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Princess E♡
Respect is EARNED. All he's earned is a spot in hell and hopefully jail time. #RespectForCarter
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and for those defending him y'all seriously need some help like I'm very worried #RespectForCarter is a joke to me
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Just because I'm dating a white guy doesn't mean I won't support my brothers.
I'm having an equality rally soon at the park near my house. I need y'all to put colors, sets, sexual orientation and gender ASIDE.
You believe in Buddha? Ooh let's go yoga! Rastafarian? Bruh let's blaze!
In fact, He looks down upon us not loving each other. And at the end I can't point any fingers when He's looking at me. 💯
I'm Christian, and I feel that it's wrong to judge a person from what they choose to believe.…
I understand, it just doesn't make it any less offensive. Any person of any race that laughed should be ashamed. Xo💋…h
I don't want all that fame just the fortune would excite me. 💯💋👑💰
But you need to embrace it to progress and succeed.…
Who knows who created that page though? I'm still trying to find a black person who wasn't offended.…
But on a serious note, Ryan, baby I love you. We laugh, we hustle, we pray together. You are an amazing teammate. 💋💯😘 #poopoos #loves #pootie #teamwork
Right when I was about to snap here comes this guy, with the creeper face. So my face is a hardcore laugh. 😂😂😂 #bae #wumbo #pootie #lubyew #swirl #love
"Each age must write its own books; or rather, each generation for the succeeding. The books of an older period will not fit this." -Emerson
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Don't think I've ever heard the phrase "I'm not racist but..." Followed by anything except vile, obvious racism
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What?! How come I don't have it? 😢😢�…9M8v
Y'all, watch whiteness work. He shot up a movie theater in #Lafayette and is simply a "drifter."…
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I wonder if they're going to tell us the #Lafayette shooter had weed in his system.…
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The Lafayette shooter was a neo nazi who posted about hating black ppl, I can't wait to hear from CNN about how he was a misunderstood loner
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My thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by the theater shooting in Lafayette. So sad we can't fee safe anywhere anymore. 🙏🏾
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Even as an angel, she hurts for the lies we're being fed.…
If only more men were awake like you love. @theonlybacchus
I love telling other people that though. 😄😄�…akFk
It's sad. Posting one or two on fb is cool... But trying to get pins and retweets?.... 😩…G
Good Morning Mentions Avi rate🔟: Cute 😍: Ugly 😒: Date 💑: Dm/text 📲: Smash Or Pas#BlackMafiakMafia
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I'm winning because I'm not competing with you bitches ✋😏
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My girl will be treated like a queen, nothing less than that. ✊👌
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"But more whites are killed by cops than blacks!" "See you at the protest Saturday?" "........"…
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Just because I say #BlackLivesMatter , I don't necessarily mean other races lives don't matter . Stop making it about you .
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Of course. But we felt like there was progress before.... Now millennials have been shown.…
Missed the point. @taylorswift13 can help you understand missed points and how to correct it.…
Hopefully we can change the mindset through this stand. #BlackLivesMatter…

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