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ESPN First Take
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LISTEN: Derek Jeter's career in pinstripes, plus what the Giants win over the Redskins means.
Stephen A. believes the @49ers will beat the @Eagles 30-27. Are you buying? #FTpicks
What's your response to @stephenasmith having Jeter at No. 6 on his all-time @Yankees list? #2NYfinale
"It was destiny...There was just nothing that was going to mess that up." - @stephenasmith #2NYfinale
"It had to end this way. It was almost like it was SCRIPTED." - @RealSkipBayless #2NYfinale
Hey Stephen A Smith dont ever count The GMEN out or second guess your team 👀😳😂 you have to be proud of that play from E@ESPN_FirstTakeake
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Skip compared Cousins to Matt Schaub today. Boy did Kirk come through for him!
Guess RG3 will have a job when he returns after all.
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I'm not even a Yankee fan and I'm getting goosebumps watching Derek Jeter taking his final bows to every corner of Yankee Stadium.
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Bigger surprise: how bad @Redskins look or how good the @Giants are playing?
Good Eli or bad defense?
I'm going with the upset: Giants 27, Wash 23. RJennings, Cruz, Eli move ball vs D w/o DeAngelo Hall.
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Anthony Anderson on His New Comedy "black-ish"
Derek Jeter is one of the greatest Yankees of all time.20 seasons baby!Best shortstop and should go down inThe Hall Of Fame! @ESPN_FirstTake
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Podcast alert: Is Brady on the decline, the career of Jeter & predictions for the @Giants vs.@Redskins
"He might go down when it's all said & done as the GREATEST LEFTY to ever play the game." - @stephenasmith
"I think @MannyPacquiao & @FloydMayweather goes down before the NBA Finals. I think Floyd will win." - @stephenasmith
.@FloydMayweather's testimony to the commission on All Access' authenticity tells me everything I need to know about his desire to fight me.
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According to our poll 51.8% agree w/ @stephenasmith that the @Redskins will beat the @Giants tonight. #GMen #Skins
Skip's going w/ the @Giants & Stephen A. is picking @Redskins. There's still time to pick your winner using #GMen or #Skins.
Who wins tonight? Send your winner using #GMen or #Skins.
- Panic in Green Bay ? - Seattle still the best? - @Nate13Burleson is back Check out our Hump Day Podcast:
"You're not sure if he's a BOXER or more of an ENTERTAINER now." - @RealSkipBayless #FalseAccess
"Sometimes that sells in the sport of boxing but that's NO EXCUSE." - @stephenasmith #FalseAccess
"It's not how GOOD he is, it's how GREAT he will be." - @Nate13Burleson
In our meeting Danny Ferry's apology was very sincere.
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"@Seahawks are a little BETTER than they were a year ago...I believe that can WIN OUT!" - @RealSkipBayless
"Mo Claiborne has been a DISASTER for my Dallas Cowboys." - @RealSkipBayless
Wake up world! I'll be on @ESPN_FirstTake Snap shot of Day 2...pre-game production meeting. Tune in at 10am eastern.
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Why talk about overtime rules being fair now?At the end of the day this game comes down to defense. Stop the offense and you don't complain.
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Mike Vick isn't much different from Geno tho. Dynamic, but interception prone. Wouldn't be in such a rush to send him out...
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How Bisciotti handled the Rice incident, Manziel's role in the Browns off. & @Nate13Burleson joins us. Podcast >>
My boy @stephenasmith just went INNNNNNN!!! Wow he said it exactly the way it needed to be said! @ESPN_FirstTake
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@stephenasmith bears were better on offense, defense, and special teams but lucky? #bearsgood
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Topic of Ravens' owner - and Hope Solo - coming up on @ESPN_FirstTake. Buckle up people!!!!!
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