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Ess Vee
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It's always good to break from the studio & #vibe with good people.
Work hard, put in the hours, lose the sleep, & focus on where you're headed! As cliche as it may sound, but Rome wasn't built in a day, same goes for your career. #essvee #1lifer #hardwork #priorities #goals
Well... Good Night.
#RavenSymone & #Kermit
#tbt the beautiful & talented @superstarkira and I, late #wcw for my sis. Go follow her!
Take action. Speak it into existence.
Well... Good morning.
No matter where I am, I'm always working!
Be part of something, or be nothing at all. Follow your dreams & become a part of something new. Become innovative! #essvee #1lifer #innovation #wisdom #advice
If she responds to your call/text, she's giving you a chance.
If you have her number, you made progress. Social media doesn't count.
Over 100k in plays and downloads. THANK YOU ALL! Download/stream your copy! Here's the link:…
Over 100k in plays and downloads. THANK YOU ALL! Download/stream your copy! Link via my bio! #essvee #1lifer #thecarepackage #hiphop #mixtape #love
It's Monday, turn down for what!?
My #tbt is also me wishing my bro @assoc_add a happy birthday! Hit him up and do the same! Love you bro! #Bahamas #Loungin #Paradise
Studio vibing with none other than @aimezmusic putting the final touches to "Good Times Good Vibes"! #NewMusic coming soon as promised!
The same amount of time and effort it takes to build a career, is the same amount of time and effort it takes to build a lasting relationship. Prioritize. Establish yourself first, then you can establish the people around you. - Ess Vee #1Lifer
Oh.. Y'all watch soccer now?
The sad part is a lot of my generation ain't bout shit. Chasing highs, likes and follows
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@XavRoxasArias_: @Ess_Vee excited for the new drops man. Big fan here. God bless! ✌️” #respect!
Getting my hands dirty! #tbt
Because the love from overseas is always real! #Poland #hiphop #Polish #rap #essvee #love #music
Make this summer yours! Photo taken by @maiaseals
One of my #wcw's we vibe out daily!
Worst feeling is realizing you forgot your headphones before boarding a train.
Young Kings #EssVee #BuddyBillz #AimeZ #Mr509 #zoes
Let's be clear...
via my bro @steevesammusic "#ELEVATIONONLY"
My random drawing. Just cause... #art #keeblerelf
Good Morning to the Kings and Queens.
@Ess_Vee respect to your music too ! You give much inspiration, thanks :)
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@Ess_Vee awesome, France will love u ! I stay tuned, and wait for you. You're a next legend, never leave your dreams, except for bigger ones
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@Ess_Vee You're welcome man, come to Europe lol ;)
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@baptistesrfc98: #NP @Ess_Vee - Feel Music >>>>> This song is so real, so powerful. Wow.” Thank you!
Go all out in what you believe in! Show your passion, love, and drive for your craft! Treat every day as if it is your last chance to show what you're made of. #essvee #1lifer #passion #love
You don't need religion or politics to make positive change. All you need is the love in your heart.
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@ShowmanDonbass: @Ess_Vee that's great!shout out to your hood from Ukraine!it's kinda war out here” respect to you! & keep your head up!
This is that end of the world weather!
Share your success! Don't let your ego and pride limit the way you show the world what you're made of. Too many times people fail because of their actions and the way they treat/talk to others. Respect goes a long way! #EssVee #1Lifer #Respect #TheCarePackage
@Ess_Vee Thank U !!! Enjoying your music a lot :) Bless!
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Self explanatory #greatmusic over #goodmusic