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Tristan B. Kildaire
RT @Roland @ericxdu23 I think should not generalize all hackers ... :-)
Can't wait to start writing #Roxy AI chat bot tonight
I am going to start working on this AI tonight. #Roxy
RT @KZimmermann @deavmi sounds like #Roxy aka #braind will be a hell of a fun project!
RT @KZimmermann @deavmi I signed up to #pjuu last night, but couldn't find anybody there. Add each other, maybe? :)
Free Internet Connection via WiFi on the beach. What's next.
Goodnight all, my work for today is done.
Okay. Done making two #Roxy related videos.
..... but way smarter and it retains information way better than Siri
I really cannot wait to start writing this white paper, it's going to be a real fun project to work on. I cannot wait. It's like Siri, ....
For now I have to install #Haroopad on the Macbook Air.
I will be posting some information on #Roxy and writing the white paper tomorrow on the plane to #Durban .
#Roxy will use #ChainDB to store information such as profiles and user data, as it is a clean why to store stuff.
On user demand, cause that is a dodgy thing.
... call the application #braind even though it isn't a daemon at all, it could be oneday though, so the brain can learn stuff of you.
In the plane tomorrow I shall be writing this document on the AI chatbot I will be writing. I am naming is #Roxy although I want to really..
Issue # 8 (Group chat) at Nutomic/ensichat -…
Spelling and sentence construction fixes done to this #SetupGuide…
Nobody seems to be awake on #Pjuu currently.....
Will be finishing up all of these Setup Guides very, very soon.
I think #Apple has forgotten what a true desktop environment is all about, in my opinion.
Listening to this really funky Christmass music.
The plane trip tomorrow is going to be great, time to listen to #djsn0w .
I need to buy another HDD.
Loging in and Out on #Pjuu is so damn fast! WOW!
The #RazerDeathstalker is a great keyboard, even for people who are not gamers (like me), it feels so good to type on.
All packing seems to be done. Even though I did not pack by myself, Thanks Mom! :D
#ChainDB is a database service that I will be writing in #Python soon, oneday -
RT @nds Good morning. Already at work and have not yet procured strong #coffee . I'll be back, but in the meantime: #tzag
RT @chimo @deavmi You should too! It's pretty easy to setup and if you need help, the #gs community is pretty helpful
Loving #Pjuu . Things are getting really interesting on it. ~
RT @chimo @deavmi That's strange :) It appears fine on my instance, @TheRu's and on fragdev.
RT @ostfriese NoScript: Ausnahmeregeln als Einfallstor für Angreifer
RT @KZimmermann @deavmi right on, man. Free Software will always find a way.
RT @KZimmermann @deavmi indeed. Most Linux users I know don't even know how to program to begin with.
I liked a @YouTube video Packard Bell EasyNote TE Unboxing

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