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Erik Griffin
Jenna is a sexual tornado, college guys, sophomore virgins, where are you channeling all this from, do tell @AshleyRickards @MTVAwkward
The guys are so famous, their chairs get 4 times more likes than a picture of me on my instagram!…
This Saturday October 11th, 8pm @ImprovComedyLA I'll be doing a long set so come hear my thoughts on Ray Rice, Dating and whatever else!
"@UncleRUSH We should never get caught up judging another person's actions, heart, or spirit." Unless it's caught on tape!
My guilty pleasure is the opening awkwardness of @MTVAwkward episodes! @AshleyRickards
Saw #ANNABELLE last night, #SpoilerAlert Can I please see a movie where a white woman has an approrpiate reaction to a Demon??? #RUNBITCH
About to see Annabella and @echosmith #coolkids was apart of the pre-show. Will I be less scared?
And then Detroit lets Buffalo score!!! keeping my QB off the field! COME ON! #FantasyFootballProblems
I so wanted that Detroit kicker to miss, so my Fantasy QB can get back on the field. #FantasyFootballProblems
School of Rock for the 6000th time, I love this movie.
My number one home girl @sarahjmello
New Fitzdog Radio w/ @ErikGriffin talking about navigating Tinder on the road and claiming he is NOT a control freak
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Found this in @andybovine office today. He totally loves me! #bffs #workaholics #Season5
I have a ton of weed smoking Snapchat followers. Like for real, every 2 or 3 pictures and videos involve weed.
After I heard this, I'm gonna work on not being such a hater "hating you won't make you suck any less" - @AJJtheBand #labelmates
I am full of cheese steak mid flight headed home from Philly, Whats up?
Why is SNL doing a stale version of @KeyAndPeele epic sketch?
Denzel is a bad motha fucka I feel equalized! #thumbsup
Tonight is the night I get weird in PA @UABMU @millersvilleu
What's good Phily? I wanna get jiggy with it. (@ Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) in Philadelphia, PA)
Tune into @PlayboyRadio your boy is about to talk dirty.
Story teller night at my label @sideonedummy
#STORYTELLER night @sideonedummy
#Season5 #workaholics #setbffs
The little big show that could keeps going. Thank you @WorkaholicsCC fans! #tightbutthole #sgo #season5
Tune into 95.5 KLOS I'll be on with Frazier Smith in a few minutes.
Who's ready to get whooped at fifa on xbox one? GT:Eggtastic
Destiny is my new obsession. PS4 and XBOX one. I'm a grown ass man kid.
"@kayreimz idk what feels better, sex or sneezing" They both have a messy clean up! When you sex in someones face, you should say excuse me.
“Men are like dogs. We need direct communication.” -@ErikGriffin tonight on @ADAMDEVINE’s House Party. #AdamsParty
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#adamdivinehouseparty check out @rickglassman from Undateable on NBC next week @andybovine
If I instagram, Snapchat, text and tweet someone and they don't get back to me. Is that like a hint I'm missing?
Keith Olbermann uses words to paint the worst possible picture of a situation to reenforce his ideas. I can't be mad, comics do that.
My XBOX One is like a chick that won't listen, I gotta keep yelling at her! "XBOX ON!, DID YOU HEAR ME??? XBOX!!!"
I just checked in at Nekter Juice Bar on #Yelp and earned the Rookie badge!…
This new The Irvine Improv is fantastic get here!
Oh great, thanks Adrian Peterson, now we have to hear all those 1990, beat your kids jokes. Cue Def Jam