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.@xiaomi's new $13 fitness tracker represents the future of the low-end wearables market:
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Can the NA Students in my school tell me wtf is wrong with Janet. Her attitude is totally absurd!!
MT @Ericnpr: Handmade Signs From Homeless People Lead To Art, Understanding. Thanks @williebaronet #WeAreAllHomeless
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Had a sore throat unexpectedly and have had lots of Fishermen's friend. But then i drank coffee and the sore throat became worst.
Going to airport now for some Mathematics trail activity.
Just gotten a Samsung S5 and its pretty awesome. Heading to sleep now, have a good night.
Shopping for some groceries and eating amazing food.
NLB in Singapore made a really bad decision. Burning children's books is just absolutely a disgusting way of censorship.
Was at SYF Art Exhibition at Lasalle just now. All art are so fresh.
Wah I cheered so loud just now for Argentina. Go Argentina!!!!!!
NO WAY!! Beautiful goal there for #ARG!! But that's a painful offside call... #WorldCup #GERARG
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I need to get enough sleep to prepare to watch the World Cup finals. #goargentina
I'm glad I have someone in my life that's helped me change for the better
A year ago today, the Supreme Court ruled that marriage is a right we should all be allowed. Today, 31 states have agreed. Change feels good
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The Fault In Mrs Lee Hitler? Stalin.
Having coffee is such a blessing.
To the people in school who thinks that only gay people go for pinkdot, trust me when I say that there are plenty of straight people too.
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My favorite texts are the ones where you re-read and it still puts a smile on your face like it's the first time you read it.
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Handing in my appeal letter for dropping Additional Mathematics tomorrow.
I'm going to appreciate this July because there's always unexpected good things that happens and I do not want to take it for granted.
if any of you dare to ask me to wear white to rebel against the pink dot movement, I will PERSONALLY DIP DYE ALL YOUR SHIRTS PINK FOR YOU.
26K People at Pinkdot! Broke last year's record!!
Going for PinkDot Event later in the evening! Super excited for it. Got to meet my friends and meet others to have fun!
1 hour of literature lesson about discipline ended. Very crazy I don't even know what to say. Hahaha
Literature lesson now about tattoo and arts
The queue for Starbucks now is just horrendous!
@EPIXp exactly HAHAHAH im ecstatic like where do u even make profit ???
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Just hope when I penny board in school, Mr Leong don't see me doing it.
It'd be great if school allow us to have dreadlocks hairstyle.
Boarding today for approximately 2 hours was amazing. πŸ™Œ
There will always be a reason why you meet people. Either you need to change your life or you’re the one that will change theirs.
Had an awesome time skating today and walking around town. 1 more week, and I'm sooooo excited.
Can't wait for the penny boarding ride tomorrow night and next Saturday's awesome event.
The pain of teaching beatbox #malayvines #SGVINES #RoyalSWEK #iansters mudrape, Wiz, sara angmoh ginger, _a...
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Your voice was the soundtrack of my summer. Do you know you're unlike any other?
Can't wait to go for the PinkDot Event this 28 June!
Whoa, can't believe my pri school friend from SOTA wanted to buy my artwork. But sadly, I threw away that piece because I wanted to redo it.
Half a year has passed so fast… I learnt a lot, thanks to all the people who believed in me. I still rmb the 1st day of school I was at SF.πŸ˜…
Those people who received my postcards yesterday, thanks for motivating me. For those who didn't but who motivated me, thanks to u too :)