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enyang ヅ
Gusto kong magWall Climbing... Kakamiss din pala,,, 🎽
QUEZON CITY | #walangpasok Classes in ALL LEVELS are suspended tomorrow, Sept. 15, 2014 | via @PIAalerts
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..that something that was missing isn't missing anymore.... <3 Completely fell in love with this song #enyangplaylist
Oversized shirt, book on my lap, sound of the rain = PERF NIGHT <3
Salamat sa kwentoooo. Namiss kita super! @jemimonte !! love you... :* #bff
You may not have a good reputation but always keep in mind that there are still people who believe in you. Am proud of what you have become
So if you that's getting bigger I don't mind being small...
I'm still standing here. You know I didn't disappear......... I let go of your hand to help you understand....
You are always enough..... always enough....
Simula sa lunes, ang pagpisil ng aking pisngi ay nagkakahalaga ng limang piso. :) 10php pag magkabilaan. :) @triixiiee16
Nandun na eh. Pinakawalan ko pa. Ang sakit </3 Dapat nakuntento na lang ako.
mag a-aerojaebo na talaga ako sa monday. @triixiiee16 tara!
"Some people are worth melting for..." -Olaf
Burger Date with Aira... Bakit wala ka @baisabog ?? :(
I'll enjoy this weekend. No more school works.
For what its worth, I think you're pretty amazing.
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Friday =PIZZA night <3
The I-can-do-it-and-I-don't-need-your-help attitude.... hayyyy!!!!! :|
Pressing on...... <3
konting-konti na lang...... zzzZZZZ... 🙏🙏🙏
they are talking about "the 7 dragons in the Philippine Normal University". 4 out of the 7 became my profs. :)
pale. pale. pale. I need some rest. 😫
We understand how dangerous a mask can be. We all become what we pretend to be. #WhoGoat #Part2
thinking the unthinkable things.... ☁☁
"......When I'm staring at the stars, looking at the moon wishing that I could be there with you....." #lullaby #lateeya #LSS #goodnight
@enyanglovesblue alright tell me when ur done! let's make kwentuhan about it I read na yan before eh :*
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She never looked nice.She looked like art, and art wasn't supposed to look nice;it was supposed to make you feel something. #eleanorandpark
North Park <3 Thanks, Ma!
Yey!!! One more to goooooo... Puyat pa!!!! :))) #learningplan #grade6
Mapapaaral ka talaga dahil sa estudyante mong napakatalino na itatanong ang kaibahan ng saturated fat sa trans fat..... #Grade6 #motivation
You can't lose what you never had, you can't keep what's not yours, and you can't hold onto something that doesn't want to stay #WhoGoat
Di tayo nakapagkwentuhan. Dadalawin kita bukas sa selda mo. @baisabog :****
Ang lahat ng babanggitin namin ay may #WhoGoat . Sobrang natutuwa ako kay Teacher Jezreel. Good vibes all the way!! :))
"@MisterBanatero: Pag-narealize mo,ang hirap din pala na hindi mo na makausap yung taong dating halos kumukumpleto sa araw mo."Hi @baisabog
Ohmergerd!!! Yung prof ko sa biochemistry ay head na ng faculty of science, technology and society center sa PNU.. woo! Congrats sir Janir!
"......together, we'll give it a try......." #mcdo #LSS
Happy wednesday!!!!! :) yahoooooo!!!!!
Done reading the "hidden staircase".. What's next? :)
At sa sobrang tuwa nila napa "I Love You, Teacher Ginny" sila... Hahaha... Those kids are reallllllyyyyy CUTEeeeeeee!!!!!! :"">
Yung ngiti sa mata nila nung sinabi ko na bukas na lang magrecite ng tula = PRICELESS!!!
Hahaha.... That bawal-umuwi-hanggang-hindi-kabisado-ang-tula policy.... :))
Do you know somebody who really, really, really, really, really, really, really, wants to do what's right will do it?
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what an awful night to take a walk
Our mental synchronization can have but one explanation.......