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Kobe credits @NickSwagyPYoung for the Lakers turnaround, can they keep this up? #SwaggyImpact
"Bill Belichick STRIKES AGAIN! The rich get RICHER!." - @RealSkipBayless
Do you agree w/Skip that @KyrieIrving needs to be the CLOSER instead of LeBron? #CavsStruggles
"In the end I would blame a lot of this on LeBron b/c he just didn't have a good game." - Stephen A. #CavsStruggles
"The resumes don't compare...Larry Bird was a CLOSER of the highest order." - @stephenasmith #RodgersAsBird
"[Magic's] opinion was a FLAT OUT INSULT to Larry Bird." - @RealSkipBayless #RodgersAsBird
Do you agree w/@MagicJohnson that Aaron Rodgers compares to Larry Bird? #RodgersAsBird
"@spurs tonight 99-95 over a team in Cleveland that is struggling right now." - @RealSkipBayless
"I expect the @cavs to LOSE this game. I just think the @spurs are the better team." - Stephen A.
"He's better than a lot of the big men in the NBA RIGHT NOW!" - @stephenasmith #OkaforFuture
Jahlil Okafor is projected as the top pick in next year's NBA draft, so what's his future? #OkaforFuture
Do you agree w/ the NFL suspending @AdrianPeterson for at least the rest of 2014 season.
"I thought Miss St. got ROBBED or maybe JOBBED out of the National Championship." - @RealSkipBayless
VOTE results: Which team is better right now: Packers or Patriots? #PackOrPats PATRIOTS 63.1% PACKERS 36.9%
"[@packers] have now turned into NEW ORLEANS NORTH." - Skip #PackOrPats
"The @Patriots proved once again they are EASILY the best team in football." - @RealSkipBayless #PackOrPats
I'm going to say Tim Duncan is 3x MORE VALUABLE than @kobebryant." - @RealSkipBayless
"He's playing at a slightly HIGHER level than CAM at Auburn...He's going to WIN the Heisman w/this game." - Skip
"If you're a FRANCHISE guy you have to APPEAR to WANT IT." - @stephenasmith #DRoseIssues