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Our country's future is not determine by the 90 people in the government. Instead, it is determine by the 5.399 million people in Singapore.… Singapore ranks 97th in the latest Global Well-Being Index by Gallup. Ranking with Rwanda and Kosovo.
And I'm starting to feel that teachers are checking on my SNS accounts due to certain comments they give me in school these few days.
On reflection, a TSC about my views on certain political issues that Wed has 'at least' given me a chance to enunciate my opinions better.
Truly, most of my schoolmates are politically apathetic and I doubt how the future of Singapore is going to end up due to their unawareness.
On @YahooSG on cardboard collectors in Singapore, and how we should be aware of different terms of reference…
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It warms my heart seeing youth talk about politics in the train. Not all youths are politically apathetic after all.
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Wow, LHL didn't announce the EBRC till today. So, the gerrymandering has occured 2 months ago! What kind of transparency is this?
You spend so much time fixing the opposition, but not solve problems and fix the trains?
Such coincidence, was talking about Khaw's ' Harakiri ' in school today, and this ' Harakiri' is appearing again because of SMRT breakdown.
Fantastic news! Amos has been released, I'm so glad and relief right now. #ThankYou all for participating #FreeAmosYee .
#AmosYee taken to A&E, blood sugar levels low. Reports say that he hasn't eaten in 3 days. Unclear if hunger strike or emotional stress.
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Support Roy Ngerng, Support Freedom of Speech
I can truly say that I screwed up today's Chinese O Level Oral Examinations.… #FreeAmosYee event on July 5th, Sunday. 1600 @ Hong Lim Park.
Everyone else is more comfortable remaining voiceless rather than fighting for humans that have had their rights stolen
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Dear Mr Lee, you're not rude. But your views are too straight. You shouldn't use your religion to determine your viewpoints.
It's just obnoxious how I discern that some of my classmates are being indoctrinated and thinks that I'm the one who is being brainwashed.
i just wanna be a good artist....haha...
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Congratulations America!! #LoveWins
Today is a big step in our march toward equality. Gay and lesbian couples now have the right to marry, just like anyone else. #LoveWins
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Everyone has the right to have freedom of expression. There is no need to further persecute Amos. #FreeAmosYee
Thanks to Roy for sharing my comment. #FreeAmosYee
老师我能上厕所吗: kiss me hard before you go
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Amos's issue is really going overboard. They are just trying to make him go insane. It's enough for him already. He is just 16! #FreeAmosYee
Social Studies teachers throwing propaganda at students. Stop the indoctrination. It's affecting our future and your children's future.
我認為我們不應該因為被人做弄或取笑而感到自卑或傷心 他們這樣做是因為他們不了解你 他們不知道過你的生活是怎麼樣的 社會和媒體上也告訴他們要取笑和我們不相同的人 所以如有人取笑我 我都會告訴自己那個人不了解我 不懂得過我的生活是怎樣的
I personally find it very crucial to understand and read the statistics before conversing with me about politics.
"第一次看到你就為你心動 第二次看著你我自己失控 我的錯 請你原諒我 第三次看到你想告訴你 我是真的愛你 第四次我看著你我有些要求 希望你能夠安安靜靜地聆聽 一、讓我保護你 2、讓我照顧你 3、所有的要求不能當作遊戲 4、一定要說你願意 " :')
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想跟我吵架 我沒那麼無聊
If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude. -Dr. Maya Angelou
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#PinkDotSG 2015: Where Love Lives. Thank you for making a statement for a more inclusive Singapore.…
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Thailand Volleyball all the way! 😘�#SEAGames201515
日子開始過 我沒你照樣過 不會很難受 我會慢慢的接受
“累了就告訴自己加油,難過就一個人去走走,開心就認真記錄下來。沒有什麼波瀾的生活,要自己創造快樂!” -- 德卡先生
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青春属于表白 阳光属于窗台 而我想我属于 一个拥有你的未来
哎哟 没想到这几天就这么快过了 明天就是我的华文OLEVELS考试了 希望能打好这个仗
好吧 我现在就去睡觉 明天一定要复习华文 不然我又在不及格了啦! 这是个好重要的考试哦!
Breakfast CT today with 4E'15 was awesome... and surprisingly I got a good conduct haha.
走廊灯关上 书包放 走到房间窗外望 回想刚买的书 一本名叫半岛铁盒 放在床边堆好多 第一页第六页第七页序 我永远都想不到陪我看这书的你会要走 #?? 不要害怕 - 黄品源 👍
B4 for Chinese. I should regard it as a miracle. Haha...
I had to do what was right. Even if it killed me inside.
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didn't come this far to only come this far
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