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Tristan B. Kildaire
Or even by uisng this handle #catswhocode
Another way to post to this group is by using the handles #fpl (Felix Programming Language), #fplp (Felix Programming Language Project)...
RT @mk @deavmi absolutely! share brands, favorites, etc. :)
Yes! Second mailing list mail has been sent out @Nstr @mk ! Woohoo! #FelixLang
Just joined the #noodles group. Should I buy some noodles and post pictures of them? :D
Time to go and study...
That was good food. Kinda.
RT @Nstr don't forget hurd-clone written in felix!
The group for the Felix Programming Language Project is now up at #FelixLang
If I had my own distro. It would be #debian based with no non-free repos. Also the browser would be #IceCat
New email burst coming out for the #Felix project soon.
Can't wait for my lunch....
RT @mk while IndoMie is an Indonesian brand (many flavors but I only like a few), YumYum is Thai, an ...
Afternoon. Had a great time shooting out at the range.
There goes our hope in spying on Zuma's phone calls ...
RT @mk @deavmi what's on that pizza?? it looks like strawberries!
RT @mk @deavmi got it! "Deavmi eats a sandwich" - very informative :p
RT @mk @deavmi um - you are aware that 'felix' actually means 'happy', aren't you?
RT @mk @deavmi anyway, sometimes names just sort of 'make themselves known'. :)
RT @lanodan lanodan favorited something by l6us: Encrypt your emails with GPG and this guide :) #privacy
RT @moshpirit Dance like no one's watching. Encrypt like everyone is. #privacy #surveillance
RT @mk @deavmi that should be a happy language ;-)
Lots of homework today...
I have been working hard on a programming language specification called #Felix #Felix
I liked a @YouTube video The Banach–Tarski Paradox
I liked a @YouTube video from @TheDDGuides 15 Outrageous Life Hacks
I liked a @YouTube video from @LinusTech The Big Move Day 3b - This is harder than we thought
Morning everyone on #gs
I liked a @YouTube video from @RaspPiBeginners Raspberry Pi Official Weather station BETA
I liked a @YouTube video Windows 10 + Raspberry Pi 2: //build Hands-On Lab - Weather Station
Anybody running any sites on #I2P
I making this weekend the weekend of learning the #io programming language .…
Internet : quand le très haut débit associatif sauve les campagnes via @nuzzel
Retweeted by Tristan B. Kildaire
Writing some documentation on the #Felix language I will write in #Fortran
RT @KZimmermann @deavmi Oh yea, but I installed #Xfce instead. My hacking machine is a tiny netbook and it fits it very nicely. Gotta tr ...

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