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Erica Chung
Two less lonely people in the world, and it's going to be fine. #airsupply
Lee Kuan Yew documentaries are avaliable on Singapore Airlines. What the actual fuck. The propaganda level is extremely high.
The misconception of amateur artists is that they think great art is about technique; it isn't; it's about ideas
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Great weather.
Hi! Why does Priscilla get to mock Malays and get away with it, but when I mock Christians, I have to be sent to jail? That's so unfair!
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Last night we sat with Jabing’s family and talked about funeral arrangements for a man not yet dead.…
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I should just burn my Social Studies textbooks after my papers this Friday.
Kong Hee is so contradicting. CHC members downgrade and he upgrades, they still blindly support him when his actions are blatant ironic.
Vommiting out all the contents only helps you in scoring for your examinations, but how does it help you with your critical thinking?
Kong Hee supporters are no different from the PAP supporters.
"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." - Dr. Seuss
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Bryant Chua, 19, the indoctrinated youth. Studying till a JC Level, and yet can't decipher what's right and takes things at face value.
Primarily, Humanities educators are those who got propagandized and thereafter proselytize their students with those propaganda, period.
I can totally relate the points and list out the similarities of Hitler or Stalin with our country's ruling party, People's Action Party.
It's finally October 15. Taking my O Level Chem/Bio Practical Paper later in the morning. Going to get some sleep now. Good night!
Singapore ranks 9th in world's most creative countries with tolerance of 23, but there's still Section 377A . Zzz.…… A well-balanced rebuttal by Danny Quah towards a recent Straits Times article written by Bilahari Kausikan.
One month ago of this particular day and time, I was pointing middle fingers everywhere and uploading on snapchat.
My school's principal should comprehend the situation or the real problems behind the issues first, before she starts to lambaste.
Singaporeans work one of the longest hours with average weekly of 46 hours per week & also earning one of the lowest wages among top cities.
#Sweden is testing out a 6-hour work day. That would equal more time to enjoy life outside of work. Kudos to Sweden!
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On World Press Freedom Index 2015, Singapore is #153 - just behind Russia & ahead of Libya!/
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United Nations Office: Let's have a fair ethical general election in Singapore - Sign the Petition!… via @Change
It's unrealistic to think that the future of humanity can be achieved through prayer or good wishes alone; what we need is to take action.
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Know what. Let PAP rule another 15 years.We know it's not sustainable.Then when the economy finally crumbles,we can fully blame it on them.
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Definitely, I need to get back on track. I need to clear my mind off the political issues currently, and be responsible for my own studies.
The haze is really aggravating to my post-election mood. I'm tired, I need a rest. I've taken a long break, but it's still not sufficient.
I woke up on a Saturday morning, still living in fear realizing that the PAP is still in power. Nothing has changed, but we have to change.
#RPrally Osman: LHL will bring in 6.9m population and all of your jobs will be lost. Kick out LHL – he's not even half as good as his father
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#RPrally Ngerng: I want a future where our children dare to question and think and become the next CEO of Google or Microsoft.
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.@thereformparty Kenneth Jeyaretnam likened the sample count results to those "in North Korea or China". #GE2015
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Hello, if you have voted for the PAP in GE2015, please kindly unfollow me or unfriend me from Facebook. Thank you very much.
Dr Chee , u have my support sir. I am hoping for u to win sir, as u are a inspiration to many including myself. #GE2015
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6.9 million population, 10% GST, cannot take out CPF at 55. Hah, daft Singaporeans, that's what you've voted for. You're fucking amazing.
#RPrally Jeyaretnam: Quite frankly, if a sound economic plan seduces you then I’m worried about your sex lives.
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I don't hate the PAP, and don't call me an anti-PAP. I just don't agree with the policies they implement and how they treat their citizens.… 5 Reasons Why Most Young Adults in Singapore are Pro-Opposition.
It's the last day of rallies, I'm a little sad though because I had so much fun the past few days.
I really can't stand Sim Ann's tone, body language and her expression.
Ngerng: If you have S$38m will you use it to make AMK pretty? Or protect Singaporeans? #GE2015
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The PAP is very proud to be using taxpayers' monies to build sheltered walkways, bus interchanges and hawker centres!
Yah PAP Tharman. Opposition is just "cheap" and the PAP ministers' salaries are astronomical.
#RPrally Ngerng: What is the point of hospitals looking like five-star hotels when Singaporeans cannot afford to pay for them?
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#RPrally Ngerng: Singaporeans do not need PAP to spend more money to make things pretty. We are not vain, not like the PAP.
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#RPrally Ngerng: If you have $38m to spend, will you use it to make Ang Mo Kio pretty or spend it on Singaporeans?
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#RPrally Ngerng: We do not hate the PAP, but we Singaporeans believe that the govt has a responsibility to its citizens.
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