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Adventure Friday πŸŒ„β›΅οΈ
The pace of your life continues to be fever-pitched, and you m... More for Leo
⛡️on the reg
Trying to decide if you actually like her or just her patriotic attire. #TFM
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Getting lost on campus as a senior. #TFM
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Supplying the alcohol for your own 20th birthday party. #TFM
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Your direct approach to life may be somewhat disconcerting to ... More for Leo
Your life is not as happy-go-lucky as others assume; it might ... More for Leo
Feeling sorry for yourself is a waste of energy today, whether... More for Leo
I don't even know 🍺 #cam
You may be quite optimistic about what you are doing in spite ... More for Leo
Your positive attitude goes a long way toward progressing alon... More for Leo
Happy 20th birthday to the closest thing to a sibling I'll ever have! #throwbackthursday #tbt #sister
You could create a little drama if a close friend ruins your f... More for Leo
Happy birthday to one of Oneonta's finest @lecomu 😍
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Give a big shout out to my boy lee @lecomu happy 20th birthday boy! Get wasted see u soon
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Big Birthday shoutout to the Fox's biggest customer and wedding crasher, the one and only @lecomu do it live tn πŸŽ‰
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Happy Birthday love!!! Can't wait to turn⬆️ at Oney @lecomu
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Managing your finances is complicated now because conflicting ... More for Leo
@superdupercud the real question is...what did you say back
You might believe that it's now-or-never as you sort through y... More for Leo
You might think that you should be at the top of your game wit... More for Leo
It's a perfect day to create a fresh list of goals because tod... More for Leo
The spotlight may continue to shine on you as the radiant Sun ... More for Leo
Your imagination may be too active for your own good today; yo... More for Leo
#sail pc: @katesoroka
You're in your own element today; you have a specific agenda a... More for Leo
RIP Dorothy King
You are feeling overly vulnerable today and words that would n... More for Leo
Taking charge of a situation is easy when you know what to do,... More for Leo
"Pretend like you're surfing on the tree." @hummusbird twoamtoastofficial @ Fort Salonga, New York
"Pretend like you're surfing on the tree." @hummusbirrrrrrrd @twoamtoastofficial
@DerDerHahn πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
@DerDerHahn I would beat the shit out of you
You struggle to rein in your exuberance today, but you could i... More for Leo
It's all too easy for your annoyance to boil over into anger i... More for Leo
Joe, get in the truck. #notreallydude #imouttahere #pizza
You're sorely tempted to continue on your current mission with... More for Leo
You are super-excited about all the possibilities for growth a... More for Leo
#sailing #tbt #thelife @baliggs @maxinedh
Your life receives a cosmic booster shot as prosperous Jupiter... More for Leo
You could have an amazing vision today, and by exercising pati... More for Leo
Try not to take it too personally if your partner seems emotio... More for Leo
watching the game on channel 6 cause I'm #real
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