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Abigail Greer
@TITANSofCOSPLAY Thank you for the tweet! I'm glad you like my cosplay!
That moment when your LARP weekend game starts on the same day Gotham season 2 airs ;3; @mister_CMS will have to enjoy it for me.
Shoot with Roll VT productions <3
@robinlordtaylor @seanpertwee bodyline omg ;u; <3 the little shop of lolita horror
This is my BEST press conference photo thus far in my career. #Gotham gothamonfox #EdwardNygma
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My #TeenChoice nominee for #ChoiceTVVillain is @robinlordtaylor for his wonderful work as Oswald Cobblepot on @Gotham
Got enough money to get my Harley Quinn animated series suit and cowl commissioned... that's me $200 in debt <3
Another wonderful snap by Roll VT Productions Ltd of Riddler! As always they're very sweet and great to speak with!
Seen the wonderful @thedylanmoran last night at the waterfront, great show! Drinks afterwards at Berts Jazz bar, the live music was great <3
Vegan Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream (Without an Ice Cream Maker!) #vegan
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I want breakfast but that would involve getting out of bed and I just can't do that. That does not simply happen.
little thing fell asleep inside my helmet while watching #gotham @robinlordtaylor might appreciate this? :3 #kitten
Need to finish my Tank Girl cosplay.... #ProcrastinationGameStrong
when you see food after a day in heels @robinlordtaylor @Gotham
A gif in which @robinlordtaylor is all of us on every single @Gotham Monday. gif by @djbertozzi
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Thank you ALL for joining us for an incredibly thrilling Season One. #Gotham Season Two will be a MONSTER compared to One. Just you wait. 💚❓
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Had a great time being interviewed by Roll VT productions Ltd! <3 Can't wait to see the finished documentary!
Today was an interesting experience! Got interviewed by Roll VT productions Ltd ! <3
Had fun as Miss Nigma at Comic Con today with my friends! Have a group photo! <3 #batman #dc #cosplay #comiccon #mcm
sounds like the best night of my life <3…
Yes omgee! <3 we could destroy the city…
Yesss you are like one of the best people online ;-; I'd love to actually meet you! Cobblepot and Nygma on the town…
Started packing for Comic Con, roll on Saturday <3 Can't wait to see all of my cosplay friends. Batman can suck it! Riddler's where it's at.
Miss your eyes READ BETWEEN THE LINES, GURL. (And get with Nygma b4 he kills us all) #Gotham @mister_CMS @ChelseaSpack
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Fem Riddler cosplay finished just in time for comic con! Miss Nygma loves y'all #riddler @mister_CMS @ValentineFair
Here's a riddle for you, What is short, tired and likes orange juice? . . . . . . . . . . Me. Goodnight.
>No one ever texts me. >Gets text. >Tears of joy. >Id like to thank my fam and friends for supporting me. >O2 - your call credit has ran out
wtf AP, who asked for this?
I will turn to murder if you interrupt me again while I'm watching #Gotham You're playing a dangerous game here, stop.
Lesson kids: Don't fall in love.
Guys, guys...My life is done...#CarolKane with a pug......
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