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Angela Lutin
Best shopping day ever: $20 for art books, $3 chair, and $5 in spray paint. #thriftshopsteals
Always practice safe cycling. #dismountisclutch @flywheelsports
RT: "@allhappening114 tks 4 a grt class 2day I ❤️starting my morn off like a boss." My @Flywheel class has more #badbitches than @RickRoss
I figure if #Demi could pull it off, there's hope for the rest of us. #thisis40
RT @tommyklooster: "No better way to start my last weekend here then @essentiallyang killing me on the bike with @tyla_martin @Flywheel" YES
One of us is headed to high school. The other to get something to cover the gray hair those years will bring... #thegraduate
My decision to forgo pain meds today was almost as intelligent as when I thought I could handle natural childbirth. #dumbestideaever #wimp #ouch #dathip
It's always #SundayFunday at @flywheelsports #Sundays #workfortheweekend video credit @grayson_lutin
#beachdaze #nocomplaints
RT: "@SwanSerinda: Just got my ass kicked... By a bad guy on @GracelandTV you ask? Nope! By @essentiallyang at my @Flywheel class" #uknowit
On this #Mothersday particularly grateful for him. Grateful for his health, grateful he chose me, and grateful none of my enemies have ever tried to slice that vein in my neck...I'd bleed out in 2 minutes.
After 3 days of kicking, crying, pouting, et all...I finally figured out this b*tch of a wheelchair ramp. Mississippi, I can thank you for at least one thing...making me resilient. #singlemomproblems
The nurses were sad to see him go...we're home!! Thank you to everyone for everything- your thoughts, prayers, kind words, food...we are grateful for all the support.
When the hospital celeb meets the baseball celeb. #mannyramirez #therealferrisbueller
"Um, he's sick. My best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who's going out with the girl who saw Ferris pass out at 31 Flavors last night. I guess it's pretty serious." Yep, #prayforgray is actually a real thing...and it's trending. This kid. #t
After a long, frightening day, @Grayson_lutin is stable and finally getting a little rest thanks to his new friends, Morphine and Valium. The infection that settled in his hip was caught in time and they were able to remove it all today. Going to be a long recovery and not out of the woods yet but h
That time they rolled me into surgery while my Mom cried hysterically...@grayson_lutin is in superbly capable hands. Will update everyone when he's out. Thanks to everyone for thinking of us. #JoeDiMaggio.
I'm that rad Mom that brings her kid to the ER just for the matching bracelets...oh, and a morphine drip.
What most fail to realize is, when you get sequestered for your #civicduty, it's not a detriment. It's an opportunity for fellow citizens like Sam here to offer half his sandwich to you. (After he coughs on it.) I never knew I could have this much anxiety so early in the morning. #jurornumber7 #why
RT: "@aelkz_:Broke my record score during one of THE nastiest @Flywheel classes w an unreal playlist. Ty @essentiallyang & Tupac. #FLYbooty"
No one captures it quite like #LangLeav. "Je serai poète et toi poèsie" I'll be a poet and you'll be poetry.
RT: @SwanSerinda "@arielswan22 such #FLYness! Thanks for kicking our asses... Favorite class by far and you will see us again very soon :)"
And this is what happens when I'm bored. #kitchenexperiments
That time when @grayson_lutin destroyed me in #Battleship and I asked, "How'd you do that?" And he replied, "Mom, everyone can read you." #nopokerface #wearitonmysleeve