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Eryka Sabrina
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first days are always annoying . I hope this year goes by fast and was better than the last . tomorrow shall be interesting .
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how seniors gonna be @ freshman in a couple weeks 😂
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My past relationships got me like fuck relationships.
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I give you three guesses of who's a new Pulse elite protege?! 👏
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Whitney and Aakeem hit me in a rough spot during that last episode :'(
Faye, I would love to kick your ass right now. #TheSecretCircle
It'd be easier if I wasn't playing alone /:
Just finished the Captive Minecraft II install. Let's do this c:
Let's close out the day with some minecraft on the new snapshot #rabbits
I'm tired of shitty people and shitty things happening to me
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Of course I find out about Life Unexpected after it's already off the air.. It's such and amazing show <3
"We're shootin' guuuuns!" - @SassiBoB and @sarahcroce Gotta love them (:
My favorite thing about Zoella has to be her guinea pigs
i am here to confirm that girls really do this
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I usually only like salty foods, but today has been sweets galore
They have rabbits in Minecraft now? Where have I been?
Let's hop on steam and see what kind of games they've got for me now
Only at chattco do they make you take geometry 3 years in a row. Lol
Lol. Howard? What happened to SAT prep? idc. bye chattco. hello shit new school
Oh internet, how I've missed you!
Babe, Hi. I miss you. Like alot. Muah :* Love, Ya bae
Blerg get Internet allredy. I miss you. Love, Ya bae
Blah. Your insta makes me happy. Mine is boring. I love you and I miss you. Muahhhh :* #hacked #girlfriendswag #boring #nothingtooseehere #redhair #imissher #tellhertocomeback