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The Brady Bunch Movie is on!!!!
I'm at that point where I don't even care if people like me anymore, If you like me, cool. If you don't, okay.
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who the heck is awaake man?
Finally home🏡
wayyyy tooooo excited for pitch perfect 2 rn. 20 minutes. 😭
If you're about to be a senior in highschool and still can't tell the difference between you're and your and to, too, and two.. bye.
You're crusin' for a bruisin' #grease
I really just wanna play UNO attack. 😩
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Hands down, my grandma and grandpa have the cutest love story.😭😍
Knowing I actually have to write my english paper tonight😩😅
"do you have a bandaid? cause i scraped my knee falling for you"
Wouldn't mind someone giving a fuck about me for once.
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There is no two better men then my dad my grandpa💗
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please shut up
“Some nights I wish I could go back in life, not to change it but to feel a couple things twice.”
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the boys who drop you off at home and wait until you actually get inside safely to drive off are the kinda boys you need in your life
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I love having my dad home💖
Trio got a one at state!😏
only good thing about waking up early
I'm not very religious, but dancing like a whore in a church to be "funny", isn't funny. That's disrespectful.
My name is not Allison..
we argue and hate eachother sometimes but 100% of the time, he's still the best brother out there😁
seriously can't wait for big brother to come on this summer. 😁
the worst thing you could ever do is let someone get comfortable with treating you wrong.
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Alone like always, Just me, myself, and I.
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“We spoke endlessly about everything and nothing. Now, I cannot even remember the sound of your voice.”
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Every Time @erbodytalks tags me in a vine where someone can't talk right I crack up because it reminds me of her!😂😂
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Can't wait for prom with @_hannahbananaa_ 👯👠💄😁
If you don't use your blinker, I probably hate you.
junior year makes me want to stick forks in eyes
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some people think they actually know me but tbh you only know what i let you see
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frank ocean is finally coming out with a new album. please just fuck me up so hard that my eyebrows fall off and never grow back.
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So glad we dont have school today.

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