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OMFG can't forget Shaoyang's so called “ squatting thingy ” when he did high elements rope when he shaking. HAHAHA😂😂 damn funny sia.
Holy shit, just did 2 rounds of high elements in Yishun Safra. FML hands are like so pain!! 😂#tiredd
Blake Shelton - Doin' What She Likes [Official Video] I love this song. 😍😘 Little kisses, sweeter than sweet
Just finished my gem drawing but not really that satisfied with it honestly.
I'm so disliking the rain. It makes me feel dull, inactive and don't feel like doing my stuff unlike a sunny day. 😞
#nowplaying Doin' What She Likes by Blake Shelton 😍😘
Totally screwed up my Chinese oral and chemistry test today. Well, it's a great day tho. ☺ Lets learn from mistakes! 😁.#happyy
zzz... 2.4km run cancelled 😕😓
The reason why I'm so sluggish every morning for lesson is because of the project I've been working on almost every night. #gems #portfolio
Why confiscate my anatomy book when I eat sweets in class?! Should confiscate my sweet mah! #noconnection #nologic !
This weekend wasn't filled with a lot of homework though! 😊😜
Awesome! Has been doing skulls these days, and practicing on proportions too! 😁#happyy
I don't think it's nasty or disgusting to draw nude figures, because human body is a piece of art.
ok แค่อยากให้รู้มันเสพติด ยิ้มเธอมันฝังในความคิด,ขโมยใจไปทีละนิด ทุกครั้งที่เธอส่งยิ้มให้ 😘
Today was awesome though :), had so much fun during lesson time 😜. I love Wednesdays 😘#blessede#appreciativeve
lol Mdm Fazleen says I look sad when I was really happy tho. 😂
I really hope my teacher would allow me to be one of the audience for the speech day. 🙏
Haiyo, woke up so early and had worn my uniform and stuff like that but then realize today starts at 8:30AM.
I Love Your Smile - แกงส้ม [Official MV] , this song describes about what your smile does to me 😉. 😍😍
one pack of fisherman's friend a day keeps the doctor away
lol best description of me by teacher ‘ arty-farty ’. 😏😏
ultimate joke, didn't listen in Humanites class and still can get 17/20 for my SS test 👍😂🐸
I wouldn't change a freckle, I love you for who you are. #250314 #blessed