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#tbt to that legendary pre-stakes night at the one and only SPA #spafridays #belmont #triplecrown #calichromeisafluke #classic #doublescoop #goget
The first item ever sold on eBay was a broken laser pointer.
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*Casually hits snooze for a 4th time*
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Gallagher's last night with this cutie @maryyoneillx3 #itkat
Meet my new little in ΣΓΦ! She's the cutest! @cbellcourt #Thusa #ITK
Lol that my parents are coming up in the morning...
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Happy 21st to this fuck @numbrrr9
Last night, I was the drunkest girl at the party
Parody accounts so weird now they don't even tweet in character, why Fredo Santana telling me to treat my girl right??
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I don't trust hotel rooms
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ITK #fallrush 2014 could not have been more of a success. Great TFM party with @hendrixxsdt and ΣΔΤ
I hate checking my wallet the morning after going out
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It's 1000 degrees in this classroom
@Kreider1017 who you callin goofy, goofy?
What begins as a good time could morph into hard work now that... More for Leo
I still haven't stopped talking about this paint party. Best one yet #rushweek #ITK #KAT
Had to get a picture with the hottest bitch at the party, right? #rushweek #ITK #ΣΔΤ #tfm #tsm @ ITK
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Chilling with my big after our #ITK and #ΣΓΦ kickball game. @remi_farnan
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Happy birthday Kitty. I love you so much!
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Sprawled out on an IRC couch
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God I'm a douche
Saying, "As you were..." after walking into a room where no one is standing, talking, or has otherwise acknowledged your arrival. #TFM
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My body doesn't want to deal with anything tonight
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The average amount of time a woman can keep a secret is 47 hours and 15 minutes.
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This night took an unexpected turn to say the least
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Lana del Ray song came on at the bar and everyone dropped what they were doing and shot up a syringe of heroin
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Not remembering most things you're best known for. #TFM
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Some rush week muggles wanted a pic with a brother #RUSHITK
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