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Want a page like this?
Want to cool off during the Summer months with a cool website for college students? is the only way to break the ice!
17/ Just imagine what can do in a few years that the others cannot with its concept #BreakTheIce #tweetstorm #EOTS
16/ FreezeCrowd has a database of millions keywords, and interests, with your favorite quotes, interests & more to break the ice #tweetstorm
15/ Statuses on are a "Thought to Freeze" where you can freeze a thought and melt a thought in 30 days #tweetstorm
14/ currently has no annoying ads or annoying feeds, as photos are feeds, and focus on what's important #tweetstorm
13/ A. Photos on FreezeCrowd are groups B. The way you connect and communicate C. Where interests allow you to break the ice #tweetstorm
12/ With your photos on FreezeCrowd you're killing a few birds with one stone #tweetstorm
11/ Only on you know who they are, what they're interested in you can be the Economics Major in the photo #tweetstorm
10/ For instance, you can have a photo categorized as a Baseball Team, and "FreezeTag" the Pitcher and the Catcher in the photo #tweetstorm
9/ All photos on are categorized, and adds extra data to photos with about 2,000 categories #tweetstorm
8/ More privacy, respects your privacy, and your profile was not automatically thrown on search engines #tweetstorm
7/ And more cool things such as that ice cube and more cool things which are only available on #tweetstorm
6/ Features such as Freeze Request and Crowd Connect (when you get 3 or more people FreezeTagged in a photo) #tweetstorm
5/ You're connected to the people you communicate with through photos and only has cool features #tweetstorm
4/ Not keeping the chat and the photos as two separate, it kills two birds with one stone, the photos are worth a 1000 words #tweetstorm
3/ It's more real communication and community through photos, the photos are the community and the chat #tweetstorm
2/ FreezeCrowd is a different concept, the communication is linked to the FreezeTags, not just the photos #tweetstorm
1/ Why is the cool social network for college students: FreezeCrowd continues to innovate, and has vision #tweetstorm
Happy Friday! Are you looking forward to the weekend? Freeze your thoughts, your weekend goals..more on #FreezeFriday
Happy Thursday! Check out the homepage. Add your Thought to Freeze and make it thoughtful one.
Which team are you picking to win? Add it to your profile and make it a #WinWednesday #WorldCup #WorldCup2014
Do you have a favorite Travel or Vacation spot? Add it to your profile and make it a Travel Tuesday #TravelTuesday
Get ready to pick your World Cup teams on the surprise gift is almost as cool as a snowflake.
Summer is here, what's your favorite team activity during the warmer months? Add it as a Thought to Freeze on
Any Interns in the crowd? Freeze your favorite intern friends in the crowd only on #Interns #Happy #FreezeFriday
Any Public Relations Interns in the crowd? Freeze a Public Relations Intern on #PublicRelationsIntern
It's Friday. Is Friday your favorite day of the week? Add your favorite time of the day on your profile #FreezeFriday
How are you making your Thursday more thoughtful? Add your Thought to Freeze on #ThoughtfulThursday
Are you making your Thursday a thoughtful one? Add your #ThoughtToFreeze on
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