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"@Morgaan_xxx: @erinsandraravie hahahah the way you shake it a cant believe i never seen an ass like thatt😂🙊 xxxxx" shake your booty baby!
Fair to say my secret love is watching the athletics #thosebums #superfit
Absaloutley love jessie j fuck knows why? #baldy #chav
Coyote ugly though adam garcia you wee honey #sexy#loveit#hellyeah
Watching ugly betty from the start amazing #loveit
"@StevStiffler: If a bra is an "over the shoulder boulder holder" then what would you call mens underwear??? An under the butt nut hut" haa
"@StevStiffler: Speaking 2 languages in a sentence because you're a multicultural motherfucker."
"@StevStiffler: I found a penny just now, it reminded me of you. Worthless & found in everyone's pants."
Sex is ten times better without condoms. But life is about 11 times better without baby mammas.
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Neons dad is so cute shaving is head for his sun his mum on the other hand.... aww ad love to slap her #dadon#mumontherun#getagripbitch#sick
#MumOnTheRun is stressing me out so so much. Selfish woman.
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Such a sick bitch #mumontherun so sad don't know why I watch programmes like this #bleugh
When you text someone and they take like 10 hours to reply yet they moan when your longer than 10 seconds to reply! #whatthehell
with the main man suga titties!! And you missy moo? Missed yah babycakes xxx
Ahh can't wait for Saturday saloons baby! @Morgaan_xxx
Love people who always speak their mind #justlikeme