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"All great achievements require time." - Maya Angelou #ThoughtfulThursday
Thank you to everyone who is sharing their Ice Bucket Challenge videos on this month! #ALSIceBucketChallenge
Do you think snowflakes are cool? Of course they are, only on will you find the coolest #snowflakes in photos.
Are you an Undecided Major? You can be frozen on as an Undecided Major, but it's your decision #UndecidedMajor
Do you have a thought to freeze? Add your thought to and make it a #ThoughtfulThursday
What are you drinking today or tonight? Add a favorite drink or two to your profile. #ThirstyThursday #FavoriteDrink
Do you have a favorite energy drink? Coffee is a popular favorite on What's your #FavoriteDrink #ThursdayThursday
Do you have a favorite #quote that's thoughtful? Add a favorite thoughtful quote to your profile #ThoughtfulThursday
"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." - Ralph Waldo Emerson #ThoughtfulThursday #Quotes
The most popular favorite drink on is Coca Cola. You can add your favorite drink on FreezeCrowd #ThirstyThursday
Do you have a favorite drink? You can add a favorite drink to your profile similar to favorite music #ThirstyThursday
Do you have a Thursday thought? Add your Thought to Freeze on Your thoughts matter. Make it a #ThoughtfulThursday
"There is a point in every contest when sitting on the sidelines is not an option." - Dean Smith
Coca Cola is beating Pepsi Cola on as a #favoritedrink, but colas aren't the most added favorite #ThirstyThursday
If you can hold a drink in your hand for minutes, you can also type with that hand to add it as a #favoritedrink on
With over a 1000 drinks, what favorite drink are you drinking this Thirsty Thursday? Add your favorite drink to
Make it a Win Wednesday & upload your winning #profilepic to someone who joins will win $500 #WinWednesday #Win
Are you a fan of Coca Cola's Surge drink that was brought back? You can add it as a #favoritedrink on Keyword: #Surge
Thank you to all in Los Angeles who visited the #Coinvent launch party last night and is now breaking the ice on
Thinking about where you may travel soon? Add a favorite travel spot to your profile and make it a #TravelTuesday
College Tip: There's such a thing as over studying. There comes a point when you know a subject so well, you'll do better by taking a break.
Does your club have some kind of fancy pose? Show your school or club pose on in a #profilepic #college #schoolspirit
Do you have a favorite late night snack? Add it to your profile and not your belly #Freshman15 #Myth
You can freeze as someone. When you want to keep it real, cool, and be who you are in school is here for you #college
Is your college the Beyonce of colleges? Let people know by adding your thought to freeze on how cool it is...on
Are you up this late writing a paper? Use your thought to freeze on to preserve a cool & brief thought on something.
Wish that you could freeze like the cool kids? You can if you're a #college student with a school email -> #coolkids
People can tweet they go to your school. On you know they are students, or once were. Connect Twitter to FreezeCrowd.
Your school email is used on to keep it real, keep it safe, and keep it community oriented. It's not shared. #College
Fact: Your profile is not showing up on outside search engines. Your safety in #college matters on
Any there Music Majors in the crowd? Freeze a Music Major on #MusicMajor
Which do you prefer: Music or Movies? Add a favorite musician or movie to your profile #MusicMonday #MovieMonday
This week Luke Bryan @LukeBryanOnline is the most popular country musician on Add your favorite #CountryMusic
Fact: More have added Beyonce as a favorite musician on than Michael Jackson & Justin Bieber combined #MusicMonday
Top 5 favorited movies on 1. The Lord of the Rings 2. The Avengers 3. Titanic 4. Iron Man 5. Harry Potter and the __.
Are you near Philadelphia? will be at the Campus Philly #CollegeFest in Philadelphia on September 27th. Be there!
Thank you to everyone at #CollegeFest at Fenway who is breaking the ice on It was a great event, you were awesome!
Add your favorite movie to your profile and make it a #MovieMonday
What are you watching on TV? Add your favorite TV show to your Yes you can add Miss America Competition #MissAmerica
Fact: Every day new musicians are being discovered on add your favorite music or musicians. #DiscoverMusic
Want to cool off during the Summer months with a cool website for college students? is the only way to break the ice!
17/ Just imagine what can do in a few years that the others cannot with its concept #BreakTheIce #tweetstorm #EOTS
16/ FreezeCrowd has a database of millions keywords, and interests, with your favorite quotes, interests & more to break the ice #tweetstorm
15/ Statuses on are a "Thought to Freeze" where you can freeze a thought and melt a thought in 30 days #tweetstorm
14/ currently has no annoying ads or annoying feeds, as photos are feeds, and focus on what's important #tweetstorm
13/ A. Photos on FreezeCrowd are groups B. The way you connect and communicate C. Where interests allow you to break the ice #tweetstorm
12/ With your photos on FreezeCrowd you're killing a few birds with one stone #tweetstorm
11/ Only on you know who they are, what they're interested in you can be the Economics Major in the photo #tweetstorm
10/ For instance, you can have a photo categorized as a Baseball Team, and "FreezeTag" the Pitcher and the Catcher in the photo #tweetstorm