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Homosexuality is an abomination. It says so in a book that condones genocide, slavery, and rape.
Retweeted by VINCERICA… We're not afraid, we're not going to blinded by PAP's propaganda. Singaporean youths want a better future!
I don't dislike D&T, but sometimes it just pisses the fuck off me because of the whole process. This is the video by SDP which MDA defines as a PPF in the Films Act. Well, this video actually makes sense.
If you're "lazy" and don't work hard, you won't have any money in your medisave. But if you work TOO hard, you...
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From an F9 to a B3. What more can I expect? I'm so pleased. Most importantly, I want to thank all the Chinese teachers that've taught me.
Collecting my Chinese O Level results later in the afternoon. Once again, I feel a little 忐忑.
340,000 tweets with #prayforbangkok. This image is also one of the most shared on Instagram
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If not, we would become very ignorant about the crucial issues in society that may lead to intangible drawbacks towards us in the future.
Education System in SG, please educate more to us about the problems in the society and how we can help, not just Mathematics & Science.
Police say they are preparing two diffuse the two remaining bombs at Ratchaprasong #BangkokBlast @ChannelNewsAsia
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If the elections are not about representation in Parliament - including opposition representation - then what IS it about? #sgelections
Retweeted by VINCERICA… What a backfire! Teo Chee Hean, this is obviously an unnecessary comment. It is plain childish and revolting.
Work is a human right. Even sex work. Best way to protect sex workers is to ensure they're recognised as workers.…
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I’ve started writing abut Singapore on @Byline_Media. Please check it out and support my work if you can!…
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Corruption. Abuse. Cronyism. Deceit. On every level, our establishment is rotten to the core. But, dishearteningly, nothing ever changes.
Retweeted by VINCERICA… Opposition parties avoiding 3-corner fights. This is great, can't wait for this upcoming election!
The education system and policies in Singapore has led to self-centeredness among Singaporeans. We really need to care about others too.… 10 things the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) will fight for. Let's make it a reality! #VoteOpposition
I'll just add that the amount of propaganda we receive through the Singapore's Education System is astronomical.
Education in SG is not about nurturing students anymore, it's about competing with each other. Is this the educational system you want?
Singapore People's Party should absolutely win back Potong Pasir this General Election!
Yee Jenn Jong of @wpsg expresses his disappointment at loss of Joo Chiat SMC, now absorbed into Marine Parade GRC…
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Aiyavoo permeates fear towards her students. This fear is becoming extremely pervasive. As students, we need proper guidance to nurture.… How the PAP changes the electorial boundaries inequitably for their own benefits.
I'm being real straightforward here, you people are exceptionally blessed to have her as your teacher, period.
Our country's future is not determine by the 90 people in the government. Instead, it is determine by the 5.399 million people in Singapore.… Singapore ranks 97th in the latest Global Well-Being Index by Gallup. Ranking with Rwanda and Kosovo.
And I'm starting to feel that teachers are checking on my SNS accounts due to certain comments they give me in school these few days.
On reflection, a TSC about my views on certain political issues that Wed has 'at least' given me a chance to enunciate my opinions better.
Truly, most of my schoolmates are politically apathetic and I doubt how the future of Singapore is going to end up due to their unawareness.
On @YahooSG on cardboard collectors in Singapore, and how we should be aware of different terms of reference…
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It warms my heart seeing youth talk about politics in the train. Not all youths are politically apathetic after all.
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Wow, LHL didn't announce the EBRC till today. So, the gerrymandering has occured 2 months ago! What kind of transparency is this?
You spend so much time fixing the opposition, but not solve problems and fix the trains?
Such coincidence, was talking about Khaw's ' Harakiri ' in school today, and this ' Harakiri' is appearing again because of SMRT breakdown.
Fantastic news! Amos has been released, I'm so glad and relief right now. #ThankYou all for participating #FreeAmosYee .
#AmosYee taken to A&E, blood sugar levels low. Reports say that he hasn't eaten in 3 days. Unclear if hunger strike or emotional stress.
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Support Roy Ngerng, Support Freedom of Speech
I can truly say that I screwed up today's Chinese O Level Oral Examinations.… #FreeAmosYee event on July 5th, Sunday. 1600 @ Hong Lim Park.
Everyone else is more comfortable remaining voiceless rather than fighting for humans that have had their rights stolen
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Dear Mr Lee, you're not rude. But your views are too straight. You shouldn't use your religion to determine your viewpoints.
It's just obnoxious how I discern that some of my classmates are being indoctrinated and thinks that I'm the one who is being brainwashed.
i just wanna be a good artist....haha...
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