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J Gallogo
love family movies 118 followers
I love you Pa. Walay Jaen kung walay Victor. :D
The very man I ever love aside from God.
As long as you're the same person I fell for, my feelings won't ever change.
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Love kaayo taka!!!!
Hoo.. Ambot bai. Maybe... Ay, yaw nalang.
Evening Madness!!! :@
OMG Im so in love. ;)
Sir Ching's talk. We're having fun. :D Hoh hoh.
Nakita mo yung gusto mong damit, tapos nung nakita mo yung price, ok bye.
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Hoy ba. Wa nya gbuhat ang task para niya. Ulaw oy? Pwd man akng name. :P:*
Okay ra lge ni. Kaya!!! :D
Good Morning Sunday. Good Morning Jesus. Bless our activity today. ;)
Bahalag d ko e follow sa tanan. Basta kay e follow lng ko nya. :P Ops, miracles do happen. :*
I wish that you were here, or I was there, or we were together anywhere.
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Hala na amaze ko. Just naaw. Pwd maka twitter sa ASTIGFB10 to 8888. :))
kanang wala ka nangluod daw pero nanagluod gud. hahaha. -.-
Love is such a beautiful thing. :D:D:D #Yesterday
Good morning, Lord Jesus Christ. SORRY.
Trustworthy, this isnt me? :/
Because I think I messed up... Ahuhu