Hang w/ me LIVE tonight at my Epic release party. #hangwtimbo
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Reason I sing the type of songs I sing. #conqueror #trueromance #feb17th πŸ’‹ #preordernow #mydarlings! ( 😘😘 @anthulafierce)
Starting my day with @EstelleDarlings music is like eating a big chocolate Ice Cream in the breakfast! Just Sublime!
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@EstelleDarlings Thank you for Conqueror! It's my hearts' anthem! Love to you beautiful warrior queen. #warriormagnificent
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.... Really hard to do that previous post while watching Hollywood Divas right now. Hard. ... As ... Hell #basically πŸ™ˆπŸ‘€πŸ˜”πŸ˜’πŸ˜‚πŸ˜«πŸ’†πŸ‘΅ <----range of emotions
Practicing. Trying to remember. Everyday. Don't do it. See what happens. #growaliloralot but Grow ...
Larry Fishburne. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
β€œ@chrisalexander_: "I'm homeless because you didn't whip me."” *#hilarious #Blackish
Finding a whipping outfit!!!! Hilarious @anthonyanderson #Blackish
Make sure you check out "Beyond the lights." Starring the beautiful fellow Brit - Gugu Mbatha - Raw. ( see of you catch @amarestoudamire and myself in a lil cameo!) thanks to #GinaPrinceBythewood and #Datariturner ( @datariturner ) πŸ’‹ #trueromance #preordernow
This just in! @EstelleDarlings is performing next week at our 15th anniversary benefit! How lucky are we??!!
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Boots and rain and walking in the city. Nothing like it. 😊 #trueromance at it's best. #passion
Required reading. #whatiknowforsure @oprah
Anybody ever hear @EstelleDarlings voice? It's amazing! I promise
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Marriage gotta be the goal or else your relationship is pointless...
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Speaking of... #waitforit
Good Great and Awesome #Britshit happened today. πŸ˜‰ waiiiit for it!
RIP Oscar de la Renta - 25 Industry Power Players Reflect On Oscar de la Renta… via @DailyFrontRow
My beautiful friend @keyttlundqvist last night looking like magic in blue! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ™Œ #angelball2014
#Yesterday's look for #AngelBall2014 #YosefSinudarsono @worldmcqueen hair and makeup by @joannasimkin and @only1dailey πŸ’‹#trueromance