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If I were to describe myself in two words they would be cold and alone
when u desire to live in the mirror world because ur selfy looked so much better before ur phone flipped it
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I really don't know what it means when people say head as . . .
Early bird catches pneumonia
@_vaniaaaa @E3ricks fucking sleep over soon like all of us & Jeanette man 😭
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I'm not emotionally ready for snow
I love when my dads friends (and sometimes even family) call me by my brothers name . . .
U ugly piece of shit buy yourself a new face + personality
My parents don't love me
“@ogmimi_: “@ImNeverChillin: Why was 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 8 ass” 😭😭@E3rickscks” 💀💀💀💀
What an accomplishment today wow
I missed my dark hair
I hate when people are over dramatic over everything like chill. Stop taking everything so seriously.
Holy shit its November
I really wish I was in IB 😪
Being me is so embarrassing
I ate so much junk food this weekend I already regret it
Old people are fucking weird
Pharrell kinda really looks like Freddie Krueger
I'm so fucking done with people like I'm usually not this pessimistic but some people are just so disappointing.
Shout out to cracking my phone screen twice in one day
Honestly nobody cares about your relationship stop posting it everywhere.
Nick Jonas has been my wallpaper since hella long ago just saying.
I'm like literally so awesome
This book of life movie looks stupider than me
I'm kind of happy
I'm all for being yourself but some of yall gonna look back on yourselves and be embarrassed as shit
Fuck 😒😒😔😔💔💔
Why are the freshman this year so emo
This lady in front of me payed for my doughnut wth that's so nice now I'm gonna feel guilty all day
I literally feel so shitty rn rip me
I thought Mr Mosbey was gay

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