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Abbie Greer
Jessica Weibo Update! Sy_Jessica: There's "Jess" in NYC too[偷笑]
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Someone seriously needs to buy me a ferret, I just might start taking hostages.
Do you prefer books or movies? — Books!
What is your favorite social networking site? — Hmm Skype :3
What are you wearing right now? — A baggy care bears shirt and sweat pant
Would you rather go out for dinner or cook at home? — Cook at home x
@TheGiftofGhosts OH MY GOSH! thank you guys so much for the follow ;u; I'm a big fan of yours <3 I didn't know you guys had a twitter !
@justaenglishfan Im here, and honey you should see me in a crown.
@qwertee this is the best site though.
So sometimes @AshleyPurdy signs the dressing room mirror in mayonnaise. No big deal!
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Can't sleep because my brain is screaming the theme song to the cartoon"One Saturday Morning"at me. Haven't heard this song in 16 years
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LOVE & GIRLS + I Got A Boy 【Cover Dance by ほぼ少女時代。】 #KPOPTV #SNSD
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Ugh everyone seems to be ill, including me ;-; I don't even want to move!!
My technology teacher decided to make a video, dancing in drag to Britney spears, pftt! as if we wouldn't find out XD…
so I came into school expecting a normal day, boy was I wrong! I was met by My male technology teacher in drag dancing to Britney spears!
I just want to say thank you to my beloved brother hes always there for me when I need him hes never let me down love ya bro @Teh_Bunnehboi
heading to a photoshoot a kid about 6 or 7 ran over and hugged me,she said I was her favorite character, she seemed so happy,I almost cried!
people need to appreciate what they have live life to the fullest I respect the people who did this with all my heart
@mruff221 I see your tweets on my feed and I smile, the world needs more people like you :)
mcdonalds is amazing! too bad I cant marry a company ;3;
gahhh!~ people are so dumb sometimes! #ReadyToBeatSomeHoes
Gallifreyans! its time for us to unite in celebrating the doctor! bow ties to jelly babies, scarves to 3D glasses!
Forget what Obi-Wan said? "Blast Points. Too accurate for Sand People Only Imperial Storm Troopers are so precise."
she wears short skirts, I wear band merch, She's cheer captain, and i'm an antisocial bundle of hate. ouo #storyofmylife
The most sold print on DA! picture was taken during Lalarenji's lolita photoshoot.
One of my personal favs from the lolita photoshoot!
The Lolita photoshoot turned out fab! Id like to Thank LalarenjiCosplay for taking the pictures, and thanks courtney!
@thepyro6 they are all linked with the flag at cityhall but the riots are in west belfast not north, so we're cool.
@thepyro6 yeah apparently, there have been a lot of visits from the bomb squads cause of a load of suspicious objects being found...… I really hope the parents of this child learnt their lesson, Im also glad the child is unharmed and well.
okay NI is getting more annoying everyday, I cant even leave my house without being smacked upside the head with news on riots and protests.
@mruff221 @IPriscillia this is the single coolest thing i've ever seen.