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Last final, let's get it
I want outtttt #2days
But now it's gettin' late And the moon is climbin' high I want to celebrate See it shinin' in your eye.
Sitting on a beer, drinking deer
What do you know, hot nigga is on for the thirtieth time tonight
I just wish I had someone to cuddle and fall asleep with rn
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12/13/14 will be the last date to appear in chronological order until the year 3,000 comes around.
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It's really funny being sober in my room listening to the ridiculous conversations my drunk friends have outside
I know most people are asleep or drunk or pre-drunk right now but hope u all have an insane night
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I drunk dialed my dad tn ok like that’s ho my night is going.
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It is what it is, and that's how it's gonna be
"I'm Rob Lowe and I have DirecTV" And I'm black Rob Lowe and I'm far more likely to be harassed and possibly killed by law enforcement
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A huge shout and congratulations to my darling @maxinedh on her decision to attend Brown University! This girl is going to do big things for both Brown Sailing and herself! Love you, Mackie #ivyleague #allmyfriendsaregeniuses #tbt
No iced tea will ever satisfy you after drinking this. #BonacTonic
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The truest statement I've heard in a while and It was etched into the wall of the library #preach
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It's getting hard to be someone but it all works out. It doesn't matter much to me
Julie, I swear it's so hard to bare it, and I'd never make it through without you around #np
Boutta drink a bottle to my face instead of studying for finals
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I got essentially no sleep last night so today should be great! 😒
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Sometimes I just want to grab my important belonging, withdraw all of my money, get on a plane, and just peace the fuck out forever
Loudly packing a can of dip in an otherwise silent library. #TFM
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Yo I used to tweet some fucking ignant shit. Like really ignant
Meeting your professor for the first time when you show up to take the final. #TFM
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It's my birthday today, and that makes me better than all of you.
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ONE MORE DAY OF CLASSES UNTIL ALL YOU BITCHES ARE ON MY D #finalsweek #byoo #bringyourownoutlet
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I've easily spent $700 on myself this week.
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Being forced to watch football.
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Please don't fall in love with someone new
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Jess is the best boyfriend ever
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Screw Your Sisterrrr #ΣΦΔ #cuffed
KAT formal 😺
Formal fun💃
#tbt #uglychristmassweater #squad #waka photo: @kathyhess
RT @JasonAHorn: Nothing makes my day better than seeing @lecomu 's snap story is no longer blurry.
Current Standings: Oneonta State - 862 votes Fredonia State - 302 votes Canisius College - 267 votes Marist College - 180 votes Open til 5
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@chloegarbzz this is about to be my new motto
@UberFacts shut up do you think you're better than me or something? Fucking nerd
none of this will matter to me when I'm 30
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24 hour shipping means like 4 day shipping, fyi
@SniperZeroXI that's tight. Tell her to make it a double