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Tristan B. Kildaire
I liked a @YouTube video HOW TO MAKE: "The Portal" - Spirit Communicator
I liked a @YouTube video from @thiojoe Double Your Internet Speed for Free
I liked a @YouTube video from @thiojoe Reading My Hate Comments Ep. 2
I liked a @YouTube video from @PixelMusic_ ♫ 2015 Best of Monstercat Gaming Mix - PixelMusic Podcast Ep. 1
I liked a @YouTube video 5 Oddest Deaths of All Time
I liked a @YouTube video Valve's Gabe Newell and Linus Torvalds on Linux and Gaming
I liked a @YouTube video Linus Torvalds Reads Your Mean Tweets
I liked a @YouTube video Linus Torvalds Guided Tour of His Home Office
I liked a @YouTube video from @LinuxScoop 20 Things To Do After Installing Elementary OS Freya
I liked a @YouTube video Stanton Friedman - UFO frauds: Bob Lazar and Philip J. Corso
Wow! The the new version of #FDroid is awesome. It's more than just the Lollipop theme.…
I liked a @YouTube video from @thiojoe How Long Do Hard Drives Last?
I liked a @YouTube video from @thiojoe Why Hard Drives Are Smaller Than Advertised? - ThioJoeTech
I liked a @YouTube video from @LinusTech Closed vs Open Source as Fast As Possible
RT @BobJonkman @deavmi sez: "I don't like Haskell at all" (0:33). Makes a great audition tape for a full length #HPR episode. Just saying.
Although it is not AGPL licensed as I can see only GPL. So you are not forced to publish the code upon hosting this service. ..
Is your modified version of the server software used for hosting the pool available online? ...
When GNU/Hurd comes out.... Lol. That will be the day.
Time to do some #Fortran . ......
I liked a @YouTube video Potato Knishes OFFICIAL
I liked a @YouTube video from @TheDDGuides 15 Creepy Facts You Didn't Know About Area 51
I liked a @YouTube video Don't Eat Like A Dork!
I liked a @YouTube video from @austinnotduncan PS4 vs Xbox One Episode 1: Hardware
I liked a @YouTube video from @austinnotduncan Top 5 Underrated Game Consoles!
I liked a @YouTube video from @austinnotduncan Gaming PC Build With My Dad!
I liked a @YouTube video from @austinnotduncan Can You Game on a MacBook?
I liked a @YouTube video from @RT_America Hacker 'Weev' live tweets from behind bars
I liked a @YouTube video Bob Lazar 1.5 hour interview near Area 51 in 1993
I liked a @YouTube video UFO The Bob Lazar Interview (Full Documentary)
I liked a @YouTube video Dying CIA Agent reveals US Government Alien Contact, Area 51 secrets, black ops and
I liked a @YouTube video This Shit is Real!! Area 51
I liked a @YouTube video from @thiojoe Motherboard SUPER Close Up
I liked a @YouTube video from @thiojoe Gigabit Internet: Do you NEED It?
I liked a @YouTube video 7 Unbelievable Sunburns
I liked a @YouTube video from @LinusTech Electric Shock Game - "Lightning Reaction"
If Ubuntu could coem out with a freedom dirstro, I would use it. :D
I must admit I like more than trisquel. But a lot of the time most distros do not meat my freedom requirements. Which is something I want.
... I won't be using it anymore.
iOS 8 is great. But that doesn't mean I have to use it . Only cause I have two iPod Touches. When those die (hopefully soon), ...
I liked a @YouTube video from @WorldCryptoNet DN027: Monero “Coin Killer” Exploits, Bytecoin Goofs
I liked a @YouTube video Getting Started With Digital Ocean Tutorial - by
Going to write something great in bash tomorrow that I think all of us need when installing lots of programs
#BlackEyedPeas for days while I learn #Bash scripting.

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